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Canarias is known worldwide for its beaches, good climate and its wonderful landscapes … but it has an important “plus” that thousands of visitors are surprised by every year: This being its rich Gastronomy.

Everyone knows that the “potatoes” which are best known as “wrinkly potatoes” and accompanied by ” mojo picón ” as the musician Caco Senante sang and that the ” Canarian banana ” is one of the tastiest and energetic in the world, but …

Do you know which are the most important typical dishes of the archipelago?

Those are what the islanders dream about to taste again when they are far from their land.

If you have decided to travel to the fabulous island of Gran Canaria, do not miss our post today: We’ll be reviewing the most popular elaborations of the islands and guiding you as to what to eat in Gran Canaria (besides wrinkly potatoes and mojo picón).

We assure you that when you try them you will become a true fan of the kitchen Canary! 😃

Potaje de Berros.

If we think of a recommendation about what to eat cheap in Gran Canaria, one of our first options would be the Potaje de Berros.

A classic in Canarian restaurants, this dish is one of the most traditional and nutritious dishes that can be enjoyed on the island.

It is made with watercress, potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, beans, onion, corn, pork ribs, garlic, spices, green pepper, salt and olive oil. In the same way it admits other ingredients, according to the area where it is prepared.

The ideal is to order it in the towns of the summit of Gran Canaria, where it is a bit colder and you will want to try something warm! 🍲

If you want to learn how to prepare a great Watercress Potaje, look at the indications of the following link:


Qué comer en Gran Canaria además de papas arrugadas y mojo picón

EL Puchero Canario.

Puchero Canario.

The Puchero Canario is one of the star recipes of island cuisine. This kind of stew is very easy to prepare, but the best thing is that the products with which it is made are of the highest quality.

The base of the pot is the meat (beef, pork, chicken …), vegetables (beans, squash, zucchini, leeks, carrots, cabbage), whole pineapples of corn “maize”, potatoes or sweet potatoes, garlic, onion, chickpeas, saffron and parsley.

It is usually served in a wide tray to place all the ingredients and thus be able to taste them all.

It’s a very healthy and perfect dish if you are very hungry. One of our favourites! 😉

Qué comer en Gran Canaria además de papas arrugadas y mojo picón

El conejo en Salmorejo.

The rabbit (which is often hunted on the island itself) is fried in a pot with oil after being macerated for a day garlic, wine, vinegar, pepper picona, and spices like laurel, oregano, and thyme. The sauce that is formed helps the meat to be softer and juicier.

It is usually accompanied with chips or wrinkly. A dish to suck your fingers!

Qué comer en Gran Canaria además de papas arrugadas y mojo picón

La Carne Fiesta.

We are facing one of the most requested dishes by both the Canarians and visitors. Omnipresent in the popular parties and in practically all the restaurants of the islands, this preparation is one of the favorite ones of the smallest of the house since it is usually accompanied by fries.

It is prepared by cutting small pieces of pork which later marinate and fry with salt, garlic, thyme, pepper, oregano and paprika, accompanied by a little bit of vinegar and white wine .

Qué comer en Gran Canaria además de papas arrugadas y mojo picón

El Sancocho Canario.

Fish lovers are in luck. One of the most famous dishes of the Canary Islands is the   Sancocho.

In most cases it is done with Desalted Cherne boiled that is accompanied by   crumpled potatoes, sweet potatoes   and mojo is served   picón (of garlic and peponas piconas) and gofio in the form of ball (flour toasted to the stone of wheat, corn, or chickpea)

Very popular in Holy Week, this simple but appetizing recipe can be ordered throughout the year. Recommended at 100 × 100!

To learn how to make this dish easily and very richly, we recommend you visit the fantastic website of our friend Laura León Alvarez. In a complete post he explains step by step how to prepare a delicious Sancocho: https://www.laubeleal.com/un-plato-tipico-canario-el-sancocho/

que comer en gran canaria

Viejas a la Plancha.

The sea that surrounds the Canary Islands provides an exquisite fish of pleasant flavor. One of the most renowned species thanks to its soft texture is what is known as ” Old ” or ” Old Parrot “.

This white fish low in fat and rich in proteins is usually prepared cooked, fried or baked. There are those who accompany him   Onion, tomato, garlic, cilantro, parsley, black pepper and salt .

It has very few thorns and is easily removed by what is recommended for children.

Order it with garnish of “wrinkly potatoes ” (boiled without peeling and with lots of salt) and ” green mojo ” (sauce made with garlic, cilantro, vinegar, olive oil, cumin and salt)! You’ll love it! 😍

Qué comer en Gran Canaria además de papas arrugadas y mojo picón


To end our article nothing better than a dessert. I could not miss our list!

The   Frangollo   It is a kind of flan that contains   milk, lemon, eggs, sugar, butter, cornmeal and cinnamon   (can be accompanied with   raisins and almonds ).

To sweeten its flavor, it is accompanied with   palm honey. It is made a lot during the Christmas season, but you can order it throughout the year in restaurants.

Qué comer en Gran Canaria además de papas arrugadas y mojo picón

Do not miss the rest of the typical dishes that you can eat in Gran Canaria! :

    • Ropa Vieja.
    • Garbanzas compuetas.
    • Pata asada.
    • Tollos encebollados.
    • Carne de cabra compuesta.
    • Truchas de batata.
    • Gofio escaldado (gofio mixed with beef broth).
    • Morena frita.
    • Carajacas (liver fillets marinated and fried).
    • Bienmesabe Canario (dessert of almonds).
    • Roasted cheese covered in green or red mojo.

Qué comer en Gran Canaria además de papas arrugadas y mojo picón

Have we opened your appetite after seeing these fantastic recipes?  

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