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Today our friends from @proximaelmundo travellers tell us about their experience in Africa. A journey that must be made at least once in a lifetime.

Their stories and photos are fascinating – an incredible adventure!


The world is full of incredible destinations and I have had the immense luck of visiting a small part of them and of all those I have visited and although they all have their charm, I certainly think I could say that Africa is the one I liked most and was equally amazed.

Never before our Tanzania safari had we thought of visiting this country, and now we just want to go back, which I hope is soon. Because Africa captivates you,it has a halo that entices you, it makes you become a yoke of its sunsets, its light, its people and its landscapes?

Amigos viajeros:@proximaparadaelmundo

A safari through their lands is such a special experience that I think few people can remain indifferent to a visit to their parks. We spent 6 nights and they passed us so quickly!….

We hesitated between a combination of Kenya and Tanzania or just one of the two countries, in the end Tanzania has much less distance between its parks than Kenya so we chose the latter so as not to waste too much time on the road.

Once there we realized that it was a wise decision, because despite having shorter distances than in Kenya, there were journeys that took us up to 5 hours, and the roads are often not as we are used to having here in Spain so my first recommendation is that if you have any doubts, Tanzania would be better.

The second important issue for me in a trip like this is that you choose a company with experience in this country when hiring for your trip if you do not want to be disappointed, as well as to hire good guides (in my blog I would recommend you one that are really amazing).

The difference between a good guide and a bad one can make you not stop to see animals, or make you leave Tanzania having seen lions, elephants and zebras everywhere. Our guide was unbelievable, I was often advised to take a driver and a guide so that the guide can do his work of searching, but if the person is experienced as our guide was, then Goodluck because that double expenditure is not necessary, he saw things while driving that not even us were able to see with our eyes fixed many times.

Amigos viajeros:@proximaparadaelmundo

I’m in love with animals so maybe people who knew me could say that it’s normal for me to come back from my trip thrilled, but Javi isn’t, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them, but it’s not something he’s as thrilled about as I am. However, the wine is even more mind-blowing than I am.

It may seem boring to spend 6 days doing daily “safari excursions” in the same areas, but even we who did up to 5 safaris in Serengeti felt like they were few, after all nature is something that is lively and in constant movement, it’s not like a zoo or a wildlife park where the poor don’t have much to do.Here at every outing you would get the adrenaline rush of seeing a herd of lions hunting, a cheetah resting on a tree, leopards getting in your car, a buffalo coming back from dinner… and so on, I could list each of the experiences we had in 6 days, and believe me, they were all spectacular.

Amigos viajeros:@proximaparadaelmundo

Another one of my recommendations, although you may not be as adventurous as me, but Javi thinks the same after the trip (I say after the trip because before it seemed a little crazy, hahaha), it will involve sleeping in the Tended Camp, they are campsites which are often stationary other times they are mobile and installed in the middle of the park.

The experience of sleeping surrounded by wild animals is unique, and is not as dangerous as it seems to be, but it is a great experience. The campsites are perfectly equipped, most often more than any 3 star Spanish hotel. We booked all the nights at them and they were spectacular.

In Serengeti we woke up every morning seeing a family of hyenas that had their burrow just a few metres from our tent.

Amigos viajeros:@proximaparadaelmundo

Amigos viajeros:@proximaparadaelmundo

Amigos viajeros:@proximaparadaelmundo

On our trip we toured the Tarangire National Park, Serengeti, Lake Masek, Ngorongoro and although we were left with a lot of cravings for more and we could have toured perhaps more places, we preferred to be able to enjoy 3-4 rather than be exhausted from here to there.

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