donde comer en ibiza
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It sounds impossible? If we managed to find you Five great plans to do in Ibiza, aren’t we going to be able to tell you where to eat in Ibiza on a tight budget? ¡Claro que sí!

Ibiza’s gastronomy is rich and varied, just like the island itself. In recent decades, the island’s culinary tradition, Mediterranean at its best, has been complemented by external influences of an international, contemporary and multicultural nature. The result: diversity and blending.

But we won’t stop at typical dishes: we’ve come to tell you where to eat well and cheaply in Ibiza, and that’s what we’re going to do.

donde comer en ibiza

Un espléndido desayuno. / A magnificent breakfast.

What’s on the menu?

Having said that, there is nothing stopping you from getting a good idea of Ibizan cuisine. Because we all know that we can find a kebab or our chain of fast food restaurants, but… what are the typical foods of Ibiza?

The signs of identity of the cuisine of Ibiza and Formentera are few and distinct:

  • A local product of great quality; an enviable orchard and lots of fish, but also meat.
  • A certain cultural mix, in the sense of finding distinct Catalan and North African influences.
  • Not very sophisticated but tasty recipes, typical of their peasant and fishing origins.
donde comer en ibiza

No te vayas sin ver los mercados de Ibiza. / Don’t leave without seeing Ibiza’s markets.

If we have to mention some specialitiesby way of example: 

  • Bullit de peix and rice. A dish; or two, because it is served in two courses (firstly rock fish with potato and alioli sauce, and then rice in its broth with cuttlefish).
  • Borrida de ratjada. The fish borridas are very typical: a classic sofrito, country potato and, in this case, raya; at the last minute a chopped almond, fried bread, garlic and parsley is added.
  • Sofrit pagès. Representing the meats. Different meats are cooked and added to a sofrito made from local sausage (sobrasada, butifarrón) and potato seasoned with garlic, parsley, cinnamon, saffron and paprika.
  • Macaroni from San Juan. It is a kind of rice pudding, but with a variety of noodles replacing rice. Originally from Sant Joan de Labritja.

There is a lot left (cocarroi de acelgas, fried octopus, giblets soup, Ibizan-style tuna, Christmas sauce…), but we go with what we are interested in: where to eat in Ibiza which won’t cost an arm and a leg.

YOU CANNOT MISS THIS: And if you want to finish off your meal with a coffee from here, the caleta coffee. Inspired by the Galician queimada, very aromatic and, although it seems the opposite to be the case, without alcohol.

donde comer en ibiza

Cocarroi, las empanadillas baleares. / Cocarroi, Balearic pasties.


Good, nice and cheap

Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Not just because it’s cheap, but because it’s good. There are places like that all over the island.

  • Benítez Bar Restaurant. Of those places that don’t seem to stand out at all, but are always at the top. The secret: good hands, generous portions and nearby service. Paellas de escándalo. Vara del Rey 36 (Sant Antoni de Portmany).
  • Can Nuts. The food is good, without complications, they offer live music and are conveniently located. The atmosphere is magnificent. It’s worth the effort. Roncal Valley 4 (Cala Llonga).
  • Don Quixote. An oasis of culinary honesty. Unpretentious quality based on a first class fresh product. A great place to eat in Ibiza for cheap prices. Sa Punta Negra 7 (Portinatx).
  • Doña Ana. The basic of the basic, but totally decent and with a lengthy experience (it means something). It’s nothing of the other world, but it can get you out of a jam if you’re looking for a place to eat in Ibiza in this area. Molins de Rey 8 (Santa Eulària des Riu).
donde comer en ibiza

Encontrarás muchos así por aquí. / You’ll find a lot like this arounf here.

Where to eat in Ibiza city 

Ah, the city. The greater the offer, the greater the competition; the level rises and the customer finds it difficult to choose…

  • El Retoque. A small street stall outside the tourist circuit but in the heart of the city centre. Healthy, entertaining and quality food for any time of the day. Avenida d’Espanya 61.
  • Can Costa. One of those little corners which is difficult to find but where you will go back to whenever you can. If you like simplicity and authenticity, this is your place. Creu 19.
  • Can Gourmet Ibiza. This casual and minimal restaurant is becoming a reference (you can sense the young blood). Some first class sandwiches. Guillem de Montgri 18.
  • San Juan Food Bar. If I had to choose just one place to eat in the capital Ibiza, I would come here. Simple but pleasant dishes and atmosphere, and good prices. What else? Guillem de Montgri 8.
donde comer en ibiza

Aquí, en algún lugar, está tu restaurante… / Here, somewhere, is your restaurant…

Ibiza is an island created for the enjoyment of the senses. Now that you are aware of where to eat in Ibiza, you can enjoy your favourite dishes.

You can also do it with little money and with a great number of options and different atmospheres within your reach.

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Travel while eating and eat while travelling, that’s smart tourism! 

donde comer en ibiza

Un bello paisaje de Ibiza. / A beautiful Ibiza’s landscape.

In the post we are not only talking about the most emblematic dish of Menorcan cuisine (and Balearic cuisine in general), but we also reveal the secret of the restaurants that master the art of cooking in the best way.