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The trips bring us unexpected and fun moments. And that our traveling friend today knows well @anraar89. Antonio tells us about his fantastic experience in the “city that never sleeps”: New York, in a thrilling hours of stopover between airports on his trip to Costa Rica.

SIts surprising text makes us reflect and ask ourselves: What kind of traveler are we? Adventurous or something quieter and more relaxed? If you want to know how the @anraar89 route through the city of skyscrapers ended … Keep reading his great article!



Who hasn’t had to make a stopover in a big city to reach their exotic final destination?

When you have had more than 5 hours of waiting at the airport, are you one of those who goes from shops through the airport to spend time or those who go out to explore the city for a few hours? I’m one of the latter and thank goodness. I remember some of these stopovers as true adventures; and it is precisely when you intend to make such an escapade that it can be the experience of a lifetime.

When I stopped at New York’s JFK airport at night on my way to Costa Rica, I arrived at 10 pm at night. I went with my backpack and my laptop in hand, without the possibility of leaving it in a locker (they don’t exist because of the issue of possible bomb attacks). So I thought; do I stay all night at this boring airport until my next flight at 7 am in the morning or do I risk walking through Manhattan carrying lots of stuff, alone and in the early morning?

Amigos Viajero @anraar89

Times Square

You guessed right, I took a bus at about 11 p.m. whose driver was Latino and he explained the American way of life to me a little: “work a lot to spend a lot”.

After arriving in the city, I was told that the last bus back to the airport was at 2 am, but I still had a problem, I was loaded with things: I would be an easy target for someone with a “bad idea”. But when you let yourself flow, everything works in your favour. For a moment I doubted him, but he said “my friend, if I go with your things, I could lose my job, don’t worry”.

I had about 2.5 hours to do what I wanted in Manhattan, so I took my camera and my little coat and took the subway. First, I stood on the Brooklyn Bridge to walk across it. It was about 4 degrees below zero. I remember my hands were shaking when I tried to take pictures (all came out almost shaken haha). Then I walked to more or less the World Trade Center. To my surprise, I could see the Statue of Liberty very far away illuminated.

Amigos Viajero @anraar89

Puente de Brooklyn/ Brooklyn bridge.

It was also strange to find “the city that never sleeps” practically empty. Only a few people I tried to ask some questions to and they avoided me thinking that I was someone dangerous, such things! Then, I took a taxi and went to Times Square where after a lap between lights and a walk near the Empire State, I ended my tour by eating a hamburger at an authentic American McDonald’s.

Finally, my intuition did not fail and there was my friend with my things. I returned to the airport safe and sound and decided to get some sleep until my flight left.

You could say that I visited New York in a “bad way” of ” speeding” but for me it was one of the most authentic and crazy experiences of my life.

I would encourage everyone not to stay at the airport on long stopovers. Go exploring, even if it’s near the airport and not the city, it’s always worth it!

Amigos Viajero @anraar89

Empire State

Written by Antonio Ramírez Aragón


INSTAGRAM: @anraar89


Traveler Friends @anraar89