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Finally we have our plane tickets to Madrid!

We have got a good price on flights, we have booked accommodation, the route to see the major tourist attractions scheduled … but … what about food?

It usually happens that once we have everything ready, we realize that we lack a fundamental part of the trip: Choose what typical dishes we want to taste in the destination where we plan to spend our vacations.

For this reason, and as we know that the capital of Spain is one of the most sought after places by travelers, we have prepared a list of what to eat well (and cheaply) on your trip to Madrid.

Remember that it is very important to rest and eat something between visit and visit, not only to regain strength, but to have a more complete travel experience.

In Madrid we find an exquisite traditional cuisine that sometimes merges with avant-garde signature cuisine.

There are dishes for all tastes! Get ready to choose yours!

Qué comer en Madrid

GASTRONOMY IN MADRID (What to eat in Madrid at a good price)

The typical dishes of the Community of Madrid are made with fresh products from the region.

There is a way to cook vegetables and meat that is known as ” a la Madrileña “, which refers to the simplicity of its ingredients and its strong aroma and flavor.

In the markets of the city we find numerous food stalls where we can request that they serve us these delicious elaborations. One of the most beautiful and oldest is the Mercado de San Miguel.

If you want to behave like an authentic Madrilenian, you must join the custom of ordering a drink to be served together with her ” a Tapa “.

The Tapas are food rations that accompany the requested drink. They range from small appetizers of olives, nuts, chips … to more elaborate recipes known as “Pinchos “.

Remember that some tapas are included in the price of the drink and others have to be paid separately.

A very economical option in your trip to Madrid as well as a pleasure for the senses!

Here are some of the most popular dishes, tapas and pinchos:

Qué comer en Madrid


  • The Garlic Soup: Broth with ham, garlic, slice of hard bread and paprika.
  • Los Callos a la madrileña: Variation of the tripe for this typical winter dish. El Cocido from Madrid : Stew with noodles accompanied by different meats (veal, chicken, sausage …), vegetables and legumes (carrots, leeks, chickpeas …)Qué comer en Madrid
  • Los Caracoles a la madrileña: With spicy flavor thanks to garlic and chilli seasoned with a sauce based on beef broth and sausages.
  • El Besugo a la Madrileña: Simple baked fish cooked with vegetables and lemon slices.
  • The Starred Eggs: Scrambled eggs, French fries and pieces of ham.
    Qué comer en Madrid
  • The Calamari Sandwich: A classic way to serve calamari in Roman style.
    Qué comer en Madrid
  • Potaje de chickpeas a la madrileña:With chickpeas, boiled egg, carrots and spinach among other ingredients.
  • The Gallinejas.
  • Omelette
    Qué comer en Madrid
  • Spicy potatos.
  • Grilled ears.
  • Chopitos
    Qué comer en Madrid
  • Olives from Campo Real.
  • French fries.
  • Nuts.

Traveler Tip : To put the sweet spot on your menu, do not miss the Rosquillas de San Isidro, the Torrijas and the Bartolillos .

If you want to start the day with an energetic breakfast, ask for a cup of chocolate with churros . In the Plaza Mayor you will find many cafes where you can order them!

Qué comer en Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer tourists. It is but that that, to give us time to know all its fantastic corners, we need, at the time of eating, recipes of quick and economic preparation but that do not skimp on quality and flavor.

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