Que ver en Ibiza
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The charms to see in Ibiza are many and diverse. Thus, we can say that the island has many faces: that of the wild party, that of the hippie spirit, that of the sun and the beach, that of active and creative tourism, the most traditional…

In my first trips to Ibiza I used to concentrate on thoroughly enjoying the nights and taking a nap all day in the shade in some quiet cove (ah, those Amnesia Sessions…). In recent times I have tried to get closer to the quietest villages and I have found more and more charms in the capital.

Today our article focuses on three facets of Ibiza suitable for all types of public, to enjoy with the family, as a couple or on your own: the heritage and style of the capital, the beautiful calm of the coves and the way of life of the villages.

TRAVELLER TIP: As always, we would recommend that you get a map of the place you are travelling to. Although the virtual Ibiza map on the island’s official tourism website is not bad, we would advise you to have one on paper.

Que ver en Ibiza

Cala Salada en Ibiza. / Cala Salada in Ibiza.

Ibiza town.

Considered little more than a place to stop, refuel and eat before going to the beach or discos, the capital of the island has traditionally been unfairly forgotten. Do you want to know what to see in the Ibiza capital?

  • A UNESCO heritage site since 1999, the old town (Dalt Vila) is a beautiful fortified town that whitens under the dazzling Mediterranean light. Seven bastions and five entrances surround a neighbourhood crowned by the Gothic cathedral.
  • The Phoenician origins of the city can be seen in Puig des Molins, where the following cultures that populated the island have also left their mark: Romans, Berbers, Aragonese…
  • There are some neighbourhoods you must visit to immerse yourself in the true essence of Ibiza: Sa Penya, a seafaring neighbourhood with a dubious reputation just a few years ago and La Marina, modest and welcoming, extended around the port.
  • Crafts and markets are an essential part of the local atmosphere. From the island orchard (Mercat Payés) to Adlib fashion, through the refined contemporary craftsmanship of Sa Pedrera, you’ll enjoy it if you like shopping.

OUR ADVICE: A great way to explore the city and delve into its idiosyncrasies are the official theatrical visits in the municipality.

Que ver en Ibiza

Ciudad histórica Dalt Vila en Ibiza. / Historic city Dalt Vila in Ibiza.

The besto coves in Ibiza

It would be useless to deny it: the beach is one of Ibiza’s great attractions. We’ve been inviting you to Discover the best coves in Ibiza for some time now, but there are so many of them that any list will fall short. These are other options:

  • Around Portinatx are some of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets. Cala d’en Serra is one of those that is difficult to get to, but worth it; we can guarantee that if you are not alone it will not be long at all.
  • Cala Carbó, in the southwest, is charming, quiet and easily accessible; although it’s surrounded by vegetation, it’s not in the middle of nowhere, so you can eat or have a coffee without complications.
  • If you’re looking for a dream cove to see in Ibiza and you don’t mind not being able to lie on the sand (or if you can resist the stones well), Es Portitxol is for you. Access by land is not easy, but for diving, few places are like this.
  • On the eastern side, Caló des Gat is more than special. Because of its incarnate colour, because of the proximity of the pioneering Ibiza hippie market, because it is next to a Punic aqueduct that is more than two thousand years old… Is it special or not?
Que ver en Ibiza

Cala d’en Serra en Ibiza. / Cala d’en Serra in Ibiza.

The most beautiful villages of Ibiza 

Although at first sight (i.e. from the airport) nobody would say so, Ibiza has managed to conserve a good part of its essence outside the tourist areas par excellence. These are some of the towns to visit in Ibiza to discover:

  • In the heart of the island, Sant Llorenç de Balàfia is hardly a village; a thousand inhabitants scattered around a church and a handful of fortified houses of Islamic origin. Quiet, white, beautiful.
  • In the northeast of the island, Sant Carles de Peralta has the usual attractions of the Ibizan villages, which are complemented by the hippie and intellectual tradition that prevailed in the area since the fifties.
  • Santa Agnès de la Corona is one of those villages with a discreet charm that goes unnoticed by ordinary mortals… Except during the flowering of the almond tree, which is something impressive to see in Ibiza in February.
  • Es Cubells, the least expression of a village in the extreme southwest of the island, has as its main attraction the cliffs on which it sits. And its church, although recently built, could not be more Ibizan…

YOU CANNOT MISS THIS: If you are looking for the most traditional side of the island, go to one of the peasant xacotes held in August and September around a fountain or well. Music, dance, conversation and traditional games.

Que ver en Ibiza

Sant Carles de Peralta en Ibiza. / Sant Carles de Peralta in Ibiza.

These are just some of the many possibilities of what to see in Ibiza on your next trip.

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Que ver en Ibiza

Ciudad de Eivissa en Ibiza. / Eivissa city in Ibiza.