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What to eat in Lisbon! 

We’ll come up with a plan: 

Savour a wonderful rice soup on the banks of the Tagus River, while enjoying a delicious green wine (Vinho verde) watching a fantastic sunset in one of the most emblematic and historic cities of Europe. 

Doesn’t that sound good? 😉 

Delighting yourself with the gastronomy of each country when you travel is one of the great pleasures of life. In Lisbon, getting lost in the aromas and flavours of the land is a unique and indispensable experience. Obliged if you visit this exciting population. 

Portugal’s vibrant capital has an undisputed charm that has attracted thousands of travellers for some time now, and its delicious and genuine food makes it one of the top destinations of recent years. 

The plates are abundant, rich, healthy and economic and the plus of being able to taste them in such a charismatic place as Lisbon does that our experiences in this incredible city are of the most enriching thing. 

With a warm and peaceful climate perfect for a great holiday, we strongly recommend you to get to know this enclave by integrating yourself as a local in its customs and activities. That’s why in today’s post we listed you: What to eat in Lisbon to feel like an authentic Portuguese. 

You won’t be able to resist! 😋🍴 

Qué comer en portugal.

The rice soup. 

Since we have named at the beginning of the post the Arroz Caldoso, we begin our list with one of the most typical dishes that you can eat in Lisbon. 

With gastronomy clearly influenced by its proximity to the sea, we are presented with a forceful recipe where fresh fish and rice are mixed with prawns, cuttlefish, clams, mussels and crushed tomato. 

All dressed in white winegarlicsaffronbay leaf, parsley, coriander and black pepper. 

The mixture of all these condiments gives it an intense flavor that will surprise you. A wonder for our senses!🦀🦐🐟Qué comer en Portugal.

The cataplana.

This healthy dish is named after the metallic and spherical vessel that is used to steam different seafood accompanied by vegetables (there is a variant with meat). This original recipe from the Algarve can be tasted in practically every restaurant in Lisbon. 

Inside the cataplana we can find cocklesonion, red peppertomatogarlicprawns, crayfish, clams, shrimps… sautéed with white wine or Portuguese green wine. 

It is presented on the covered table so that until the moment of tasting it maintains all its aroma and flavour for the enjoyment of the diners. 

Qué comer en Lisboa.

The sardinhas assadas.

Imagine how tasty fresh sardines can be grilled directly from the sea! 

You can’t leave Lisbon without first trying this ancient way of preparing the fish that has lasted in time. 

Present in practically all the establishments dedicated to the restoration, you will not have problems to ask for them since it is a very requested dish in Portugal. 

Qué comer en Lisboa.

Travel Tip: Accompany your dishes with a delicious sweet Port Wine or a young and refreshing Green Wine. Portugal has a deeply rooted winemaking tradition worthy of mention.  

Celebrate the end of your meal by toasting with a shot of Ginjinha: a cherry liqueur very typical of the Capital.  

The caldeirada de peixe.

We are lovers of hot stews, that’s why our list can not miss the Caldeirada de Peixe.  

When asked what we can eat in Lisbon that is cheap but of high quality, this recipe quickly comes to mind. 

The main protagonist in the elaboration is the fish. Different pieces of, for example, hake or haddock, accompany baked potatoes that we mix with garlic, sweet paprika, bay leaf, bell peppers, boiled peas, vinegar, onion, tomato and white wine. 

This stew, with its simple preparation and great nutritional value, is characteristic of Atlantic fishermen. Depending on the chef who makes it, more or less broth can be served. 

It is presented hot and accompanied by toasted bread and a glass of Green Wine… In case we need to freshen up a bit! 😂

Qué comer en Lisboa

The conchinillo asada de bairrada.

If you’re in the mood for a meat dish, we recommend Leitão assado à Bairrada (roast suckling pig). 

Typical of the Bairrada Valley (two hours by car from Lisbon), it is prepared over an open wood fire, marinated in salt and pepper for about two hours before being placed on the coals. 

Accompanied by orange slices, lettuce and French fries, you will be pleasantly surprised by its taste. 

You will be able to taste it in the center of Lisbon without having to go to the valley where it has its origin since it is one of the most known dishes of the Portuguese gastronomy. 

Qué comer en Portugal.

The cod and its 365 ways of preparing it in Portugal. 

The Portuguese say they have a different recipe for preparing cod for each day of the year. 

We will find this characteristic fish in the form of cod cake, in the caldeirada, in fritters such as pataniscas, grilled, scrambled… 

But we are real fans of Bacalhau á brás and Bacalhau com Natas. 

Try as many as you can and then tell us which one you liked best! 😍

Qué comer en Portugal.

Belém Cakes 

We want to finish our list of what to eat in Lisbon in the best possible way… With something sweet! 

We recommend a dessert whose ingredients are puff pastry, cream, egg, milk and sugar. 

The Pasteles de Belém are authentic gastronomic icons of the city. With a secret recipe from the monks of the Jerónimos Monastery (located in the capital), when the tests will transport you… To the seventh heaven!  🙏

Qué comer en Portugal.

Travel Tip: Portugal has more than 12 nominations of origin in different cheeses. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the most popular: El Queijo Serra da Estrela, made with sheep’s milk. 

With different variants more or less strong flavor and more or less creamy, is also an excellent souvenir that will surely love your family and friends. 

Take a piece of Portugal home! 🧀

Qué comer en Portugal.

Lisbon is a meeting place of diverse cultures and this is reflected in its gastronomy. 

Contact us to prepare your trip to Portuguese lands and you will know, first hand, the recipes of the country that was awarded the last year 2018 by the World Travel Awards as “Best Destination in the World“. 

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Don’t wait any longer and live a first-class gastronomic experience in Portugal! 😃