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This Friday, in our traveller friends section, we present an interview that the traveller @neskatraveller gave us before starting her great adventure. She tells us about her thoughts on travelling alone and explains her idea of travelling without a return ticket – she is now immersed in her great journey! Read her words before leaving and continue following her experience on social networks!



Hello travellers 

My name is Esther and I’m 28 years old, I’m originally from the Basque Country but I’ve lived abroad for 5 years (2 years in Chile and 3 years in Barcelona).

At the beginning of 2019, I quit my permanent job to fulfill my dreams and enjoy experiences around the world.

I am about to fulfil my great travelling dream: a trip without a return ticket!


What was your first experience travelling alone? What made you travel alone for the first time? 

Well, the first time I travelled alone was when I was 15 years old. I decided to go to a school in Dublin to learn English for 3 weeks and that’s when my travelling addiction started.

What pushed me was my love for English haha. I wanted to improve my level and the best way was to go to a country where I had to speak the language.


How did your loved ones (family and friends) take the fact that you wanted to travel on your own?

Well, they liked the idea but they didn’t allow me to be alone because I was very young. I left with one of those organizations that send you to families.


Have you had any bad experiences traveling alone?

The only bad experience I have so far was in Chile. I was on the bus talking on the phone and my wallet was stolen but it was really my fault because I left my bag open and was distracted talking.

Besides, it could have happened in any other place so let’s just say it wasn’t a “bad” experience but things that do happen.


Why would you recommend a woman to travel alone? 

Because it’s the best way to meet people along the way, and the people you meet along the way are the most beautiful thing you will get.

I have a friend who I met on my first trip to Dublin, 10 years ago and we have maintained the friendship. We organize trips around the world and see each other in different destinations. We have been to Paris, Barcelona, Rome and New York together. I have made many friends from all the places where I have travelled to alone.

Amigos Viajeros: @neskatraveller

Polonia-2018. / Poland-2018


What is your best experience travelling alone? And the worst?

I haven’t had bad experiences travelling alone. And the best… I think all of them! Each experience is different and they all give you something.


What destinations would you recommend for a woman who decides to travel alone for the first time and why?

It depends on the woman! If she is a daring person, then any place in the world (as long as it’s not dangerous obviously) is a good option.

If you are a less daring person my advice is to start with a country with the same culture to avoid a cultural conflict on your first trip alone.


How do you plan your trips? 

Before I used to plan everything but the travel experience makes you change. Now I only plan as much as possible because your plans always change. I find out about the destination and what there is to see and do, but I never make daily plans because the plans can change just because of the weather. And it is very important to adapt without getting frustrated.


Do you take any precautions when traveling alone? 

I avoid going out alone at night. If I’m staying in a hostel, I always try to know people, so it’s best to go out with another traveller.


What’s your next trip and which destinations do you want to discover the most?

My next trip is my great adventure. I’m going to Asia without a return ticket. My trip starts on October 15th. I will be in China when this interview is published, I encourage you to follow my adventures through Instagram.

The destinations I’m most looking forward to discovering… There are many! Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Kenya…


Is it difficult to take the step of leaving work to start traveling? 

I’m not going to lie to you, if it’s difficult more than anything because of the uncertainty you’re in. I mean, when every month you get a salary and you start to have 0, don’t… It’s hard and you have to have your expenses well planned and your budget carefully considered.

But the feeling of freedom you have every morning and the happiness of fulfilling your dreams are worth all the wages in the world!


Would you recommend other women to do the same? 

Obviously! It should be a mandatory stage in every woman’s life. To be able to take time to travel and feel good about yourself anywhere in the world.

I believe that travelling solves many doubts and you will discover yourself and that is why I have decided to undertake this travelling experience of going without a return ticket.

Amigos Viajeros: @neskatraveller

Ghana – 2019


You can follow the adventures of our travelling friend on her website and Instagram account.

INSTAGRAM: @neskatraveller


Amigos Viajeros @neskatraveller