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What to see in Thailand: Our essential route in the land of the smile!

Who hasn’t been captivated by the wonderful photo of a paradisiacal and remote beach?

Exuberant palm trees, golden sand, crystalline waters… It has it all!

Let anyone who has once dreamt of getting lost in an exotic place to disconnect from your daily routine then raise their hand!

Today we would like to suggest you experience an adventure in a faraway country where smiling is their trademark.

You will be able to relax with a fragrant massage, dive among corals and colourful fish, savour a deliciously healthy meal, be amazed by the golden temples and imposing statues, walk through pristine jungles and observe one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Do you have any idea what country it is? Absolutely, we’re going to Thailand.

What to see in Thailand: (The essential places on your route).

  1. Bangkok (The great Asian capital)

  2. Ayuthaya y Sukhothai.

  3. Train market and Floating market.

  4. Kanchanaburi (And his famous bridge)

  5. Chiang Mai (The city of temples)

  6. Chiang Rai.

  7. Doi Inthanon National Park.

  8. Krabi (Thailand’s paradise)

  9. Phuket.

templos tailandia

What to see in Thailand: Essential route.

Thailand has many charms, but also contrasts.

After a few hours by plane, we can find both stunning beaches in the South and the most remote villages that inhabit the jungle in the North.

Therefore, perhaps the most difficult thing is not to choose this fascinating country as a destination, as we know its charms both through films and recommendations from other travelers, the complicated thing is to choose and allocate everything you want to see in a few days of annual vacation.

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When you start preparing for your trip, questions arise such as… do I spend more or less days in the city? Which beach area do I go to? Do I visit the northern towns or is the capital and the coast adequate?

This is why, this time, we are going to present you with our WHAT TO SEE IN THAILAND so that you don’t miss out on the essentials of Thailand in 5, 7, 11 days or more.

A route where we select the best corners of the country together with the most genuine activities, so that you can enjoy your experience in the most complete way and furthermore, planned to make the most of every day of your stay.

Wear your best explorer hat as we go on an excursion!

Routes recommended by Thailand according to the days of travel.

Here is our ESSENTIAL ROUTE on what to see in Thailand of 11 days, arranged by days and zones.

Afterwards, we will give you specific information about places you can visit in each city, choosing the most essential places and the most enjoyable experiences.

FIRST DAY: Bangkok. (arrival at the hotel and free time).

SECOND DAY: Bangkok- Ayuthaya or Sukhothai (choose an enclave)- Bangkok.

THIRD DAY: Bangkok- Buoyant train market- Kanchanaburi.

FOURTH DAY: Kanchanaburi- Bangkok.

FIFTH DAY: Bangkok- Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. (choose a city)

SIXTH DAY: Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

SEVENTH DAY: Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

(If Chiang Mai is chosen continue this day with: Doi Inthanon-Chiang Mai National Park).

EIGHTH DAY: Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai- Krabi or Phuket (choose beach area).

NINTH DAY: Krabi or Phuket.

TENTH DAY: Krabi or Phuket.

ELEVENTH DAY: Krabi or Phuket-Bangkok. (return flight)

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  • For stays of 5 days we would recommend visiting the following: 3 nights in Bangkok and 2 nights in Krabi or Phuket.
  • For stays of 7 days we would recommend you don’t miss: 3 nights in Bangkok, 2 in Chiang Mai and 2 in Krabi or Phuket.
  • If you are going to be more than 11 days you would have: 3 nights in Bangkok, 1 night in Kanchanaburi, 2 nights in Chiang Rai, 3 nights in Chiang Mai, and 3 nights in Krabi or Phuket.

TRAVELLER TIP: If you have more free days, a good idea would be to travel by plane to another spectacular country like Cambodia. The internal flights are quite economical and in just one hour of travelling you can get to discover another ancient culture.

Three days is enough to visit the most famous places such as Siam Reap, the most important tourist location in the country and enjoy the fascinating temple of Angkor Wat.

camboya angkor wat

We will provide details of our Essential Route. What to see in Thailand in each city?


Imposing metropolis full of life, Bangkok impresses you as soon as you arrive.

The traveller will find all the Asian clichés he/she wants to see, the food on the street, the colourful markets with clothes and souvenirs, tuck-tucks full of tourists, illuminated skyscrapers that seem to have no end…

Essential places to visit:

In Bangkok:

  • Grand Palace of Bangkok
  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • Wat Pho (also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
  • Wat Arun Temple
  • Chinatown
  • Patpong Night Market.

In the surrounding area:

  • Excursions to Ayutthaya Ruins
  • Sukhothai Archaeological Complex

Unforgettable experiences:

  • Excursion to Damnoern Saduak Buoyant Market
  • Excursion to the Mae Klong Train Market.

