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Do you know why they call Tel Aviv “The White City”? Our Traveling Friends @rodcar_life explains it to us and also teaches us all the secrets of a magical metropolis that has become a fashionable destination for tourists from all over the world. Good food, beaches, incredible sunsets… Enjoy the fantastic text, photos, and video of Rodrigo and Carlos and dare to visit a city that they have loved.

We always follow the recommendations of these experienced travelers! Thanks friends for a great article!




Tel Aviv is known as “The White City” and is a perfect fusion of East and West. A modern city barely 100 years old, but created under foundations from millennia ago, which are the main basis for it to have the strength that characterizes it.

It is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world, where one can find a variety of dishes and ingredients that inevitably make you fall in love with its mixture of flavors. Places where you can have a drink, beach bars, restaurants with a lot of charm… Everything has a place in this city that makes Kosher food one of the main pillars of its gastronomy, but where its kitchens are also open to other culinary tastes and mixtures that carry other historical and religious traditions.

It is a city that refreshes itself with lemonade and mint and tastes like shawarma (the well-known Turkish kebab). Its fresh salads seasoned with coriander make one feel the Mediterranean in the mouth. Their pita bread filled with chicken or lamb are the main attraction around the world, along with hummus, which is the perfect starter to savor the essence of Israel.

But Tel Aviv is not only attractive because of its incredible restaurants and appetizing cuisine. Its beaches are full of attractions for millions of tourists to visit its coast and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Amigos Viajeros @rodcar_life

Its sea attracts the sun at sunset to enjoy unforgettable moments on the promenade while the sky turns orange and the surfers try to catch the last rays of the sun. Its warm waters that bathe the fine sand brought from Egypt and the people practicing various sports while the beach bars play chill-out music with Dj’s, is a very suggestive combination not to be wasted in those last hours of the day.

Three beaches are the most important in Tel Aviv. On the one hand, Nordau beach which is mainly for Orthodox Jews (where men and women bathe separately), on the other hand, Hilton beach (which is the gay area par excellence) and finally Gordon beach (which is quite touristy).

Amigos Viajeros @rodcar_life

Its beaches are surrounded by a promenade full of restaurants, shops, and incredible hotels. Also, in the sand, you can enjoy beach bars for drinks and lunch or dinner, and also at night as if they were a pub.

You can have the option of practicing various sports such as surfing, volleyball, gymnastics, paddle, ping-pong… For the inhabitants of Tel Aviv, sport is just another religion and the cult of the body is very processed. All its beaches are also equipped with toys for children, showers, storage cabins, ashtrays, hammocks, tables, coastguards and all kinds of services to make the day perfect.

Without a doubt, Tel Aviv’s beaches are incredible and the government knows that they are a great tourist attraction and that’s why they are well cared for.

Watching a sunset there is a must, and we recommend seeing it both in a beach bar having a drink, in the sand itself while you get your feet wet, and in the Marina area (small private boat port) where there is a small rocky pier to sit and watch the sun disappear into the sea and people go paddle-surfing.

Amigos Viajeros @rodcar_life

And although Tel Aviv is not a city with much history due to its modernity, it has other points of interest to visit besides its beaches.

Its Boulevard Rothschild, built in 1910, houses most of the city’s Bauhaus buildings. This type of architecture was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003 and there are about 4000 throughout the city, but in this Boulevard you can see most of them.

The architecture of these buildings is the main reason why Tel Aviv is called “the white city” and its origin comes from the school that existed in Germany before World War II and was closed when the Nazis came to power. All the Jews who fled from Germany to Israel at that time decided to continue this trend, and it is the city of the world where they can be seen the most.

In addition to this Boulevard, we recommend a walk along both Ben-Yehuda Street and Rehov Meir Dizengoff. Both streets are full of shops, cafés, restaurants, massage shops, ice-cream shops… Lively streets by day and by night for shopping and eating.

Amigos Viajeros @rodcar_life

As a curiosity, all the street signs are in three languages. First in Hebrew, then in Arabic and finally in English, so that it can be understood.

Last but not least, we recommend a visit to Carmel Market. We love to visit the markets in the cities we see because we understand what is an important part of discovering the essence of the city. This is Tel Aviv’s main market, and it is a place that tastes like spices, fruits, and sweets. Here you can buy everything from various products to souvenirs.

Amigos Viajeros @rodcar_life

Walking among its stalls is to discover sensations of the city’s gastronomy. One is mesmerized by the way they prepare pomegranate juice, sell baklavas, date tasting, and olives, or watch the pots filled with various spices. It is a visit that we highly recommend checking that day to day of the city and learn a little more about it.

Without a doubt, Tel Aviv is magical and attractive. It is a vibrant city that falls in love from the first minute thanks to all it has to offer and to its friendly people.

A safe city open to everyone (it even hosts one of the world’s most important Gay Pride) that makes you feel at home at all times and does not want to leave.

Tel Aviv hooks and makes the person who visits it want to come back before leaving. 

Amigos Viajeros @rodcar_life

If you want to see our experience in this amazing city, you can click on the following link that corresponds to the video we have made on our YouTube channel.


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