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¡What a great experience our traveller friends @pasaporte_a_la_tierra will tell us today! Untamed jungle, orangutans, wild animals, sleeping in a boat under the starlight, fireflies…

We have been amazed by your adventure! Since we liked this article full of fantastic photos and amazing videos. You can not miss it! We have already bought our plane ticket to Borneo!


Hello everyone, we are Iván & Esther, a Spanish couple currently living in the UK.

We couldn’t understand life without travelling together. We love to write about our routes and experiences, as we consider travelling and sharing to be synonymous with life.

For us travelling means opening the mind and enriching the soul. Knowing new cultures, tasting traditional cuisine or listening to stories of local people makes us feel alive and full of questions that makes us want to know more and more new places.

We are free spirits in search of new challenges and adventures, we love to feel the freedom and adrenaline that we experience every second of our journey, from start to finish.

At you can find all the information about our trips recounted firsthand, both tips for planning your own trips and visits to the most emblematic and remote places in each country.

We love adventure, visiting temples of any era or religion, reaching the top of a volcano to see lava, fly over the blue hole or swim with the whale shark.

If you’re as passionate about nature and animals as we are, you can’t miss our Borneo post, which will be detailed below.

Borneo Island – a few days in the jungle surrounded by orangutans

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and is located in Southeast Asia. Its territory is divided into 3 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

We headed specifically to Tanjung Puting Park in the south of the island in the area of Indonesia.

Our route started from the port of Kumai which is where you have to take the klotok that will be our boat and home for the next 3 days and 2 nights in this adventure journey through the waters of the Seyoker River.

We were the only passengers on this vessel along with 3 crew members on board who would be our English speaking guide Hita, the cook and the ship’s captain.

All of them were local people and thanks to Hita’s knowledge we were able to explore the best corners of the park.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Junto a Hita y Dian. / Together with Hita and Dian.

In this tour we had everything we needed to undertake our adventure trip, we had 4 super delicious meals a day and our mattress on deck to enjoy the sound of nature, fresh air and spot many wild animals.

We are now entering the park……

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Bienvenida al Parque Tanjung Puting. / Welcome to Tanjung Puting Park

Our klotok was one of the simplest you could see sailing the waters of the Seyoker River, but… how wonderful! There are also klotoks for larger groups of people.

We will post this video so you can see what it was like….


On our route we visited 3 stations where we were able to meet the orangutans in the wild, who are taken care of by the rangers.

On the way in the klotok it is possible to meet some, like it happened to us, besides seeing many other animals.

For us, this trip helped us to disconnect from our routine life, to breathe the air of the wild and nature, where we could extend our arms to caress freedom and blend with the environment.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

¡Libertad y calma!. / Freedom and calm!

After a delicious meal, we settled in the chairs at the front of the klotok, and were able to relax and contemplate nature in its splendour.

A pleasant breeze caressed our cheeks as we approached the first of the seasons.

We could already see the first animals such as silver monkeys and nose apes.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Narigudo mamá con cría. / Narigudo mom with baby.

Here the fauna is very diverse and unique, for example it is possible to find primates such as the gibbon, nosed monkey, silver monkey, macaque etc. in addition to stags or wild boar.

Other animals that could be observed are birds like the hornbill or reptiles like the crocodile.

We also had a night excursion to see some animals like tarantulas, some of which were huge!

Anything can happen and any animal can surprise you without you expecting it.

To get to the stations you have to go through paths in the middle of the heart of the jungle.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Iván en selva de Borneo. / Ivan in the jungle of Borneo.

It is common to see carnivorous plants like the ones in the photo, which trap small insects.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Plantas carnívoras. / Carnivorous plants.

In the park there are a total of 3 stations, and after 2 hours and a half we reached station 1.

The rangers of each station conduct behavioral studies on the orangutan as well as help and provide protection against possible threats that are leading to extinction.

The call of the ranger in station 1 started the feast for this group of orangutans…

We could even see an alpha male that surprised us because it passed directly behind our back and crossed in front of us, so our hearts raced faster and our mouths remained open. It was one of the great moments of the trip.

It was right in front of us. We were petrified in front of this huge male just 2 metres from us.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Orangután macho alfa. / Male Alpha Orangutan.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Macho alfa trepando. / Alpha male climbing.

We could not express in words the thrill of what nature was giving us.

Nor will we forget the excitement of waking up to the sound of the jungle and seeing some monkey near the boat saying good morning.

Seeing the orangutans in stations 2 and 3 is not guaranteed since they are in full freedom, yet we were patient and they eventually appeared.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Orangután hambriento. / Hungry orangutan

Nos quedábamos embobados observándolos, cada uno tenía su propia personalidad y manera de comportarse, son animales de una gran inteligencia, nos parecían tan increíbles…

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Orangután despistado. / Clueless Orangutan.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Esther con orangután de fondo. / Esther with orangutan in the background.

From the klotok we could see a huge male proboscis with his big belly and huge nose, it’s amazing!

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Narigudo macho adulto. / Adult male nose.

They are social animals that form communities ….

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Familia de narigudos. / Adult male nose.

In station 3 we were able to observe other animals such as bearded wild boar or squirrels, until a group of orangutans appeared to take all our attention back

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Jabalí barbudo. / Bearded boar.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Madre y cría orangután. / Mother and baby orangutan.

In this station also appeared a huge alpha male to the surprise of those present …

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Macho alfa y orangután joven. / Alpha male and young orangutan.

Unfortunately, the habitat where the orangutan resides is being increasingly reduced due to the deforestation caused by man to grow and produce palm oil that is widely used in the food industry.

So we ask that you please do not consume products that contain it. Let’s work together to protect our planet and continue to have orangutans in freedom.

Our last night was spent among mangroves surrounded by thousands and thousands of fireflies. It was a stunning visual spectacle since it was also a new moon and the brightness of the fireflies was even more intense.

Some of them slipped into our boat and we could place them on our palm. How wonderful!

The next morning we returned to Pangkalan Bun Airport (PKN) and ended our klotok adventure in Borneo.

Amigos viajeros @pasaporte_a_la_tierra

Esther e Iván. / Esther e Iván.

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