que comer en Munich
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The truth is that people ask us less about what to eat in Munich than what to drink in Munich. In the collective imagination, sausages and beer are the absolute protagonists of Munich’s culinary culture (good, and German in general).

And while it’s perfectly understandable, it’s a shame to overlook the rich Bavarian gastronomy. As we have already mentioned once talking about Where to eat the best typical German food in Berlin, there are a number of national German dishes, but each region has its own peculiarities.

Bavaria, one of the Länder with the most personality, it stands out in this sense. So come with us, let’s eat sausages in Munich; with a good beer, you understand. But we will also present other dishes and tell you where you can try them out.

que comer en Munich

Griebenschmalz con pepinillo. / Griebenschmalz with pickles.

Typical dishes from Munich and Bavaria

The typical food of Munich and the region, Bavaria, has a lot to do with that of its Swiss and Austrian neighbours and with the influences of Franconia and Swabia. It owes much to its rural tradition: spicy and roasted meat (pork) and pasta are the main protagonists of the menu.

We can already see it in the starters: the Griebenschmalz is a mixture of butter and pork rinds with onion and apple on a bread toast. Bavarísimo. The country’s soups are of the Pfannkuchensuppe type (meat broth with strips of thick crepes) or Leberknödelsuppe (with liver meatballs).

TRAVELLER TIP: Tapas and skewers in Munich? It’s possible! Brotzeit (“bread time”) is a kind of “second breakfast” typical here. You can eat it in the streets, in a restaurant, something simple with bread: sausages, sausages, Obazt’n or Kartoffelkäse…

que comer en Munich

Un Brotzeit típico. / A typical Brotzeit.

More meat, more pasta 

Let’s go to the main one. Yes, pork knuckle is very local, but you can see it all over Germany; if you’re looking for what to eat in Munich that you can’t find anywhere else, pointed out:

  • Schweinsbraten mit Semmelknödel. Pork fillets roasted and stewed, accompanied by some meatballs with bread prepared outside the Mediterranean culture (they are cooked in brine).
  • Fingernudeln.A species of potato dough noodles, very common throughout southern Germany and the surrounding area. They are usually accompanied by sauerkraut and some sausage and can serve as an accompaniment.
  • Kronfleisch. A stew from the diaphragm viscera and adjacent meats (pork or other animals). Very tasty, the broth is the base of the goulash.

As for sweets and desserts, there are a couple of internationally known elements: apfelstrudel (apple strudel) and Kloß ( fried or cooked dumplings and fillings) and afterwards many variations on these themes. Apart from that, we would point out:

  • Kaiserschmarren.I would call them “broken pancakes with nuts and compote”. So hearty that it’s sometimes a main course.
  • Prinzregententorte. A cake of 7 layers made with fine sponge cake and as many layers of chocolate butter cream.
  • Bavarian cream. The famous bavariose, a gelatine with English cream, whipped cream and fruit… it’ s not really Bavarian!
que comer en Munich

Este es el aspecto del Kaiserschmarren. / This is what kaiserschmarren looks like.

Wurstwurst and wurst 

Sausages deserve a separate mention. It is impossible to cover the variety not from Germany but from Bavaria, so we will list the ones you will almost certainly find on your way:

  • Weißwurst. The queen of Munich. Brühwurst type sausage (i.e. cooked) with veal (head) and pork (bacon) with spices, stuffed in pork intestine. It is accompanied by sweet mustard. The intestine is not eaten.
  • Stockwurst. The poorest cousin of the previous one; shorter, with less veal than pork.
  • Wollwurst. Another cousin. Longer and straighter, has no gut and has less pork, and although it is cooked and usually roasted after being put in milk.
  • Bierwurst. No, it’s not beer. Another Brühwurst, smoked pork in this case, with lots of garlic (also black pepper, mustard and paprika), dark red. It can be eaten raw or roasted.
  • Regensburger Wurst. A classic of the local cuisine. Brühwurst short, smoked pork with hazelnut, stuffed in a plastic.
  • Leberkäse. It doesn’t look like a sausage, but in essence it’s the same. Veal, pork, water, salt, onion and oregano (outside Bavaria it has liver), it is baked and takes the texture of foie gras. It is eaten in every way imaginable.
que comer en Munich

La famosa Wollwurst. / Famous Wollwurst.


The universe of beer in Munich 

If knowing what to eat in Munich is important, so is knowing what to drink. We all know this one: beer. But there is beer and beer… We won’t have time to explore the long and complex Bavarian brewing tradition in four paragraphs, but a minimal idea…

  • There are many variations. To the north they are more pilsen, and to the south more lager (that here they call Heller, “clear”), for example. But wheat beer (Weißbier) is one of Bavaria’s hallmarks.
  • However, as far as blondes are concerned, they are usually under the aegis of the Law of Purity of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot). If not, they are called Biermischgetränk (light beers).
  • On the fringe are the Märzenbier or ‘March beers’, a very traditional dark amber lager that matures in the bottle. Very typical.

REMEMBER THAT: How much does a beer cost in Munich? It depends on the beer and the venue. Alcohol is expensive (a half-litre pitcher will cost around €4), but not so much at the supermarket (€1).

que comer en Munich

¡Cerveza, cerveza, cerveza! / Beer, beer, beer!

Where to eat in Munich (and drink too)? 

We’ve already told you what to eat in Munich, and although we’re not very keen on telling you where to eat (the best way is to find out for yourself), here are a couple of clues…

If you have to choose a good restaurant, nice and cheap, and very Bavarian… Görreshof. Typical food, high quality, right atmosphere, acceptable prices. What more could you ask for? You will find it at Görresstraße 38.

As for where to eat sausages in Munich… Well, the most suitable place seems to be Wildmosers, where, back in 1857 (it was otherwise called “The Inn of Eternal Light”), the first white Munich sausage was invented and served here. It is at Marienplatz 22.

In order to tell you where to drink beer in Munich we must go to Hofbräuhaus, the “official” brewery in Munich, where you can also eat and watch a show. You won’t find so much local atmosphere anywhere else. Platzl 9.

YOU CANNOT MISS THIS: It’s obvious. The Oktoberfest, Munich’s beer festival par excellence. Beer and sausages galore, yes, but get ready to experience a city full to the brim.

que comer en Munich

Un bar en una azotea de Múnich. / A rooftop bar in Munich.

Now you have an idea what to eat in Munich. 

And you can see that it’s not all sausages and beer, but that’s what’s surplus in the capital of Bavaria…

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que comer en Munich