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Let’s get into a situation. You arrive in New York and want to try everything: hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, cupcakes …Where do you start? The culinary offer in the city is so great!

Don’t worry, our friends @rodcar_life travelers tell us, in their article today, a complete and varied selection of places where you can savour the best food from “the city that never sleeps”.

Don’t miss their recommendations and their fantastic photos and video. Thank you Rodrigo and Carlos for this useful text for travelers who are dreaming of going to this incredible metropolis!



New York is considered the capital of the world and as a good capital it offers infinity of options to enjoy and to be entertained.

But this famous city on the East Coast of the United States is not only a showcase of skyscrapers, museums, theatres and shops. It has a wide range of restaurants with cuisine from around the world.

In New York one can taste a bite of the world in every dish offered by its restaurants that capture the essence of each country. Their kitchens cook traditional dishes and allow you to travel all over the world, sampling ingredients that transport you to an origin miles away.

Although New York is famous for its hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels or peperoni pizzas, it’s a city that goes beyond these dishes.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Hamburguesa neoyorquina. / New York burger.

We’ve been to New York several times, and on our trips we’ve been able to discover various restaurants and places that we’ve liked very much. In this post we want to reflect on some of them.

The first advice we want to give you is that if you normally drink water during meals; we would recommend that you ask for “tap water” because it is tap water and they won’t charge you anything for it.

And one of the gastronomic experiences that everyone should enjoy when arriving in this city is to try its street food. In any corner under the shade of a large skyscraper you can find a stall that smells of food which is always hot. These stalls are cheap and widely used by New Yorkers and tourists alike. They are ideal for eating hot dogs or pretzels, among other large amounts of international food.

So it’s one of our best recommendations as it’s a way to save money, and feel like a New Yorker more by sitting on a bench and eating along with your drink (usually huge and very sugary).

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Puesto de Street Food. / Street Food stall.

Also another recommendation to eat cheap are the various “Deli”. You will find an infinite number of places of this sort that are actually buffets where you pay the weight of the food you choose.

The variety of dishes is extremely wide and they are practically open at all times. So they are a good option to eat creams, salads, pasta, meat, fish…

But when talking about America, you’re thinking about hamburgers. In this city you can find hamburgers of all sizes, flavours and shapes. We’re going to recommend three places that we think are fantastic.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Decidiendo donde ir a comer en Nueva York ¡La oferta es tan grande! / Deciding where to eat in New York The offer is so big!

On the one hand, the famous chain “Shake Shack” which is considered to be one of the most important and where the best burgers in NY are made. You can find several around the city (we were in the one near Times Square) and we have to say that the price is good and so are the burgers.

The same goes for Five Guys (we also went to the one in Times Square). Another important restaurant chain which is already opening stores outside the United States and of which we would also recommend their hamburgers because they are of very good quality.

And as a peculiarity we would like to mention the Burger Joint hamburger restaurant hidden in the Hotel Le Parker Meridien. Behind some red cloths and along with some attractive neon lights, there is a small place where you can enjoy some incredible hamburgers. Because it is so small they only serve two types.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Restaurante Burger Joint. / Burger Joint Restaurant.

Of course when you go to NY you have to visit Chinatown; and there you can’t miss the opportunity to eat in an Asian restaurant. We would recommend that you go into one that is not very touristy, because it means that it is run by local people; and it gives it more authenticity.

If you’re attracted to Texan food, BBQ in Times Square is definitely the place for you. A gigantic place where the ribs are the delight of everyone who decides to enter, in addition to having gigantic cocktails. It’s a must if you want to try meats and American style cuisine.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Costillas en el restaurante BBQ. / Ribs in the BBQ restaurant.

Katz’s is another very popular and mythical place to enjoy its famous pastrami sandwiches. We would recommend that you order a sandwich to be shared. We ordered one for three (accompanied by potatoes and pickles) and ended up full.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Sandwich de pastrami en el restaurante Katz´s. / Pastrami sandwich at Katz´s restaurant.

If on the other hand you are a lover of Italian food, it’ s logical that you go to Little Italy and enjoy a good pasta dish on the streets. But we would recommend that you go to Brooklyn and try Grimaldi’s amazing pizzas. This famous pizzeria at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge has delicious large pizzas prepared using a wood-fired oven. So we would recommend you order the small ones.

We would also like to mention the increasingly famous Chelsea Market. The old Oreo factory has become a place full of hipster and vintage shops, dotted with restaurants and gastronomy venues. You can enjoy a snack while you tour the factory.

The Lobster Place is the most famous place where people go to eat lobster sandwiches or just lobster. We ordered the $22 box containing the sandwich, the drink, a bag of potatoes and a candy. And we didn’t regret it at all.

Candy is also a must when you want to enjoy gastronomyWe are going to share some places with you. 

On one side: Levain Bakery. A mythical site where you can enjoy some huge cookies with an impressive taste. Normally there is a big queue, but we would recommend that you have patience because it is worth it.

The other is Magnolia Bakery which is internationally known for its cupcakes. We have to say that it is not a coffee shop; it is a shop where you can only purchase and you have to eat the sweets in the street.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Cupcake de Magnolia Bakery. / Magnolia Bakery cupcake.

And we didn’t want to finish the post without talking about the famous “Stardust” . A restaurant where you can not make a reservation and that has the peculiarity that waiters sing while serving food. It’s a restaurant where quality/price is optimal, with great food and an incredible spectacle. We would recommend it 100% even if people say it is very touristic. After all, when you are travelling you are a tourist. So queue up, enjoy the food and sing with the waiters.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life

Restaurante Stardust. / Stardust restaurant.

However, if you want to have a better look at all these places and many more, we would recommend that you click on the link below, which is one of the chapters about the series we made in New York City.


Without a doubt NY is a unique city to sample the gastronomy of the world and it is impossible to cover it all.

Amigos viajeros rodcar_life


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