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When reading the text of our traveller friends @rodcar_life we feel as though we were walking next to them observing the incredible Iguazú Falls. Thanks to their detailed way of explaining their experience in front of the waterfalls and their incredible photos and video, we have discovered one of the 7 wonders of the world first hand.

And this is because our traveller friends @rodcar_life always get the traveler’s worm that we have inside out! Thanks Rodrigo and Carlos for this nice article!



There are places that are special and magical.

There are corners on this planet that seem to be nature’s whims.

In the world there are places like the Iguazu Falls.

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

Considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, they are located in two countries: Argentina and Brazil.

In a corner of the jungle, the Iguazú River; a tributary of the spectacular Paraná River that decided to have a whim millennia ago. It wanted to advance among trees and leafy vegetation until it reached a crevice to capsize throughout the area, creating 275 waterfalls.

To see this marvelous place it is recommended to do it in two days; and thus to be able to enjoy the whole zone as much in the Argentinean side as in the Brazilian one. Both offer very different options of the same place. It is said that in Argentina you can experience waterfalls and in Brazil you can see them.

We remember that day when we entered the National Park from the Argentine side. Our nerves were coming out of our skin pores waiting for that wonder we were going to see.

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

We took the train that circulates inside the jungle and that left us in one of the routes that are established and that led directly to the most important place: The Devil’s Throat.

We walked along those footbridges that are elevated above the earth and the water; created in this way in order to cause as little damage as possible to the environment. The sun warmed our faces while a gentle breeze brought us different smells. Sounds of birds, butterflies fluttering, coatis running on the ground, monkeys jumping on branches… All our senses began to intensify as we walked towards a target.

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

Suddenly a fog was visible in the background and the noise began to emerge. Step by step the fog became more visible and the noise more powerful. The humidity intensified in the air.

Minutes later we arrived at the entrance of the impressive Devil’s Throat and an explosion of sensations struck us in a single blink. The image in front of us was so powerful that one could feel a fusion of sensations. We laughed and cried at the same time because our brains could not assimilate the spectacular image before our eyes. The water splashed on our faces while it was hard to hear the person next to you and the sun went through the drops of air producing rainbows everywhere.

To be in front of this place is practically indescribable and it was the first contact with this hypnotic place.

This was followed by a day-long hike learning about the local fauna and flora, while new waterfalls appeared among the trees, some of which can be seen from the top on the same side (such as the San Martín Falls).

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

Amigos Viajeros @rodcar_life

But in the afternoon a unique experience still awaited us and which we highly recommend. This experience was to take a boat that is fully immersed in two waterfalls, so you end up totally soaked.

It is a moment where the adrenaline reaches a high level due to that picture of the boat accelerating and getting under the waterfall. The screams, the impact of the water or the noise surrounding you all over your body are details that we cannot forget. It is a unique moment that we loved to share and that has become an unforgettable experience.

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

But if we thought that the experience in Argentina would be insurmountable, we still had Brazil.

Considered the balcony of the Falls, it gave us a beautiful route along stone paths and vegetation walls so that we could see all the falls lined up. Diverse viewpoints, each one more spectacular; they made our camera filled with photographs and videos; and our eyes with unforgettable images.

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

But in this Brazilian route we didn’t see everything until we reached the final viewpoint where the Devil’s Throat is in front of us. There one can see numerous rainbows and clearly visualise the swifts. These birds challenge this spectacular waterfall and the rest every day, building their nests in them. So one can see how they dive into that mantle of water through it and avoid other predators. This bird is so important that it is the symbol of the National Park.

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

Amigos Viajero @rodcar_life

Without a doubt the Iguazú Falls is a magical and essential place to visit, and one of the most impressive we have ever seen.

Being there is experiencing nature in its pure state and feeling all its power. When you walk, you can understand how minuscule human beings are and how the whims of nature offer unique places. Some places that leave a gift in your soul that is impossible to forget.

If you want to discover our experience touring this place you can watch the video we made for our Youtube channel.


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