que hacer en munich gratis
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Let’s not kid ourselves; Munich is not exactly an economic city. Not even by German standards: it appears in all the most expensive city rankings in the country, always in the top 3. So, for the average traveller, anything to do in Munich for free will be more than welcome…

The Bavarian capital has recently become a favourite destination for European tourists, often as a stopover on longer trips and sometimes as the perfect weekend getaway to Central Europe. In any case, if we can cut costs, all the better, don’t you think?

The city of Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world may seem insultingly expensive, but if you know how to manage it, it will be affordable for everyone. Here are some ideas on what to do in Munich for free. A word of caution: wear comfortable shoes…

OUR ADVICE: The first thing in these cases is to know what to do, right? This text is a perfect complement to our previous blog post on the city: What to see in Munich in 3 days. Take a look.

que hacer en munich gratis

Marienplatz al anochecer. / Marienplatz at dusk.

Monuments and Free Attractions in Munich 

First, keep in mind the list of places you can visit without releasing the fly. If you are Spanish, you will already have the three leisure P’s in mind: ” walk, pipes and park “. Here the pipes are going to be difficult, and you have some more options:

  • Marienplatz, San Pedro, Hofbräuhaus, Viktualienmarkt: As you might expect, walking around the centre is free and Munich’s architecture and town planning are charming, so it’s one of the best things to do in Munich for free. If you want to delve into the churches and snoop around the markets, it won’t cost you anything either.
que hacer en munich gratis

El corazón del barrio de Haidhausen. / Haidhausen neighbourhood’s heart.

  • Olympiapark, Englicher Garten, Hofgarten: These impressive parks and gardens are free of charge (although the facilities and exhibitions at the Olympia are not). In them you will find pure air, quiet recreation areas and many other small attractions.
  • Museums and museums and museums: There are a good number of free museums in the city and many others have juicy discounted prices for children, students, retirees… Ah, and on Sundays you can enter many of them for just one euro. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in culture.
que hacer en munich gratis

Una de las calles monumentales de Múnich. / One of Munich’s monumental streets.

Free tours, the best solution

The free tours are that format of tourist visit in which you pay to the guide as you wish, that is to say, what seems to you more suitable; thus, for a modest price, you will obtain a complete and in-depth vision of the city in about three hours of tour.

There are many free guided tours of Munich, although perhaps what interests you most, if you are reading to us, is a free tour of Munich in Spanish. And the truth is that there are several options.

  • White Umbrella offers very interesting themed tours.
  • Sandemans New also allows you to choose private tours.
  • Bartourz specialise in fun tours of the city’s bars. Take note, they are not in Spanish, but come on, beer is the second universal language…

And in any case, if you’re looking for another free tour, Munich boasts independent guides with the language of Cervantes as their mother tongue. It won’t be difficult for you to find one and arrange a customised tour.

TRAVELLER TIP: Do you know Big Boy Travel? They offer free material for a self-guided tour. You’re in luck, Munich is among their options.

que hacer en munich gratis

Visita guiada en segway. / Guided tour on segway.

It’s not free, but it will help you save 

So far, everything you can do to enjoy and get to know Munich for free. But we still have a small set of tips to make your stay as economical as possible; not that it’s free, but one euro here, one euro there, in the end you will notice…

Munich Card and Munich City Pass: Two options to use Munich public transport for free and access, at no extra cost or with a phenomenal 70% discount, dozens of sites and attractions (depending on the card you choose). Choose the one that suits you best, and you won’t even know what to do in Munich for free in the face of so many possibilities.

Affordable accommodation: If there is something good about Germany in general and Munich in particular is a wide range of lodges, hostels and B&Bs which are flawless, well located, with basic services but care and an unbeatable price. A simple search will save you a lot of euros.

Imbiss: The German culinary miracle is those street stalls with both German and international food at a very affordable price. There are hundreds of these stalls throughout the city, and they are the best solution to eat cheap and assorted. Well, sausages and kebabs predominate, but better than the classic prefabricated hamburger…

que hacer en munich gratis

El tranvía por el centro. / Tram crossing central area.

And if you’re going to pay for something, it’s worth it…

Sometimes we find ourselves travelling in unexpected places, rarely visited by tourists and which really offer something special. These are two local spaces with a wide cultural offer outside the tourist circuits which are worth leaving the rooms for: the first one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the third one:

  • Seidlvilla: An old bourgeois villa converted into a cultural space. Concerts, exhibitions, literary talks in a landscaped space perfect for relaxing. Some things are even free.
  • Pasinguer Fabrik: This old shoe factory in the Pasing neighbourhood is today a vibrant venue dedicated to music, theatre, opera, performances and much more. It has a charming contemporary and informal atmosphere.
que hacer en munich gratis

Un puente sobre el rio Isar. A bridge on Isar river.

Hundreds of free options for your stay in Munich 

It’s probably clear that there’s a lot to do in Munich for free if you know how to do it well. In any case, of course we may have forgotten something interesting, we would appreciate any comment you may leave for us to enrich the travel experience of other readers.

To clarify other details or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to resolve them. And if the idea of us taking care of all the arrangements for your trip appeals to you, call us on 922 15 12 51 or write to ofertas@tubillete.com and we will see how we can organise an unforgettable and customised stay in Munich together.