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If you think that the typical German food par excellence is sausages with beer… Well, you’re not entirely wrong. If you think that sauerkraut and pork knuckle are essential in the German diet, you’re right too. But… isn’t there more?

Of course there is. Especially in Berlin. Not only because it’s the capital of the country or because it’s a contemporary crossroads of cultures, but you have to admit that this helps the city to have a diverse and astonishing cuisine, with one foot in tradition and the other in multiculturalism.

In this post we’ll tell you about the basics of Teutonic and capital cuisine, as well as where to eat local and international delicacies in Berlin. They are the perfect complement for these 4 cultural plans to do in Berlin. Get ready to fill your tourist map of Berlin with crosses…

Comida típica alemana

Disfruta de la comida típica alemana. / Enjoy the typical German food.

Typical German Food

We have already mentioned the food staples between the Rhine and the Elbe, but there are other typical German food that you will definitely be interested in knowing about. It varies a lot in each region, but you can’t afford to miss them…

  • The sausages. We’ve already mentioned that. They’re usually made from pork and are seasoned, but there’s so many varieties (about 1500) of them… The two big families are brühwurst (blanched) and bratwurst (fried or roasted).
  • The beer. Same as canvas. There are countless varieties in every region or locality. Here is a “small” list of more than 300 brands.
  • Schnitzel. Another essential one. It is a pork (or sometimes beef) fillet breaded and fried. Right.
  • Kassler. It’s a kind of salted and smoked pork chop. What my grandmother calls a “Saxon chop.” No wonder.
  • Kartofelnsalat. It’s a classic potato salad with gherkin, mayonnaise, chives and garlic.
  • Knödel. These are balls of bread or potato dough (usually), cooked in water and filled with… whatever, although the meat and plum are very popular. They can be served on their own, in soup or for dessert.
  • Maultaschen. Of Swabian origin, it is a light soup in which a couple of huge stuffed ravioli stand out, usually made with meat. They are also eaten in slices with onions and eggs (Geröstet).
  • Brötchen. These rolls made of various cereals and seeds, are so tasty that until a few years ago they were unheard of in Spain. They are a must in a German weekend breakfast.
Comida típica alemana.

Wiener Schnitzel alemán. / German Wiener Schnitzel.


Typical food of Berlin

Eating in Berlin means opening your mind and taste buds to a multicultural gastronomic setting. We would like to inform you that Berlin’s culinary scene is one of the richest (in every sense) in the world, and not very representative of what you will find in other parts of the country.

Exoticism aside, Berlin also has its own simple and hearty dishes ( like in the rest of the country), although not always within the framework of typical German food. There are Baltic and Slavic influences. Let’s go through a list:

  • Eisbein. We are starting strong, because pork knuckle in brine cooked at low temperature with sauerkraut is the star dish of the city. The typical thing here is to accompany it with mashed peas. An icon, like the paella.
  • Könisberger Klopse. Some pork, beef and some salted herring meatballs (yes, yes) cooked in brine (i think so) in a caper cream. They are the “real meatballs” (picture the commoners…).
  • Leber Berliner Art. Delicious dish based on veal liver and accompanied by roasted or fried onions and apples.
  • Salzgurke. A cucumber put in hot brine with various seasonings and fermented in vinegar. No one would say it, but it is very good.
  • Eels, perch and pike. In Berlin you can eat a lot of river fish. Eels with gherkin, perch in beer sauce and roasted pike with bacon are real specialities. From the sea come the very popular cod, sardine and herring.
  • Pfannkuchen. What in the rest of the world we call ” berlina ” (i.e. Berliner…). A fried sweet dough filled with jam or cream. Yum.
Comida típica alemana.

Eisbein con chucrut. / Eisbein with chucrut.

And they don’t have beer and sausages? Of course they do. The Berlin sausage par excellence would be the bockwurst, but it has been superseded (or modified and enhanced) in the form of currywurst, the undisputed queen of Berlin street stalls, sliced and dipped in curry and ketchup.

You can accompany it with a Berliner Weiss, a white and cloudy (wheat) beer with a very low alcohol content (2.5-3%). You will often see it with Schuss, a little bit of raspberry (red) or spritzer (green).

TRAVELLER’S TIP: The doner kebab has been a popular choice in Berlin since it arrived in Kreuzberg in the 1970s. The addition of vegetables (especially purple cabbage) and wrapping it in a lahmacun are the hallmark of the house.

Comida típica alemana.

No olvides probar el currywurst con papas fritas. / Do not forget to try the currywurst with french fries.

German food in Berlin- and cheap!

Luckily, to eat in Berlin cheaply you don’t have to think too hard. Even to eat well you don’t have to stretch your pocket. Want to know where to go?

  • A good currywurst is a must in the Berlin traveller’s diet. If you want to try some excellent ones, we would recommend Currywurst 36. Today they have been expanded, but the original one is at Mehringdamm 36, Kreuzberg.
  • If it’s about eating a good schnitzel, at Scheers Schnitzel there’s no mistake. They are specialists, they have a great variety and the prices are very affordable. You will find them at Warschauer Platz 18 (Friedrichshain), by the river.
  • Typical German food is well served at Zum Schusterjunge. It is one of those traditional food houses that have managed to retain their essence. Great value for money. Danziger Str. 9 (Prenzlauer Berg).
  • If you want to give yourself a treat, go to Borchhardt. In the middle of Mitte (Französische Str. 47), with almost two centuries of history and all the classic taste of the luxury of the great European capitals.

YOU CAN’T MISS THIS: Weekend brunch is an absolute must in Berlin. There are many bars and restaurants that offer a wide variety of breakfast buffets with a very extensive schedule. To spend the day having breakfast…

Comida típica alemana.

Terrazas junto al Río Spree en Berlín. / Terraces next to the River Spree in Berlin.

You already have all the necessary ingredients to sample typical German food on your next trip to Berlin.

Now, prepare your own travel recipe with these! We can help you.

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