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Today our traveling friend is @yakito_cabrera

He describes his experience in New York and illustrates it with beautiful photographs. Don’t miss it!


Hello! My name is Yacoran but I present myself on Instagram as @yakito_cabrera.

I’ve traveled to several countries around the world, but this time I’ll describe my experience in New York.

Nueva York iluminada // New York illuminated

I’ll give you a short summary, but I’d like to say that, in general, I loved the whole city: above all, I was looking forward to seeing the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.

For me, it’s an incredible city and getting to know it is an experience that I recommend to anyone who can go. Take advantage of shopping because there are many outlets with clothes at good prices!


Puente de Brooklyn en Nueva York // Brooklyn Bridge in New York

I also recommend watching an NBA game at Madison Square Garden and enjoying a musical in the Broadway area.

New York City offers many activities and there will always be something for everyone… Don’t forget to skate on the Rockefeller Center ice rink and take a helicopter tour of Manhattan. It’s spectacular!


Vista aérea de la ciudad de Nueva York // Aerial view of New York City


Vista de la Estatua de la Libertad desde el aire // View of the Statue of Liberty from the air

I remember visiting the Bronx neighborhood as it was something very special because I have always liked the street culture of hip-hop and rap. Many events of history have been lived there and are still felt in its streets.

We find tragic streets where many armed conflicts have taken place but in past times. Today for me the feeling was a very calm and pleasant experience. I enjoyed a lot their great graffiti!

I had the opportunity to visit the district of Queens, very mythical and diverse district: you can appreciate the variety of cultures in the same street.


Unisphere en Queens, Nueva York // Unisphere in Queens, New York

The Statue of Liberty is a great experience and one you shouldn’t miss. You can take advantage of a free ferry that doesn’t stop at the statue to take pictures. An amazing place you can’t miss if you travel to New York.


Estatua de la Libertad en Nueva York // Statue of Liberty in New York

I recommend walking around the city, it’s several kilometers, but you’ll see a lot more things.

The subway, visiting it once I think is enough, otherwise, you will miss the glow of the great buildings of the streets.


Times Square en Nueva York // Times Square in New York

And remember, to buy gifts and souvenirs Chinatown is where you will find the best prices. In addition, you can bargain a little, as in New York it is very difficult to bargain in other establishments.


Empire State en Nueva York // Empire State Building in New York

Greetings to all! And I hope you enjoy New York and you know, if you want to know more, stop by my Instagram.

INSTAGRAM: @yakito_cabrera

Traveling Friends: @yakito_cabrera