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Everything is packed and suitcases are ready, as the G Men used to say. Documentation, plane ticket, map and a good string of recommendations from family, friends and acquaintances.

You are ready to go to Rome for your getaway. But we’ll have to eat, won’t we? Of course, the food for the soul is important, but we can assure you that if you don’t fill your stomach well, the long cultural sessions in the Eternal City will make your knees tremble. And on top of that, you’ll want to eat well and without spending half your budget… Now….

Tubillete to the rescue! We have carried out extensive research and found several places to eat cheaply “and well” in Rome.

From what you can tell. It hasn’t been easy, but we will provide you with our selection of restaurants, trattorias (restaurants in Italy) and pastificios (pasta factories) for you to try the good Italian pasta.

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Where to Eat in Rome: Tourist restaurants but good, nice and cheap.

We are among those who believe that the places to eat best known to tourists should not be something to avoid. Although it is true that sometimes it is necessary to inquire a little bit. We have done it for you, and this is the result: restaurants “for tourists” where you can eat cheaply in Rome.

  • Checco er Carretiere. In the heart of Trastevere, near the Sisto bridge (Via Benedetta 10), this place could not go unnoticed because of its location, but they also offer a very complete menu in which the pasta stands out with its own brightness. Don’t miss it!
  • The Pastificio Guerra has everything to be considered interesting: homemade pasta at astonishingly cheap prices just a stone’s throw from Piazza Spagna (Via della Croce 8). And yet it’s true: the pasta is good, the recipes are simple but tasty. You won’t find a better one for less than five euros, I’m sure.
  • Not that the LABottega Pastificio con Cucina is an ordinary place: they make their own fresh pasta and their sauces and recipes are very well made. The secret is that they maintain that quality and the prices exactly as they were (Via dei Banchi Vecchi 48, 10 minutes from San Pedro crossing the river).
  • Cacio & Pepe. One of those places that should go unnoticed by the general international public… But no. Although they have a good menu, their cacio and pepe (bucatini with pecorino cheese and black pepper; yes, that’s all) are simply incredible. If you’re near Prati (Via Giuseppe Avezzana 11), don’t forget it.

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The secrets of the Romans.

Maybe what you are looking for is to get away from the masses and you want to know where to eat in Rome at low prices and without being surrounded by tourists. We’re telling you that it’s not easy, unless you move away from the usual areas.

  • Doppiozeroo is a simple restaurant with a varied menu in which you will find fantastic fresh pasta dishes at affordable prices. They are very close to the Gazometro (Via Ostiense 68). Even if it doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s worth it.
  • The gnocchi are a special pasta that we adore. In Rome it is customary to eat them on Thursday, they are made with semolina (not potato), pecorino or parmesan and they are very continental. If you want to try some excellent ones surrounded by Romans, go to Cesare Trattoria, in Via del Casaletto 45.
  • L’Ingrediente Segreto is probably Rome’s worst kept secret… for the Romans. With its own pastificio (factory of fresh pasta), an excellent menu, a superb service and more than attractive prices, it is a long way from the centre (Via del Frassini 44A). It is well worth taking a long detour around Centocelle.
  • It is not the cheapest, but it is well located, the pasta is great (few dishes, but very well done), the atmosphere has quality and the tourists, if there are any, they do not appear to be tourists; they are simply “foreigners”. The Trattoria Dal Pollarolo 1936 has a great attraction among the inhabitants of the city. It is next to Piazza del Popolo.

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Man doesn’t live on pasta alone. Where to eat different Italian dishes in Rome.

Of course. He also lives on pizza. Aside from Cachondeo, you might want to try other Italian and Roman specialties… Here are a couple of options. Yes, pizzerias too.

  • The humble pizzeria Pizza e Mozzarella (Via del Pie di Marmo 32) is a small site just a few steps from Agripa’s Pantheon; it doesn’t even have a website because it doesn’t even need one.. Unassuming homemade pizzas of enormous quality. It’s all said and done.
  • A somewhat different option is offered by Nonna Betta, a restaurant in the Roman Jewish ghetto (Via del Portico d’Ottavia 16) where you can discover the true Judeo-Italian gastronomic tradition. Its Jewish-style artichokes are truly spectacular.
  • What would become of us without a risotto. Typical of Rome… it doesn’t exist! If you fancy rice, try the famous aperitif (antipasti) called supplì on the phone: rice balls boiled meat broth with hard boiled egg and mozzarella, shredded and fried like croquettes. The best of Rome, without debate, those of La Casa del Supplì (there is one in Trastevere and another in Re di Roma).
  • La saltimbocca alla romana is a true classic of the city, where veal, ham and sage are the protagonists. A good place to try it is Grazia and Graziella, specialists in traditional Roman cuisine from Trastevere (Largo Fumasoni Biondi 5).

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Note that Italian cuisine and Roman specialties are numerous and very tasty and many completely unanticipated by foreigners, dazzled by pasta and pizza.

We also advise you to try their aperitifs, spoon dishes and desserts. And of course, make room for coffee and ice cream…

If you need help preparing for your next trip to Rome, contact us and we’ll get to work. We have the best deals on excursions, transportation, hotels and flights. And if you need a more specific service, you can contact us by telephone on 922 15 12 51 and by e-mail at