Enjoy a unique experience visiting both markets. The essence of Thailand is presented to us by displaying its multitude of colours and aromas.

We will find flowers, food, clothes and many people at the stalls haggling over prices. It is a tradition that we can enjoy in two very authentic markets.

Imagine, one is on water and the other on a railroad track – you’ll be surprised!

mercado flotante tailandia

You can admire the city in a different way especially at night, where everything is illuminated and the views are spectacular.

Check the hotel websites for opening hours and access conditions.

  • Walk along the Chao Phraya River. It is very special navigating the waters of this river full of activity. You have several options such as private boats, luxury cruises with dinner and public transport.

Our recommendation is the tourist line Chao Phraya Express Boat.

It is quite economical. It allows you to go down in all the points of the city that you wish along the river and to visit the outstanding monuments that are located very close to the piers.

  • Visit the city’s largest park at sunset. In Lumphini Park you’ll find people exercising outdoors, free dancing and tai chi classes and people relaxing on the lawn after work…

No doubt it will be a good place to end our busy day.

If you want to experience something very interesting, at 6pm the national anthem plays throughout the park and the passers-by remain motionless, like statues, until the music ends and they continue their way.

Totally Surreal!

At this point of the trip you will be thinking….and the Thai massages… when?

Don’t worry. We’ve thought of everything, but we’ll advise you to do it later. The beach area is cheaper and the environment is spectacular. So you can recover from so many days of walking and continue with the adventure.

bangkok noche fiesta tailandia

TRAVELLER TIPS: If you want to make the most of your time, book the excursions with companies and specialized guides that will take you to the chosen place. Many of them combine two or more excursions on the same day.

In general, transport services on the outskirts of Bangkok are not usually very timely and you run the risk of not having time to see everything you want in a single day.

If you’re looking for cheap souvenirs, you can find them in the different markets of the city, so don’t miss the opportunity to buy a colourful souvenir pareo!



rio kwai tailandia

To the west of Bangkok we are surrounded by wooded vegetation and dream waterfalls.

With one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, it’s worth spending a few days discovering everything that one of the most relevant places in Thailand’s recent history has to offer.

Essential places to visit:

  • Bridge over the Kwai River.

Unforgettable experiences:

    • Hop on the famous Death Train. The route runs on the tracks built by Allied prisoners during World War II. We will behold beautiful landscapes and photography lovers will not be able to take the camera off their hands.
    • Swim in the beautiful waterfalls of the Ewaran National Park. A pleasant walk will take us through a natural environment full of waterfalls where you can take a refreshing bath. You will feel like Tarzan for a day!

cascada ewaran tailandia

TRAVELLER TIPS: The best time to enjoy the bridge over the Kwai River is at sunset, when it begins to illuminate completely. A delicious candlelit dinner awaits you in the riverside restaurants as you admire this historic engineering work.

The hotels in the area are surrounded by nature. If you get up early, you can enjoy a very special sunrise overlooking the river, accompanied by the melodic song of the birds. A truly amazing moment!

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Chiang Rai

It is the northernmost province of the country bordering Laos and Burma. The most ancestral villages cultivated the land and the landscape became even greener and more capricious.

We can admire the more rural Thailand and fully immerse ourselves in its culture.

Essential places to visit:

  • The Golden Triangle.
  • Wat Rong khun, also known as White Temple.
  • Temple of Chiang Saen,
  • Temple of Wat Rong Suea Ten, also known as Blue Temple.
  • The Black House.
  • Doi Tung Hill.

Wat Rong khun templo tailandia

Unforgettable experiences:

  • Go along the Mekong River with a traditional boat. Get to know one of the most important rivers in Asia. The colour of the waters and its landscape with numerous hills will not leave you indifferent.
  • Visit a tribal village in Doi Mae Salong. The Akha tribe strives to maintain its origins. Here we can help these noble people with sustainable tourism.

They will show you their best costumes and handicrafts and we can offer you a nice souvenir and at the same time help you economically to support their traditions.

tribu akha chiang rai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the spiritual city par excellence. Hundreds of perfectly preserved temples adorn Thailand’s most beautiful city, where you can immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of prayers and the smell of incense.

Essential places to visit:

  • Muang Mai Market
  • Wat Chiang Man
  • Wat Phra Sing Temple
  • Temples of Doi Suthep
  • Wat Chedi Luang
  • Temple of Wat Phan tao
  • Wat Suan Dok.

Unforgettable experiences:

    • Get lost in the multitude of stalls that cluster every night in the Night Bazaar. This market is dominated by craftsmanship. It is the perfect place to enjoy a night full of lights, with food and music stalls in every corner. The atmosphere is very lively during the opening hours, which range from 6pm to 11pm.
    • Around 5:30 a.m., the monks leave their temples in search of food in the neighbouring streets. It is very interesting to see the gifts offered by the believers in exchange for their blessings. Anyone who wants to can participate in this emotional act of faith.

templos chiang mai

  • A fun way to sample typical Thai food is to reserve a Kantoke Dinner, which includes a folkloric show of traditional dances and costumes. You will sample exquisite Thai dishes while entertaining yourself with the different performances.

