Qué ver en Lanzarote con niños
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Are you vacationing with children in Lanzarote? What a great idea! 

This volcanic island of the Canary Archipelago offers different and enjoyable activities for the entire family. 

With a length of barely 75 kilometres and a width of 20 kilometres, it is an ideal destination to rent a car and get lost in the incredible landscapes that have been classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 

With a wonderful climate throughout the year, the tranquility offered by this place is an added bonus that makes traveling with the family children a safe and enjoyable experience.

As we know that when you travel with children, the more practical the arrangements are and the better things will go, in today’s post we are providing you with a comprehensive list of things to do when you are with children in Lanzarote so that you can print it out and take it with you on the trip.

This way you will be able to strike out of the list whatever you see every day. 

You won’t have to worry about remembering the places where you can go to or search for information on what activities you can carry out with the family! We’ll get the ” homework ” done for you! ?

Get ready to enjoy everything the wonderful island of Lanzarote has to offer! 

What to do in Lanzarote with children 

Los Jameos del Agua.

This is one of the most special places on the island. The black lava of the set of caves and volcanic channels of the place contrasts with the small and unique ” white crabs “ of the world (albinos and blind crabs) that inhabit it.

The Lanzarote architect César Manrique transformed this place with gardens, a swimming pool, a restaurant and an auditorium. All of which are in complete harmony with the landscape and embellish it even more if applicable. 

Qué ver en Lanzarote con niños

Playa Papagayo, Playa Grande y Playa Chica.

A child likes nothing more than spending a few fun hours on the beach. Playa Papagayo is not a solitary beach in itself, it is a group of coves with golden sand and turquoise water that are located in the south of the island.

Another great place to have a swim and refresh yourself is Playa Grande. Perhaps it is one of the most visited because it has all the services and amenities such as bathrooms, changing rooms, hammock rental …

Playa Chica is located in the town of Puerto del Carmen. This small beach is perfect for families and for snorkeling. It is so small that you can have your children under control without any problems! ?

Travel Tip: If you are interested in carrying out an activity that the children will surely love, you can hire an excursion to spot dolphins. They depart from La Marina in Puerto del Carmen.

Qué ver en Lanzarote con niños

Excursion to the island of La Graciosa. 

A 25 minute ferry crossing from Orzola Port will take us to the beautiful island of La Graciosa. You can take a leisurely stroll through this almost untouched landscape and its coquettish capital, Caleta de Sebo, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

You can rent bicycles and explore its unpaved streets during your visit. 

Qué ver en Lanzarote con niños

Timanfaya National Park. 

It is an obligatory stop if you are visiting Lanzarote. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the Route of the Volcanoes, where you will walk through a “lunar” landscape full of craters that seem to have been taken from another world. In the Islote del Hilario area, the children will be surprised to see a geothermal demonstration: A bucket of water is poured into the earth anda few seconds later a strong jet of steam emerges. 

The visit to the park will be led by a tour guide. You can hire an organized excursion departing from several of the island’s hotels or go directly to the park by car and then visit with the park’s official bus. 

La Cueva de los Verdes.

The Green Cave is one of the “must” of Lanzaronte. This spectacular natural cave runs through the subsoil of Lanzarote from La Corona Volcano to the sea.

Formerly used as a refuge to get rid of the pirates and invaders that besieged the island, today it can be explored without any problem as it has an area of passable underground galleries of approximately 2 km that conceals many secrets… That you have to discover! ? 

The tour lasts about an hour and is very entertaining thanks to the light effects and music played inside. We are sure you will like it! 

Qué ver en Lanzarote con niños

Cactus Garden. 

This unusual garden of about 5,000 square meters contains more than 1.000 species of cactus originating from various parts of the world. The children will love to explore its trails while observing the great variety of shapes and colours of the plants.

Qué ver en Lanzarote con niños

El Charco de los Clicos or Charco Verde.

The famous green puddle (shade produced by algae) surrounded by black volcanic sand next to a reddish slope that we have seen so much in photos.

From the top of a viewpoint we will see this atypical lagoon formed between the sea and the mountain. I am sure that this iconic image of Lanzarote will enchant… the whole family! 

You can use this opportunity to visit the village of El Golfo: a coquettish fishing village where you will have the opportunity to taste fresh fish from the day. 

Qué ver en Lanzarote con niños

What to do in Lanzarote with childrenOther good ideas.  

El Mirador del Río.

Lanzarote Aquarium.

El castle de Santa Bárbara.

The municipality of Teguise. 

The Mirador de las Salinas. 

La Geria.

Aquapark Costa Tequise.

What are you waiting for to discover this fantastic island with your family? 

Don’t forget your list of things to do in Lanzarote with children and only worry about having a good time. 

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Remember that at the end of this article, you have the option of sending us a message with your requests or queries and we will respond promptly.

Fall in love with the island of Lanzarote in your next family getaway! ? 

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