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¡Don’t miss today’s funny story! In our travelling friends section @silviokazimierski tells us about his crazy stopover in Madrid on his way home…after a month of travelling in Asia! And he shows us the true spirit of the traveller, you will definitely identify with his thoughts and how we enjoyed your story, friend Silvio!



Going to Madrid for 3 hours?…….You’re crazy!

Shanghai, Monday 8:30 am, I’m almost sleepless and it’s not that it was only the night before, it’s the last thirty.

As we go to the enormous Pudong Airport, we say goodbye to this Asiatrip, which started a month ago in the fascinating city of Tokyo. I will tell you…

We took off at noon heading for Barajas, it’s only 13 hours of flight, let’s look at it with optimism, it’s only half the journey, then it’ll be another 12 hours until we get home to Buenos Aires and in the middle … in the middle a somewhat long stopover.

A stopover that tempts us!

Madrid beckons to us: Hello, I’m Spain, I’m Europe!…. I feel like a gambler standing in front of a big and shiny Casino. Come on, man! He says to me with the classic Iberian expression. Come in…

They say Madrid is getting better and better. We should go!

But we are completely tired

I swear to you that the days in Asia have more than 24 hours, seriously, the nights are addictive, they are prolonged and prolonged, with hundreds of incentives to continue and to continue; you sleep 4 or 5 hours, at the most 6 and you start again.

My dark circles look like a Mao Zedong and Chou Enlai avenues together. I’m afraid that customs will ask me what I have in those bags I have under my eyes.

The flight stabilizes, thirty thousand feet; I relax, and do the calculation. I deduct the time it will take me to migrate, leave the terminal, take the subway, make the return trip again, and arrive with a considerable margin of safety to board.

¡3 hours left to see Madrid!

How many opportunities do we have, to be in a European Capital and as a reward?

I decided to go… 3 hours is 3 hours, right?

Amigos Viajeros: @silviokazimierski

Do you serve lunch, chicken or pasta, wine sir?

With coffee there is turbulence, it seems that everything is in motion, but it is not the plane, it is in my head where everything moves.


I tell myself, in a typical Gemini dual personality situation, you’re completely tired, what are you going to be able to see in 3 hours, it’s going to be at night, what are you going to gain? when are you going to sleep?

Then you have another long flight, you’re no longer a kid and apart from that, wasn’t everything you enjoyed, learned, travelled, and experienced in the Far East enough for you?

And if you lose the connection?

It’s true, it’s not worth it, it’s just 3 hours, after all it’s just Madrid!

…..It’s the gateway to Europe, you’ll be back…..

  • I’m not going! 

It’s the right decision.

They remove the tray, they turn off the lights, I try to watch a movie, my eyes close, I get comfortable and try to sleep for a while…

Suddenly, again everything is moving, turbulence again, but mental…

Startled, my other Gemini part, screams at me imposing its vision.

  • Let’s go the same way! 

Mind you! You tell me, how much is 3 hours net in Madrid. How much is it worth?

If the next day you arrive, you’ll be working the usual 12 hours; you’ll regret it if not.

And sleep? I slept on Sunday, that’s why…

  • Let’s review, we fly towards the West, the clock works in our favour, when it is 1:30 a.m. of our Asian body, it will be “only” 7:30 p.m. in Madrid. Hallelujah! The mind will adjust!

Now that I decided to go, the flight is going fast, we are already descending and on time. We landed in Terminal 4 Satellite. The disembarkation is tumultuous, clearance, clearance, I do migrations in non-European lines, let’s go quickly please!, downstairs, I take the train to terminal 4 while I adjust the clock and look for the few euros I brought.I follow the signs to the metro, line 8 pink, payment 5 Euros, I travel 7 stops to Nuevos Ministerios, I connect with the blue line 10 to the Tribunal station, I go upstairs, I look for the pedestrian Fuencarral, a quick way to the Gran Via and I take the Selfie to immortalize the moment. …..Uuuuhhhhff

Amigos Viajeros: @silviokazimierski

Respiro hondo y miro el reloj, 15 minutos para las nueve, ajusto mi cabeza.

¡Estoy en Madrid!

¡¡Tengo 3 horas!!…

La noche está en pañales.

I’m crazy! 


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