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Imagine that you only have 48 hours to visit a city as incredible as London… What would you see? Where would you start your visit? In today’s article, our Traveller Friends @perdersexelmundo explain their experience getting to know London in two intense days.

Pay attention as they provide us with a list of must-see places to visit in this great metropolis! Thank you very much friends for a text as fantastic and as useful that has made us dream of flying to London during our next holidays.


Visiting London in 48 hours: A must in the city

Hello, we are Ana and Victor from the blog PERDERSE POR EL MUNDO and since we live in London, we are going to tell you about our experience in the British capital during a 48 hour express trip that we made before settling down definitively.

If you only have a weekend off or if it’s an intermediate stop to your destination, we hope this trip can help you prepare yours.

Get ready to go…

LONDON IN 48 HOURS: Day 1. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Thames River Cruise, Tower of London, Tower Bridge.

In these two days we were going to be in London we wanted to see many things, so we had to hurry, therefore, the first thing was to get up early to make the most of the day.

We began the day by looking – only outside – at Buckingham Palace, where we saw the change of guard and continued on to Westminster Abbey, which we did not visit either, since that day was only open for religious services. A pity, because we would have entered there despite the charge to see it.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

Westminster Abbey

We passed by the Parliament and Big Ben, which at that time was visible in all its splendour, although now if you go, you will find the “poor thing” with scaffolding until 2021 for repairs.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

We crossed the Westminster Bridge and we were immediately next to the London Eye, where we wanted to go up:

  • It’s the highest Ferris wheel in Europe which was originally built with the intention of making it temporary, but its fame has made it London’s most popular attraction.

We enjoyed spectacular views and took a lot of pictures to keep as souvenirs.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

London Eye

From there, we decided to take a small Thames River Cruise, in which you can go up and down as much as you want in 4 areas: Westminster Quay, London Eye, Tower of London and Greenwich.

We got off at the Tower of London as it was a place we wanted to visit: 

  • It is a fortress built in the eleventh century that was also a royal palace and a prison in the past.
  • Inside we could see the royal rooms, the crown jewels, an incredible collection of armour and visit its most famous dwellers, the crows, who lived as a king.
  • We were curious to make the visit – we would recommend that you do too – with the guard of the tower, the famous Beefeaters was the best option, as we were told many interesting facts and several legends.
Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

Torre de Londres. / Tower of London.

At the end of the day -which was already quite enjoyed- we crossed the Bridge of the Tower and went to sleep to continue the next day with a good amount of other things to see.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

Puente de la Torre. /Tower’s bridge.

LONDON IN 48 HOURS: Day 2. Camden Town, Madame Tussauds, Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square.

The second day in London was also going to be “movement filled” so by morning we were already on the street.

To start the day, we went to Camden Town which as you know is one of the most famous neighbourhoods in London:

  • Spectacular facades, markets to buy books, antiques, handicrafts, alternative clothing, etc..

Although it was still early in the morningwe couldn’t resist eating a good arepa… It was delicious! 

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

After “breakfast” we went to the most famous wax museum in the world (or so they say): Madame Tussauds:

  • A must-see museum on your trip to London, where you can take pictures with your favourite characters, as well as with personalities from all over the world.
  • We also toured different periods in the history of England, “riding in a black taxi”.

A few hours later, since you are not aware of the time spent in the museum, we decided to go for a walk around Hyde Park, we ate a“meal deal” there, that is, something quick (sandwich, snack and drink) which we bought in a nearby supermarket, because we still had a busy afternoon.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

Hyde Park

The rest of the day was going to be something differentWe were walking along Oxford Street, which is the main shopping street in London, we passed Hamleysthe most famous toy store in the city and we gradually headed to Picadilly Circus. 

  • There is little we can tell you that you don’t know about this famous square, with its luminous sign, but it is an “obligatory” stop to take photos and sit down on the stairs of the central fountain for a while.
Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

Piccadilly Circus

Leicester Square was quite nearby, where nowadays you can visit two of London’s most popular shops, M&M’s World and Lego.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

After buying some chocolates, we continued to Covent Garden: 

  • It is worth visiting one of London’s oldest markets, where you can find different types of shops and food stalls.
  • If you spend a weekend there, the area will be livelier and you can listen to live music, as well as watch magical or theatrical performances.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

And to end this second day, we headed to Trafalgar Square, where we greeted the lions and visited the National Gallery, a free painting museum.

Amigos Viajeros @perdersexelmundo

Trafalgar Square

After these two days in London, there were many more and so far 9 years.

If you want to know more places where we have been to so you can prepare your trip, we wait for you in:



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