Comer barato en Nueva York
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Visiting New York and not eating a good hamburger is like going to Valencia and not trying the paella: a real shame. Apart from the fact that wherever you go, do what you see; few things like gastronomy help to understand a culture better.

Surely you are looking for how to eat for a cheap price in New York ( the squaring of the circle), but without foregoing a good hamburger.

Because at Tubillete we like challenges and since in the Big Apple everything is possible, we have compiled a good handful of great, pretty and cheap places to eat in New York in this post.

It has not been easy, but we will provide you with a selection of locations for all tastes and within tight budgets. Starting with the cheapest, of course…

Comer barato en Nueva York

Eat inexpensive real New York hamburgers. 

Yes, you can, and you don’t have to fall into a big chain of hamburgers (you don’t even have to mention them) or the most unhealthy stall on the East Coast. This is our small selection:

Shake Shack

In a list of places to eat for a cheap price in New York, this place cannot be missing. Or locations. Not because it will be hard for you to find any of the stalls of this company, but because it must be said that their hamburgers are good, are very economical and will get you out of more than one predicament. In addition, nothing is more New Yorker than to eat one of them in the street.

Adress: Madison Square Park, Manhattan, NY 10010

Budget: 5-11 dollars

Mikey’s Burger

A place where it is proven that cheap is not synonymous with plain or simple food. You’ll find delicious classic but well-prepared hamburgers and a local clientele that’s assiduous and fanatical about the place. One of those places that prosper without a website, which is always, always, a sign that they know how to do their job well.

Adress: 134 Ludlow Street, Manhattan, NY 10002

Budget: 7-14 dollars

Harlem Shake

Another good establishment to eat for a cheap price in New York the hamburger of your dreams, with a short but highly valued hamburger menu throughout the city. Located in the north of Manhattan (in Harlem, I’m sure you had imagined it), with a vintage atmosphere which is very well taken care of, don’t forget to accompany your hamburger with one of its excellent smoothies.

Address: 100 W 124 Street, NY 10027

Budget: 7-9 dollars.

The city’s most famous hamburgers. 

Another thing is that you’re looking for the most famous hamburgers in the city that never sleeps, those that have gone down in the culinary history of the world by H or B. Those that you can boast about having tasted them. Like these:

Five Napkin

A great place to sample various types of hamburgers and other typical New York food (such as a good steak, for example). They take pride in making top-notch hamburgers that aren’t exactly eaten standing up in four bites. Their success has been so great that today they have four restaurants in Manhattan (Hell’s Kitchen, Upper East Side, Upper West Side and Union Square).

Address: 630 9th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10036

Budget: 13-19 dollars.

Corner Bistro

Speaking of iconic places, this Greenwich Village hamburger restaurant with half a century of history can’ t be absent. You’ll find many tourists, because it’s a really famous place, but the food won’t let you down. When a place survives for several decades with a simple menu, there is a reason for it. In addition, they are open until very late…

Address: 331 W 4th Street, Manhattan, NY 10014

Budget: 10-13 dollars.

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Burger Joint

The Hotel Parker Meridien is the last place where you would expect to find a hamburger restaurant popular with the students of the city… Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who are familiar with this small carefree atmosphere. Since you will be queuing up, at least ask for the double. Apart from eating cheaply in New York, you’ll eat well, that’s for sure.

Address: 119 W 56th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019

Budget: 9-17 dollars

Alternative hamburgers. 

Not everything has to be the same old meat, the same old bread and the same old complements. There is life beyond the usual, while still being a premium hamburger at an affordable price. There are a couple of cases that prove it:

Superiority Burger

The antithesis of a good hamburger would be a vegan hamburger; if you’re of that opinion, you might miss a couple of more interesting things. Give them a chance! Wait until you taste the specialty of this minimal establishment based on farro, barley and quinoa. A place of reference in the East Village. Don’t miss it.

Address: 430 E 9th Street, Manhattan, NY 10009

Budget: 6-9 dollars.

Jones Wood Foundry

Fish hamburgers are the last frontier; they are often either a pretendedly attractive way of presenting a fish, or a desperate solution for those who don’t want bait. In this case, the salmon hamburger makes perfect sense, it’s tremendously good and… well, we’re on a budget, but damn, it’s once in a while.

Address: 401 E 76th Street, Manhattan, NY 10021

Budget: 21 dollars

Korzo Restaurant

Who knew the best hamburgers in New York were going to have Slovak DNA? Okay, there are colours for all preferences, but in this case we are talking about “decorated” hamburgers several times. In any case, you won’t find the usual hamburgers here, but a very special bread and first class side dishes (juniper berries, really?).

Address: 667 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Budget: 15-20 dollars.

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