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What to see in Menorca in 7 days!

What would you say if we took you to one of the most beautiful paradises in the Mediterranean?

We’ll give you a hint:

We find ourselves before a beautiful island that offers the traveller an important historical, cultural and leisure offer, perfect for an escape where both rest and fun are assured.

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, this star destination of the Balearic Archipelago is famous for the contrast of its wonderful beaches and turquoise water coves with the green of the pine groves found on the coast.

What if we give you another clue?

There you will be able to buy some nice and comfortable original Menorquinas!

I’m sure you’re clear now… We’re going to Menorca! 😍

WHAT TO SEE IN MENORCA. (On your 7 day route).

  1. The city of Mahón. (La Mola Fortress, The Menorca Museum, The Town Hall).

  2. La Ciudadella.

  3. Binibeca.

  4. Fornells.

  5. Its great coves.(Cala TurquetaGaldanaMacarellaPregonda, Playa de Cavallería)

  6. The remains of the ancient settlers.

  7. The Cave D´En Xoroi.

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Menorca is an ideal place to spend a couple of days as well as a whole week.

We recommend that, if you have a few days off, you move a little more than 5 days to the island to be able to explore it calmly and enjoy all its charms.

For this reason, in today’s post, we present you with a list of what to see in Menorca in 7 days.

Below is a list of the most essential places to see on the island so that you can make the most of your holidays.

Travelling Tip: We believe that the best way to get around Menorca and get to all its corners comfortably is by renting a car.

Also remember that to reach many of the coves, the vehicle must be parked in an adjacent car park and then make, in general, short walks of 10 or 15 minutes to reach the beach on foot.

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The capital of the island is well worth a visit.

By day, you will get to know one of the best natural harbours in Europe. It will be a pleasure to walk along its six-kilometre promenade which houses leisure centres, restaurants and pleasant terraces where you can have a drink.

Besides, you mustn’t get lost:

An example of military architecture of the 19th-century, it has terrestrial and underground rooms that can be visited. From the top of it, you will be able to admire an unbeatable view of the port and the city.

A building that was originally a former convent and now houses a collection of prehistoric objects.

  • The Town Hall with its old English clock, the main gate of the old wall that surrounded the city called Portal de Sant Roc, The Church of Santa María with its spectacular 19th century organ…

At night, you’ll find the largest party area on the island where you can have a great time until dawn.

Mahon has a lot to offer you!

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Those who visit it say that it is the most attractive city in Menorca.

With a transcendental historical legacy, it is a delight to walk through the narrow and coquettish streets with a stately air of the old town and remember past times.

Essential visits are:

  • The Port.

An emblematic place like few others, full of wonderful restaurants where you can taste the best Menorcan gastronomy.

  • The Cathedral of Santa María de la Ciudadela.

A Gothic building built during the 13th and 14th centuries on top of an old mosque.

  • Plaza des Born.

A neuralgic centre that houses an obelisk commemorating the heroic defence of the Ciudadella against the Turkish attack of 1558.

  • Sant Nicolau Castle.

Built at the end of the 17th-century to defend the port from continuous pirate attacks.

A 17th-century building that exhibits an extensive collection of archaeological objects from various periods found on Menorca

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Binibeca is a small fishing village located about 8 kilometers south of Mahon. Its corners, narrow streets and inhabited white houses seem to have been taken from a postcard.

This fairytale town overlooking the sea has a characteristic architecture that perfectly imitates the old fishermen’s dwellings.

A magical place to get lost! You’ll take hundreds of pictures! 📸

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Another famous fishing village in the north is Fornells. This villa is home to beautiful coves along a large bay of 3 kilometers.

With a cozy traditional port, we recommend this place to taste one of the most typical dishes of Menorca: La Caldereta de Langosta (lobster stew cut into pieces accompanied by sautéed onion, garlic tomato and parsley).

Traveller tip: Visit the Tower of Fornells. Built in the nineteenth century to protect the entrance to the port, you can admire from the top of the building some fabulous views of the coast..


The awaited moment arrived to discover the extraordinary coves and virgin beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, fine white sand and abundant vegetation that we have seen so many times in photos.

Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of Menorca is its coastline. From more familiar beaches to authentic lost paradises in the form of less accessible coves will make our holidays on the island a dream come true.

There are many places we can recommend, but among our favorites are:

  • Turqueta cove.

Beautiful cove hidden among pine trees that has bathrooms, lifeguard and parking nearby.

  • Cala Galdana.

One of the largest in Menorca, with an ideal environment for families, has several services such as are: Shops, kiosks, lounges, beach bars… Besides, you can do various water activities and even rent motorboats.

  • Cala Macarella.

One of the most popular thanks to the blue color of its waters. It is also lifeguarded.

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  • Cala Pregonda.

This cove is different from the others, its reddish sand makes it look like we are on the surface of another planet.

  • Cavallería Beach:

One of the most splendid beaches in the north. As we have clay soil, it is common in this place to mix the sand with seawater to wrap our body and then let it dry in the sun. Once dry, we take off this “sandy cocktail” in the water by taking a bath.

Your skin will be very soft! 🚿

La Cala Mitjana, in Porter, Cala´n Bosch, Es Talaier... Choose the one you like the most! 😃


In Menorca, we can find vestiges of the prehistoric societies that originated on the island in the second century BC.

The Talayotic Culture receives its name from the Talayots: Watchtowers that became the most representative constructions of the time.

Along our route, we will be presented with numerous sites where remains of fortresses, villages, houses, hypostyle rooms, silos…

The most outstanding places to see these Talayotic remains are:

  • Torrellafuda
  • Torretrencada
  • Tower D´en Galmés
  • Torralba D´en Salord.

Special mention should be made of the monument believed to be the oldest in Europe: La Naveta des Tudons.

A naveta is an own construction of Menorca used for the burial. A funerary structure elaborated with embedded stones where collective graves were made next to the personal objects of the deceased.

Just because it is before the most primitive building of the whole old continent is worth the visit! It is unique in the world! 👏


We have left for the end what we believe is one of the most special locations on the island.

Say goodbye to Menorca watching a fantastic sunset in front of the Mediterranean Sea from the Cave D´en Xoroi.

Situated on a cliff on the southern coast of Menorca, it is one of the most frequented places by tourists and locals.

It has various terraces and viewpoints at different heights where, thanks to its privileged location, you will have fantastic views, especially at sunset.

By day, a bar with music livens up the hours and in the afternoon, it turns into a nightclub where you won’t stop dancing.

It may be the most fascinating place to spend a night out that you’ve ever known!

Travel Tip: Another amazing spot to enjoy fantastic sunsets is the Faro de la Cavallería (Cavallería Lighthouse).

 If you have any more time, come and meet us: El Monte Toro, El Fuerte Marlborough, and La S´Albufera des Grau.

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If you have any more time, come and meet us: El Monte Toro, El Fuerte Marlborough, and La S´Albufera des Grau.

Menorca is a “super plan” for all ages. Whether it’s a big or a small getaway, they will provide you with unrepeatable experiences that are only possible in such a special place as this one.

What are you waiting for to travel to paradise?

Contact us, and we will prepare an unforgettable holiday where you will get the best prices on flights, hotels, and excursions.

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Get to know an authentic Eden surrounded by crystalline turquoise waters!