Que´comer en Menorca Caldereta
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There are colours for all preferences, of course, but almost nobody will disagree with us if we say that Menorca is one of the treasures of the Mediterranean.

Well preserved, with a rich history and heritage, not to mention those coves that are a delight… One of those places that we should all visit at least once in our lives; if you go there be guided by our article What to see in Menorca in 7 days.

Almost as important as what to see in Menorca is where to eat in Menorca, of course. 

And not only because gastronomy forms a fundamental part of the culture of any place, but also because on this island people eat fables! And we say “where”, and not “what”, because you are probably already aware of what you should try when you visit Menorca…

Today we tell you everything you need to know about lobster stew, the star dish of Menorcan cuisine. We will also give you a few tips for eating in Menorca at a cheap price (and not so cheap) this local speciality that will allow you to savour all the essence of Mediterranean seafood cuisine and make your experience in Menorca completely.

Que´comer en Menorca Caldereta

Typical Menorcan dishes. 

Nestled in the heart of Mare Nostrum, it is obvious that eating in Menorca means immersing yourself in the culinary tradition of this part of the world.

Based on an incredible local product, Menorca’s gastronomy is simple, varied and above all, Mediterranean and in it we can see features of the surrounding cultures.

This crossroads between the Iberian and Italic peninsulas, between the French and Algerian coasts, offers a fairly varied range of dishes, including two recipes that are easy to preserve for a long time: the excellent Mahon cheese and the no less excellent sobrasada.

Among the typical Menorcan food we can also find fantastic sausages such as camot and carnixulla, soups as simple as oliaigo, empanadas (needles, flaons, formatjades), sweets such as carquinyols, coca bamba or crespells… And drinks as idiosyncratic like the gin de Mahón which is testament to the British presence on the island.

Que´comer en Menorca Caldereta

Lobster stew, the queen of Menorca.

But without a doubt, the queen of Menorcan cuisine is the lobster, which in the form of a succulent stew attracts and captivates the palates of half the world.

It is a traditional and relatively simple dish that starts from a basic idea: from a great product and a good background nothing bad can come out of it.

Outside the beaches and the fishermen’s boats, the stew triumphed among the first tourist waves of the 80s, subjugated by the experience of enjoying this simple yet delicious dish on a quiet terrace on the seashore.

Today it is one of those things that cannot be ignored when visiting Menorca.

The recipe is extremely simple. You prepare a sauté of vegetables (onion, garlic, pepper, parsley, tomato), add the lobster, cover it with water and cook it for half an hour, after which you add a crushed bread (garlic, coral, roe, almond, ñora…) and some thin slices of bread, like soups. It is obvious that each teacher has his or her own booklet…

Of course there are some prerequisites. That the lobster is red (the season runs from April to August) and a female (look at the smaller hind legs) is her thing. It should be prepared in an earthenware casserole (la tià) and over a low heat, with the shell and everything. In short, there are stews and stews.

Que´comer en Menorca Caldereta

The best places to eat a good stew in Menorca.

Which leads us to the following question: where to eat? You can imagine that there are a lot of places of all kinds and status. The port of Fornells is full of specialised restaurants, but you will find them all over the island. Here are a few places for different styles and travelling budgets.

Ca’n Burdó

The first place to eat lobster stew in Menorca was Ca’n Burdó, in Fornells, which in 1872 opened the first restaurant on the island and for that alone it deserves all our respect.

Passeig Marítim Poeta Gumersind Riera, 1 (971 37 63 41).

Sa Rumbada

If you’re looking for a good stew to eat at a cheap price in Menorca, Sa Rumbada is one of the most popular places in Fornells (Es Mercadal) to do so. Very good value for money in the insular capital of the stew (which is not always easy). Maritime Passeig

Poet Gumersind Riera, 27 (971 37 67 77).

Café Balear

Speaking of cheap restaurants to eat in Menorca, the Café Balear de Ciudadela has it all: a long-standing reputation, prestige among the locals and even its own fishing boat.

Passeig es Pla de Sant Joan, 15 (971 38 00 05).

Que´comer en Menorca Caldereta

Sa Llagosta

But if you’re looking for a unique dining experience based on lobster, David Coca’s Sa Llagosta in Fornells is your destination. The stew is broiled, but they go much further with much more sophisticated recipes.

Carrer de Gabriel Gelabert, 12 (971 37 65 66).

Es Cranc

Es Cranc is another of those restaurants in Fornells where the lobster is the real protagonist. Today it is probably the reference point in the genre for the whole island.

Carrer de ses Escoles, 31 (971 37 64 42).

Es Cranc Pelut

Be careful not to confuse it with Es Cranc, which is similar in name (which has caused some rivalry), it is also in Fornells and does not lag behind in quality of product and service.

Gumersindo Riera, 98 (971 37 67 43).

Es Molí des Comte

In Ciudadela and specialized in big events, Es Molí des Comte is located in a very evocative place (an old flour mill) and where they have a good hand for the stew.

Av. de la Constitución, 22 (971 48 14 14).

Que´comer en Menorca Caldereta

Now that we have told you about a lot of places to eat in Menorca, all you have to do is pack your suitcase.

If you still need to finalize some details, contact us and we will help you with flights, hotels, transportation or excursions. At Tubillete we are dedicated to making your trip perfect; you can verify it by calling us on 922 15 12 51 or writing to us at ofertas@tubillete.com.