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A little escape to Berlin is a great plan for a mini-vacation, a bridge or a long weekend. Don’t worry about the itinerary, because even if you don’t have time to get to know the city like the back of your hand, it’s not difficult to find a lot to see in Berlin without a lot of effort.

We are going to propose some ideas to spend three intense days touring the city, visiting the most emblematic places and other less known and frequented ones. In any case, they are only suggestions, from which you can start to make your trip according to what you like best.

Because Berlin is, above all, a living city, in constant change, where you will find attractive “to walk by house” where you least expect it: recycled buildings, improvised markets, corners of communist taste… If you’re wondering what to see in Berlin in three days, this interests you.

TIP TRAVELER: Berlin is a large city. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn are very agile and cheap ways to move around, but there are many others: suburban trains and trams in some areas, bicycles for rent

Qué ver en Berlín

Ciudad de Berlín al Atardecer. / Berlin City at Sunset

Around the Brandenburg Gate. 

It’s to Berlin what the Colosseum is to Rome, so it’s almost obligatory to start here. It is also the current city center, so it is a good starting point and reference to know the area.

The Brandenburg Gate is, oh surprise, a gateway to the city built at the end of the 18th century. There’s a lot to see around her in Berlin:

  • Unter den Linden (“Under the Linden trees”), a wide and quiet boulevard with huge monumental buildings around Place Paris, the Opera House (Comedy and State), the statue to Frederick II, the Gendarmenmarkt Cathedrals and “the other one” (St. Hedwig) … If you keep walking you will reach the Museum Island and Alexanderplatz, the other center of the city.
  • Tiergarten. Heading west on June 17th Street, you’ll cross the city’s biggest lung, Tiergarten, which deserves an article of its own. If you are not distracted you will find the Soviet Memorial to their fallen soldiers and the Siegessäule, the column commemorating Prussian victories.
  • Reichstag. If you haven’t stayed to live in Tiergarten and discover its many surprises, you can visit the German Parliament, which is historically very important and has a very interesting glass dome. You can visit it.
  • In the opposite direction, towards the south, you will first find the Jewish Holocaust memorial, a place built in 2004 that has become a must-see. And if you continue along EbertStrasse, you will soon arrive at Potsdamer Platz, one of the city’s nerve centers.
Qué ver en Berlín

Puerta de Brandenburgo en Berlín. / Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


The long shadow of the wall. 

Among all the things to see in Berlin, everything related to the arch-famous wall is among the main things.

The wall was a wall. I mean, it was a 45-kilometer wall that split the city (then continued to surround all of West Berlin, of course), so you can find traces and related elements in various parts of the city. Let’s go look for them! ?

  • Mauerpark. The best thing to see in Berlin, and not so much for the wall itself (about 800 meters) but for the youthful and counter-cultural movement that is mounted there, Sunday market and karaoke included. True, 10 years ago it was something else, just like the neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg.
  • Memorial site of the Wall. If you are interested in the topic itself, you should not miss this enclave of approximately one kilometer in Bernauer Strasse (very close to Mauerpark), a “hot spot” where you will find a documentation center among other things.
Qué ver en Berlín

Muro de Berlín en Bernauer Strasse. / Berlin Wall in Bernauer Strasse.

  • East Side Gallery. It is an emblematic place for the city and world urban art. In this section of more than one kilometer, you will find the best-preserved wall and magnificent artistic works. It’s by the river, between Friedrichshain in the east and Kreuzberg in the west.
  • Checkpoint Charlie is that thing in Berlin that no one wants to miss, so it’s the most touristy spot in the city. The main scene of the Cold War, today we find a booth with two men disguised as soldiers and a museum.
Qué ver en Berlín

Checkpoint Charlie en Berlín. / Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

The Eastern route. 

No, we’re not going to Istanbul, although it may seem that way at first. We will take a long walk that will take us through the four neighborhoods with the most personality in Berlin: Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg.

  • Charlottenburg is the Berlin that the prewar German bourgeoisie dreamed of. Peaceful, elegant, with large houses and small gardens… Today it is the most “western” area (Ku’damm, its golden mile). Only the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church denies the dream.
  • Kreuzberg was the Turkish quarter, then the cosmopolitan quarter and today the most gentrified quarter, surely, in the city. In any case, it still has great charm. Don’t look for monuments (which there are), look for the Landwehr canal, Hallesches Tor, Kottbusser Tor…
  • Friedrichshain, the neighborhood of Goodbye, Lenin! razed to the ground in World War II, was Stalin’s European dream come true; you only have to walk around Karl-Marx-Allee and see Frankfurter Tor to see that. After 1989 it was a low-income area, the mecca of the squatter movement and electronic music.
  • One of Europe’s highest birth rates, in central Berlin? Yes, Prenzlauer Berg. It was a working-class neighborhood and a respected artisan more in the wartime than in the Soviet era. It has a charming air (ah, Kastanienallee, what a delight), and Schönhauser is the center of Berlin’s march.
Qué ver en Berlín

U-Bahn en Berlín. / U-Bahn in Berlin.

These are just a few representative samples of how much there is to see in Berlin, a city full of attractions.

But the city doesn’t run out there. By going through it you will find many other attractions that will undoubtedly captivate your attention. Let yourself go! ?

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On this trip, as on any other, open your eyes, ears, nose… Get ready to receive and process a lot of new stimuli! ?

Qué ver en Berlín

Edificio Reichstag en Berlín. / Reichstag building in Berlin.