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This Friday, our Travelling Friends @rodcar_life will explain to us in detail about one of the most incredible 

places in Bangkok: The Grand Royal Palace.  

A text that has it all: photos, recommendations… and video! So that you won’t miss any detail about this wonderful palace! 


Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world and a place full of contrasts that can be appreciated in its party nights and its crazy traffic; along with the peace and serenity that is felt in each of its temples.

Undoubtedly the most important tourist attraction of the capital of Thailand is its impressive Grand Royal Palace. A site covering more than 200.000 square metres with some highly revered temples inside it.

It’s a must-see area where you can walk through the history of this magical country. Each step is a new discovery filled with astonishment to be witness to the endless details of each of its constructions. Figurines taken from another world, tiny crystals that shine with the sunlight, vivid colours, gold paintings, hypnotic roofs… A complex that takes several hours to explore and of which it is an absolute pleasure to get lost within its buildings to discover corners that it is inevitable not to photograph.

Amigos Viajeros: @rodcar_life

The Great Royal Palace 

The entrance fee is 500 Baths (approximately 14€) and it is advisable to go early in the morning to avoid as many tourists as possible. But we would like to inform you that since it is the most popular tourist spot in the city, this will be practically impossible; and you can only hope to be lucky so that there are few people.

We would also like to point out that the access protocol is very strict. Two controls must be passed. One outside the walls of the palace, and the other just beyond the entrance door. They specify that it is strictly forbidden to enter wearing shorts and a straitjacket (not even wearing a scarf on top of the straitjacket). You can only wear a normal T-shirt.

The feeling as soon as you enter is a mixture of nervousness and awe. You will know that you have entered a mythical place that you will never forget. There are countless details with which will leave you speechless. The fusion of colours and constructions makes the whole environment magical.

Amigos Viajeros: @rodcar_life

In this immense complex you will find one of the most revered images in all of Thailand. Its famous Emerald Buddha. Its origin dates back to the year 43 B.C., it measures 66 cm and in reality it is not made of emerald but of jade. It is prohibited to take photographs or engrave inside, so anyone who enters should take a good look at this room that simulates Paradise and has frescoes on the walls painted with gold leaf.

It is very important to always be very respectful here and in every other place.

So no one should record and photograph the place because it is a great offense to Thais. Furthermore, you can’ t enter any temple with shoes and you must not step on the entrance step.

Amigos Viajeros: @rodcar_life

Knowing the interior of the complex 

After leaving the room, you will realise that you have just been in a special and magical place. The devotion observed between these four walls is indescribable. Humidity and heat remain in the background; and the senses focus on those worshippers who are engrossed in front of that image. The smell of incense mixes with that of flowers, while the fans attempt to cool visitors (we would recommend you always carry a bottle of water).

But that place is not the only thing that is important about this enormous complex; when you leave the area of the temples, you get to the part corresponding to the Great Royal Palace. A place that has three well identified constructions that originated to 1782 during the reign of Rama I. It was the royal seat from the 18th century until the middle of the 20th century.

Amigos Viajeros: @rodcar_life

The first building that can be seen is the place where the King has to spend the first night when he is crowned. The second building (central and larger) is the main construction. This building has two distinct styles. The upper part is Thai style and the lower part is Western style. The reason for this difference is that when the King ordered the construction of this building he was very obsessed with European palaces and wanted to recreate them in his own palace. Finally, the third building is used only for ceremonies.

Our impressions 

There is no doubt that being there was a magical experience that did not disappoint, regardless of the large number of tourists or the heat and humidity. Each building is mesmerizing thanks to the infinity of details and all the majestic atmosphere and spirituality that is felt throughout the room. One can feel the power of the traditions that exist in the place; and it was revealed that they have an important power beyond the walls of the complex.

Bangkok is a magical place that captivates you with its great contrasts.

Amigos Viajeros: @rodcar_life

If you want to know more about this magical place, you can check out our Youtube video in which we present the same and other temples such as Wat Pho or Wat Traimit.


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