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Our traveller today is @subealanabe. It shows us 5 essential plans for your visit to Berlin. No lack of anything: places to visit, to go out, to eat… 

His recommendations will be very useful on your trip to the German capital! 


5 plans that shouldn’t be missing on your trip to Berlin 

Cheerful, historical, modern and with culture. That is Berlin, a city that neither bombs nor politics have succeeded in overthrowing, the centre of Europe in many ways. If you are thinking of travelling to Berlin, today I want to share with you some plans that you should not miss this wonderful city. 

Free Tours in Berlin 

Free tours are known all over the world. And they couldn’t be missing in Berlin either because, let’s face it, they are the best way to get to know a city with the help of Spanish guides who, normally, have been living in the city for years. There are all kinds, just have a look on the Internet and you’ll notice. 

Amigos viajeros: @subealanave


The German capital has the “Island of Museums“, where many art galleries, cultural centres and exhibitions are concentrated. Most are pay, but if you’re young and a student, you’re in luck. With the student card, the tickets have up to 50% discount. 

And if you’re not a student, don’t worry. Some museums are free at specific times or days of the week.The Natural History Museum, forexample, is free from 5 pm, although it closes at 6 pm so you’ll have to hurry if you want to see it all. Other free museums in Berlin are:Holocaust MemorialWall MuseumAllied MuseumTränenpalastTopography of TerrorAbguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik Berlin, Deutsch-Russisches MuseumKnoblauchhaus, or the Young People’s Museum. 

Amigos viajeros: @subealanave

Visiting a concentration camp 

I’m not going to fool you. Visiting a concentration camp is not the happiest thing in the world, but it is enriching and necessary. Discovering barbarism, being aware of evil and violence sensitizes us and helps to ensure that history does not repeat itself. 

That’s why one of the most recommended visits, if you decide to travel to Berlin, is the Sachsenhausen Concentration CampYou can do it hiring some excursion, with free tour or on your own. Paying 3 euros you have an audio guide and a map. 

Amigos viajeros: @subealanave

To move the body 

As I said at the beginning of this article, Berlin is also a very festive city, with a lot of history of nightlife and entertainment. That’s why it’s an ideal place to party and discover a totally different kind of nightclubs. And the majority of the discotheque offer is focused on techno music. 

Besides, you can party Monday through Sunday if you want. But don’t be disappointed if a club closes its doors on you. Entering historic clubs such asBerghainWatergate or Tresoris sometimes complicated, especially if they see you as a tourist. In Berlin, there is respect for techno music, and nightclubs are almost a place of worship for techno lovers. That’s why, for example, they don’t usually party with heels or uncomfortable clothes, the most important thing is to dance and feel the music, so they prefer the comfort of normal clothes (jeans or trousers and T-shirt with sneakers).

On the other hand, the most common thing in Spain is for you to have a drink or make a bottle before going out to party. However, there is a big difference from Berlin. In the German capital, you can drink on the street without running the risk of being fined. It’s not forbidden! So, find a quiet place and enjoy your beer with no qualms or fear. 

If techno doesn’t suit you and you prefer a more relaxed place, on the banks of the river and with a very chillout ambience, stop by YAAM or Holzmarkt 25. A more modern, bohemian and perfect atmosphere awaits you there as a plan to see the sunset in Berlin. 

Amigos viajeros: @subealanave

Eating in Berlin 

Among the many plans discussed, obviously, you will have to find a place to… eat! Your body will ask for it and the local gastronomy is something you have to try on any trip. 

If you’re looking for traditional German food, there’s not much variety: knuckle or sausages are a must. Very famous in Berlin is the currywurst, something like a hot dog but with curry powder. However, I recommend two places where you won’t eat sausages or knuckle, but they will leave a good taste in your mouth. First, try a kebab at Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebab, the city’s most famous. And if you prefer hamburger, the most famous restaurant in Berlin to eat one is in Burgermeister. In both of them you’ll have to do some tailing but… it’ll be worth it!

Amigos viajeros: @subealanave

Amigos viajeros: @subealanave

Finally, if Asian food is your thing and you want to save some money, check out Vietnamese restaurants. They’re usually the best priced. Besides, many of them have a very varied menu that not only includes dishes from Vietnam but also from Thailand, Japan or China. 

Amigos viajeros: @subealanave

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