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Traveling with teenagers is a challenge, so our traveling friend Lisa Mottins tells us in her article the main attractions of London that will surely excite teenagers … And the whole family! From the most instagrammable places to the most famous monuments.

Enjoy this great post full of interesting information written by our dear friend Lisa!


Top London Attractions for Teenagers 

You are planning a trip to London but you aren’t sure if your teen kid(s) will love it. Well, you aren’t alone. Many parents struggle to please their teens and fail miserably at it, particularly because teenagers are notoriously hard, sometimes impossible, to please. Teens are in a half-adult, half-childish age which makes them hate being seen with their “out-of-style” parents and dreads the bothersome nature of their younger siblings. It is a stage in life; don’t judge them too harshly.  

If you want to be the “coolest” parent ever during your trip to London, we have some tips for you. Not all will work for you, of course, but we can guarantee that at least one of them will increase your chances of impressing your “adult” kid. Please read on.  

1.Visit London’s Instagram-able areas 

London has hundreds- if not thousands- of Instagram hotspots that will intrigue and excite teens in equal measure. To start you off, check out these 3 locations: 

 The Tower Bridge 

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins   

Your teen will love taking pictures on the Tower Bridge as well as of the bridge itself. This place is special because from up there, it is easy to take a perfect snap of the Tower of London, or to capture it in the background of a photo. Besides, the panoramic views of London’s skyline and the city’s magnificent architecture will blow your teen’s mind off.   

The Piccadilly Circus 

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins

Not many tourists, young and old, are able to resist the temptation of taking photos at the Piccadilly Circus. Did you know that it actually is touted as the city’s most photographed areas? The neon-lit advertising hoardings that define this place will definitely excite your kid’s Instagram followers. 

Greenwich Park  

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins

In Greenwich Park stands the General James Wolfe statue. Standing on top of this statue enables you to effortlessly see the vast Greenwich section of London. Please note that this is just one of the many parks that this beautiful city has to offer. 

2.Some shopping would be awesome 

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins

Most teens, especially girls, are shopaholics. If yours falls in this category, a tour of Brick Lane, Oxford Street, Camden Market, or Westfields will excite him/her. There are many unique souvenirs, artifacts, clothes, and shoes to sample here.  

If your budget allows, excite him/her with the high street chains that Southside Wandsworth has to offer. This shopping center is popular for its many top-brand options such as JD and Claire’s Debenhams. Another important fact is that it is in close proximity to Wandsworth Town station, making it easy to find when on walking tours. 

3.What about a game of hockey during winter? 

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins

It doesn’t get boring in London even during the winter season- October through March- as there are many awesome indoor activities to participate in. Teenagers love watching ice hockey on those chilly Saturday and Sunday evenings. And because the game isn’t too complex, your teen will be more than willing to have a go.  

4.And then some street art… 

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins

Walking tours will not only take you to London’s shopping streets. It is actually the best way to explore the many London attractions that public transportation and bike tours will not take you. If your kid loves street art, for example, a free walking tour in London would be ideal for you. Just to give you an idea, there is a popular walk-in street known as Shoreditch that your teen will love taking pictures in. It is adjacent to Liverpool Street station.  

5.The Coca Cola London Eye 

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins

You probably have seen this observation wheel in magazines. Your teen has seen it too. Rotating on the wheel gives tourists arguably the most beautiful view of London, which is mind-blowing. Its unique blend of new and old architecture, on the other hand, will interest your son/daughter’s young, curious mind.  

 In case he/she feels too grown up to rotate together with the rest of the family, an Instagram photo will be worth the trip for him/her.  

6.And some spooking 

Amigos Viajeros Lisa Mottins

If he/she is like most teens, a spooking session at the London Dungeon won’t be bad at all. Besides, there are many live shows he/she can enjoy while here. 

7.Finally, the zoo! 

The London Zoo is home to gorillas, tigers, giraffes, and penguins, among other “cool” and cute animals. This place is loved by both young and old. 

In conclusion 

London has many attraction places that would excite a teenager; too many that this article has just but scratched the surface. If you want a more customized experience for your kid, why not hire an event planning agency to organize your itinerary for you. There are many reliable event production agencies that assist parents in creating the most memorable and fancy London experience for teenagers.  


Written by:              Lisa Mottins


Traveling Friends: Lisa Mottins


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