In our Excursions and Activities section you can book this dinner in Chiang Mai.

  • Visit an Elephant Sanctuary. Elephants are fantastic animals that, unfortunately, are not always well treated. Different associations work daily with them to help them recover and give them a more dignified life. If you want to experience being close to them, ensure that you always choose associations that treat them respectfully. Your experience will consist of feeding them, bathing them in the river, caressing them… With the cost of the entrance you help in the maintenance of the facilities and the conservation of the species.
  • – We are going trekking! The National Park of Do Inthanon offers us a pleasant walk where we will be able to admire beautiful waterfalls, endless fields of rice, and its unique flora. We will enter the jungle to follow a route while we hear the monkeys jumping among the trees. What more could we ask for?

cascada wachiratan tailandia

TRAVELLER TIPS: Chiang Mai City is perfect for picking up a Tuck tuck. This way, if the time is short, we can move quickly from temple to temple.

Don’t forget to check the timetables of the temples on the internet, since they usually close early.

On your way back from Do Inthanon National Park, don’t forget to stop at the impressive Wachiratan waterfall. As an added bonus to recharge your batteries, there is an outdoor restaurant next door with grilled chicken or grilled river fish.

Krabi o Phuket

Finally, here are two of Thailand’s most famous beach destinations.

After a plethora of visits and activities, you’ ll get your well-deserved rest on one of the most idyllic coasts on the planet.

At last you will have the fabulous beach in front of you where you have imagined yourself sunbathing many times!

The Andaman Sea area has the best beaches. In Krabi you will find our desired target: white sand surrounded by tropical palm trees in front of a deep blue sea.

For those who like to party, Phuket not only has beautiful beaches, but also a lively tourist area with a multitude of restaurants and entertainment venues.

If you’re not sure about where to stay, don’t worry. Any choice is the right one when the destination is paradise!

krabi playa

Essential places to visit:

  • Raily Beach.
  • Poda Island.
  • Tup Island.
  • Chicken Island.
  • Phra Nang beach.
  • Koh Phi Phi Islands.
  • Maya Bay.
  • James Bond Island.

Unforgettable experiences:

  • Snorkel between the islands of Krabi. One of the great attractions of the beach areas is the possibility of snorkeling or diving among striking corals and colourful fish. Places like Koh Sii and Phi Phi Leh Lagoon are perfect to encounter marine life.
  • If you are an intrepid traveler, dive into the sea at night to see the indescribable effect of bioluminescent plankton! When you move your hands and feet in the water, thousands of white flashes will be reflected to provide you with a truly magical spectacle.
  • Don’t miss the amazing Ao Thalane kayak An area of mangroves where trees seem to float on the water. During the peaceful tour you can also see caves carved out of the rock and monkeys swinging from branch to branch.

kayak tailandia

  • And finally we have come to the Thai massage! We had not forgotten! The best possible way to end your great trip is to enjoy a good massage. Ideal for recharging your batteries.

In the small coastal villages, there are numerous quality facilities where you can relax while enjoying a welcome tea. There are several alternatives to Thai massage, as this is usually a bit strong for some people.

Perhaps you would prefer a softer massage with essential oils. We recommend the company Massage Corner  in Krabi. They have a free pick-up service from the hotel where you are staying. It is advisable to ask the hotel to call the facility and make an appointment. The service and massages are great. You won’t be disappointed!

TRAVELLER TIPS: Both from Krabi beach (Ao Nang) and from the main beach of Phuket (Patong), there are numerous boats that undertake excursions to the islands mentioned above.

These tours include several stops at the most touristic enclaves. If you have several days, you can book different tours, as each has different routes.

Usually the tours include food and free time for snorkeling, providing you with all the necessary material for this activity, you just have to be interested in taking a good dip!

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunset on the island of Phranang beach.

It’s the best place to say goodbye to this unique trip that we’re sure you will remember forever.

atardecer tailandia pharanang

Thailand is the favourite destination for thousands of tourists every year to spend their holidays. On this occasion we have revealed some of the reasons why it is considered “The Pearl of Asia”.

If you have any questions, contact us right now! We will be happy to advise you on the best route according to the days you have for vacation 🙂

In our Flight+Hotel packages, you will find the best accommodations for your trip and you will be saving by buying the international flight at the same time. We will also offer you the internal flights to move quickly from one city to another.

Finally you can stop dreaming and start enjoying the adventure of your life in the land of smiles!