que ver en lanzarote
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The easternmost of the Canary Islands is a real box of surprises. It sounds like a cliché, but it can’t be completely exploited (despite its size) in a lifetime, imagine yourself in five days. Do you want to know what to see on Lanzarote in less than a week?

A Biosphere Reserve since 1993, it is known as the Different Island because of its geomorphological peculiarities with respect to its sister islands, a trip to Lanzarote is always a discovery (even for other islanders).

The pattern of tourism in Lanzarote is really special. The imprint of César Manrique may be the trademark of the house and the origin of a vocationally respectful tourism. Prepare a map of Lanzarote, we are going to tour the island! 😎

TRAVELLER TIP: We all know that literature is a great way to get to know and recognize a site. The Portuguese Nobel Prize winner Saramago didn’t choose the island for no reason. Another great man who lived on the island and opened a window was Vázquez-Figueroa from Tenerife.

que ver en lanzarote

Playa Papagayo en Lanzaronte. / Papagayo bech in Lanzarote.

1.    The Timanfaya National Park.

It is the jewel of the crown, it is the first thing to see in Lanzarote whatever we look at it. Located in the southern municipalities of Yaiza and Tinajo, this National Park was created as a result of the “recent” volcanic eruptions of 1720, 1736 and 1824.

There are many attractions that we can find in this magical place (and it is not a cliché), where the spectacular colouring is the protagonist, with the LZ-67 road as an axis:

  • Mancha Blanca Visitor Centre, a good starting point.
  • The Fire Mountains, where volcanoes are the main protagonists.
  • El Echadero de Camellos, an iconic animal on the island.
  • Routes on foot, along the coast or inland.
  • The Islet of Hilario, a place out of the ordinary.
  • El Diablo Restaurant, the menu created by geothermal energy and manriqueño genius.

This is the website where you will find more and better practical information.

que ver en lanzarote

Caravana de camellos en Timanfaya. / Camel caravan in Timanfaya.

2.    The Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes.

It will be the third time we mention César Manrique and we have not even covered half of the article. That’s normal. The unique rabbit artist knew how to imbricate nature, art and tourism like nobody else. The Jameos del Agua is his masterpiece.

Telegraphically: the Jameos and the Cueva de los Verdes are two parts of a lava tunnel (different, although very close) at the northern end of the island whose roof sank, giving rise to very special geological formations…

And they are even more so because of Manrique’s practical and respectful intervention, back in the seventies; a pioneering work that is still exemplary today. And there are also events! If you have to choose just one thing to see on Lanzarote, then don’t hesitate.

que ver en lanzarote

Los Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote. / Los Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote


3.      La Geria.

One of the best excursions on Lanzarote you can enjoy is to the incredible vineyards of La Geria. Even if you don’t like wine (even if you like it, better, of course). Because the malvasía is good, but the impressive thing is the landscape generated by the hand of the man.

How can one of the driest lands in the archipelago produce first class wine? Necessity is the mother of invention, they say; the answer is geria, a conical cavity one metre deep protected by a small dry stone wall.

The contrast of black and green colours leaves us as astonished as discovering the subtle technique of water retention, refined through the experience of hundreds of illiterate hands. Apart from the tremendous beauty, it is a lesson in humility.

que ver en lanzarote

Cultivo de vid en La Geria, Lanzarote. / Vine cultivation in La Geria, Lanzarote.

4.    The Puddle of the Clicos.

Some of the beaches of Lanzarote are among the best of all the Canary archipelago. But the beaches are easy to find; Papagayo, El Paso, Janubio, Playa Honda… What is not so easy to see is something like the Puddle of the Clicos.

We return to Yaiza to see a green puddle. Well, a green puddle (algae stuff, which are called clicos) in a volcanic crater half submerged in the very blue sea of the blackest beach of the Gulf. Doesn’t it sound spectacular? Well, it is.

And for spectacle, the sunsets in this place. The best thing to see in Lanzarote, either with the family, as a couple or on your own. The perfect icing on the cake to end any day with a calm bath…

que ver en lanzarote

Charco de Clicos en Lanzarote. / Charco de Clicos in Lanzarote.

5.    The beach of Famara.

Well, okay, a beach. Although, more than a beach, Famara is a spectacle of nature. The best sunsets on the island. To say the least, Famara is not only a golden sand strip of six kilometres (which is easily said) perfectly equipped…

It is also decorated by a line of cliffs that, from a discreet second row, produce an overwhelming effect. Of those that they call “epics”, but this time with all reason. De esos donde el tiempo en Lanzarote parece detenerse.

The kind where time on Lanzarote seems to stop.

Located on the west coast of the island, next to the locality whose name it bears ( Caleta de Famara ), in the municipality of Teguise, Famara has a rather strong wave and a lot of wind, so you will always find the lovers of the waves enjoying with their boards.

que ver en lanzarote

Playa de Famara en Lanzarote. / Famara beach in Lanzarote.

And if you don’t like the options we’ve given you, no problem: you’ll find many other things to see in Lanzarote with ease: the island of La Graciosa, La Montaña Colorada, the castle of Santa Bárbara, the Valley of the Thousand Palms…

Whatever your choice, remember that you can contact us to resolve any specific questions that may arise. In addition, we will be happy to help you organise the most practical side of your trip: flights, transportation, hotels, organised visits… Simply call us on 922 15 12 51 or write to us at ofertas@tubillete.com.