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Our traveling friend today is @jmorefer12

He describes in detail his marvellous journey to Sicily and makes us dream of these Italian lands full of culture and history. A unique experience!


Italy is a country that has me in love for its people, gastronomy, landscapes and monuments.

My last trip to Italy was last year in October. This month is wonderful to go to any area of Italy as it is cheaper, still good weather and there are enough hours of light to enjoy the visits.

My destination was Sicily, I spent a week driving around the island. Inform you (if you haven’t driven there) that in Italy they are a little crazy to drive but in Sicily much more.

It’s the law of the strongest, even though we didn’t have any mishaps. The roads and signs are not very good, but nothing your adventurous spirit can’t overcome.


We started the tour in Palermo where we spent 3 days. A wonderful city with real architectural jewels where you will find vestiges of cultures like the Roman, Greek, Norman, Spanish, Arabic…

Although it is noticeable neglect in the conservation and cleanliness, in the city is something that also gives it a certain attractiveness and charm.

You can not miss visiting the Cathedral and go up to see the views from the top.

Another must-see is the Palazzo dei Normani where you will find a marvel that will leave you astonished: La Capella Palatina (be careful because you can’t get into shorts, shirts with suspenders…).


You can also see the Opera House, the church of Santa Maria dell Ammiraglio, and the Pretoria Fountain. Right next door you’ll find the Quattro Canti crossroads.

Above all, lose yourself in the streets, visit the markets and try some canoli or arancine (stuffed rice balls).


I recommend a visit to a nearby town that you can not miss: Monreale (30 min approx.) where you will find its Cathedral that, although outside does not attract much attention, inside will leave you speechless.

Our next stop was Agrigento where we spent a night. We went to visit The Valley of Temples, a place that transports you to Greece. Beautiful place and an essential visit in Sicily.


On the way, we stopped at La Scala dei Turchi (the Staircase of the Turks) a unique beach where there is a rocky cliff of a spectacular white (limestone) that rises before the Mediterranean with its blue and greenish colors.


Then we went to our last base camp where we spent 3 days: Catania.

In Catania, you can’t miss the Cathedral of Santa Agata. In Piazza del Duomo itself is the Fountain of the Elephant (symbol of Catania), the Palazzo dei Chierici and the Palazzo degli Elefanti (Town Hall).


Don’t forget to visit the Benedettini Monastery and the ruins of its Roman theatre.

Walk along the Via Etnea which is the most important commercial street in the city. Eat a pizza at Al Vicolo Pizza&Vino being highly recommended the horse meat. Be careful that they are very big!

From Catania, we make several excursions. One of them went to Taormina where you can visit the Teatro Antico di Taormina, an ancient Greco-Roman theatre that is still in use today.


A beautiful town with a view of Mount Etna, which we could not visit as the day was very foggy in the surroundings, so we did not get to appreciate anything of the volcano.

Another visit we made from Catania was to Syracuse. A spectacular city where you can’t get lost.

We can separate this visit in two as we would recommend that you first visit the island of Ortigia which is the old part of the city. Here the first thing you will find is the Temple of Apollo and you can go for a walk around the market that is near.


Then get lost, wander through its streets and discover Castello Maniace (it only opens in the morning and where you will have a privileged view), meet the Aretusa Fountain and the Diana Fountain and of course reach the Piazza del Duomo where you will find the Siracusa Duomo, the Palazzo Beneventano (Town Hall) and the Archbishop’s Palace, as well as the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia.

Once visited the Island of Ortigia go to the other part of the city and visit the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, where you will enjoy a Roman amphitheater, an impressive Greek theater and the Ear of Dionysus (the ancient stone quarry).

More or less you can see it in about two hours (calmly) and if you have more time you can visit the Catacombs of San Giovanni, of which I can not speak either well or badly because we could not go to see them.

And this is the end of our tour of the island. On the way back to Palermo before catching the plane, we approached Segesta. Here we make a very nice visit where we appreciate its temple and its theater.


I think it’s a destination you can’t miss as it’s economically very viable both in flights, accommodations, and food.

An island to discover with a multitude of impressive places and monuments!


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