Qué hacer en El Hierro
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What would travelers be without those little “weekend getaways”!

Sometimes between work, family, obligations… we only have a couple of days where we can relax and rest and then take up again all our daily tasks.

Thinking of all those who want to combine a wonderful day of relaxation with quality tourism, we propose a destination that, we warn you … It is addictive!

When we return from the fabulous island of El Hierro, we only have one thing in mind… Go back!

That’s why in today’s article we’re going to propose a series of activities to do on your getaway to El Hierro.

You can have a very complete “mini-vacation” in one of our beloved islands of the Canary Archipelago.

¡Pack your suitcase and add to your list the following travel experiences only possible in El Hierro!

Enjoy the best panoramic views in the Mirador de la Peña and the Mirador de las Playas.

From El Mirador de la Peña (located in Guarazoca and at an altitude of almost 700 meters) you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley of El Golfo, on the western slope of the island and the Atlantic Ocean.

This space, designed by the artist César Manrique and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by the Government of the Canary Islands, has a restaurant with large windows where it is possible to taste a delicious meal while admiring the landscape.

As well as housing a beautiful forest of the same name, the town of Pinar also hosts the Mirador de las Playas. The views that it offers to some thousand meters of altitude of the cliffs are really beautiful.

Get your camera ready as you’ll be able to take some great photos!

Travel Tip: If you like viewpoints, another great one you can approach is in the village of Isora. From there you can see the east coast of El Hierro.

Jinama’s viewpoint and Tanajara’s are also two good places to enjoy beautiful views.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Dive in the Sea of Calm

At the Punta de la Restinga there is a magnificent area for diving. El Hierro is known worldwide for the transparency of its water and the great variety of species that have their home on this seabed.

In addition, the ideal temperature of the water, between 18 and 25 degrees, makes it an activity that can be carried out practically all year round.

Remember that, in 2000, El Hierro was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, which means that conservation programs are carried out both for the natural sites and for the waters that surround them.

If you like scuba diving, you cannot miss this activity on the island.

As a curious fact, we must point out that La Restinga is the southernmost town in Spain, there is no other town further south in our country.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Imagine you are in another world in the small centennial forest of El Sabinar.

These crooked trees look like they were taken from a fairy tale. We are before one of the most beloved symbols of El Hierro.

The Sabina trunk is almost completely bent by the constant trade winds that whip it, thus taking very curious shapes.

Go to the plateau of La Dehesa to be impressed by its different shapes. You haven’t seen anything like it!

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Surprise yourself with the hotel that was for years, the smallest in the world.

The township of Frontera is the home of this iconic hotel (former customs office) located on the coast.

Today the Hotel Puntagrande is renovated and houses 4 rooms that are decorated with shipwrecks, a dining room and a lounge with two terraces with spectacular ocean views.

The waves break next to the volcanic rock on which it sits, evoking a bucolic image that is difficult to forget.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Discover the history of the island in the Ecomuseum Cultural Park of Guinea.

In the Ecomuseo de Guínea, some settlements of the Canarian aborigines teach us the historical evolution of El Hierro.

We will see a volcanic cave and 20 stone houses that show, with their rooms and belongings, the evolution of the way of life of the inhabitants of the island during the last centuries.

Inside the Ecomuseum is the Recovery Centre of the Giant Lizard of El Hierro, about which we speak next.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Meet an extinction-endangered species at the Lagartario.

The lizards of El Hierro (Gallotia simonyi) are an endemic species of the island that, in the past, inhabited the entire surface of the same. One of their characteristics is that they can reach a great length: up to 80 centimeters.

The El Hierro Giant Lizard Recovery Centre works to prevent their disappearance by reproducing them in captivity.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Have fun in the natural pools of La Maceta.

There are three saltwater swimming pools there that also have bathrooms, barbecue area, kiosk and restaurant. A nice place to spend some hours relaxing.

If you want to know another ideal corner for the bath, go to Tamaduste: A small coastal town in the north of the island where you can refresh yourself in a sea inlet that acts as a natural swimming pool.

Travel Tip: Tacorón’s natural pools are other great formations of volcanic rock that you’re sure to love. We also recommend El Charco Azul, El Pozo de las Calcosas, El Charco Manso and the Piscinas de la Caleta.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Visit a hermitage very old and very beloved by the inhabitants of El Hierro.

In the township of Frontera, we find the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de los Reyes, which dates from 1577. The patron saint of El Hierro is highly revered by the devotees who come from all corners of the island, and even from other islands, to pray before her and bring her floral offerings.

The feast of the Descent of the Virgin of the Kings is celebrated every 4 years in honor of the image. During the celebration (which dates from 1741), the Virgin is carried in procession along ancient natural paths for about 12 hours from the hermitage of La Dehesa to its final destination: The Church of Valverde.

The next descent will take place on the first Saturday of July in 2021.

This procession is one of the most striking of the islands. The sound of the chácaras (instruments similar to castanets), drums and dancers dressed in traditional white and red attire accompany the Virgin on her way to Valverde in a natural environment that becomes magical on that day.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Walk through the only capital of the Canary Islands that is not on the coast: Valverde.

Valverde is the smallest and least populated capital of the Canary Islands. Founded in the 15th century, at the end of the 19th it suffered a fire that caused part of its original Canarian architecture to disappear.

We suggest you walk through its streets and visit two of its most important buildings: The Town Hall Square and the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción.

Qué hacer en El Hierro

Travel Tip: If you have time, don’t miss out:

The Roque de la Bonanza.

Garoé tree (the sacred tree of the aborigines of El Hierro: The Bimbaches).

National Tourism Parador.

The Julan Cultural Park (with aboriginal petroglyphs).

Well of the Health and its spa.

The Vulcanological Interpretation Center.

Orchilla Lighthouse (The easternmost in Europe).

The area of The Beaches.

How small the island is and how much you can do there!

Book a weekend to get to know the incomparable island of El Hierro. And if you don’t have time to see it all… don’t worry… You’ll surely come back!

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¡El Hierro is to live it, to feel it… This small but at the same time “big” paradise is waiting for you!

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