Festival Womad Canarias
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If there is a music festival that reflects the great cultural diversity of our planet, it is Womad. (World of Music, Arts and Dance) (I’m sure it will ring a bell because the Womad Canarias is celebrated in the Canary Islands).

We like to discover the different idiosyncrasies of people, so we identify completely with the spirit and purpose of this contest.

And we are very fortunate that it also takes place in the Canary Islands! 😃 We are extremely proud that two of our beloved islands have hosted this important event years ago.

Would you like to know more about Womad in the Canary Islands?

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Festival Womad Canarias

What is the Womad. 

The World of music, Art and Dance is an international festival which deals with, as its name rightly indicates, music, art and dance in the world.

This brilliant project was conceived by the well-known British singer Peter Gabriel to make known the diverse musical arts of our planet. The aim was to promote and raise awareness of intercultural tolerance.

The first Womad took place in 1982 in Great Britain.

Over time, the event has gained prestige and recognition, and wherever it takes place it is greeted with great expectation.

Each year, the edition (which usually lasts about 4 days) has many artists from different nationalities. With their concerts they enliven the fun and crowded days.

Along with the music, eye-catching activities complement the festival programme. These include vocal and instrumental workshops, activities for children, conferences, culinary tastings…

Festival Womad Canarias

Womad in the Canary Islands and in the world.

More than 30 countries have hosted the competitions that have been held in the world. This year the United Kingdom celebrates its 36th edition of the festival and Australia its 26th edition.

Thousands of artists have passed through the festival’s stages in recent years to entertain the millions of people who attend eager to learn about the diverse rhythms of the world.

In Spain, in the city of Cáceres, Womad has been celebrated since 1992. The squares, palaces and old houses of the Medieval and Monumental City declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO host the workshops, concerts and other activities of the event.

Festival Womad Canarias

In the Canary Islands, the festival is free of charge (in some places there is an entrance fee).

The Womad Canarias has been taking place since 1993 in different locations: The Parque Santa Catalina and the Canteras Beach on the Island of Gran Canaria (where it has been held for 20 years), and on the Gran Tarajal Beach on Fuerteventura (celebrating 3 years of festival).

The next confirmed dates of the festival are:

  • Spain: In Cáceres from 09 to 12 May 2019.
  • England: In Malmesbury from 25 to 28 July 2019.
  • Chile: Recoleta will be held in 2020 (date to be determined).
  • Australia: In Adelaide from 06 to 09 March 2020.
  • New Zealand: In Taranaki from 13 to 15 March 2020.

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Chile the date is still to be determined.

Visit the official festival website for the latest festival news.

Festival Womad Canarias

The Womad festival is to be experienced! 😍

Being totally enriching on a personal level, those of us who have enjoyed Womad will never forget the new acquaintances, the shared emotions and the long days full of music that have filled us with joy and we want to experience these brilliant moments again.

Solidarity between people, protection of the environment, equality … these are many of the commitments made by this festival to promote, above all, tolerance.

For all these reasons… Don’t want to be told! 👌

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“Music, besides being the universal language, unites people in a wonderful and unique way”


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