Qué ver en Fuerteventura playas paradisíacas
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The incredible beaches of Fuerteventura were for a long time one of the best-kept secrets of the Canary Islands; while European tourism tingled in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the coastal treasures of Fuerteventura were reserved for locals and legionnaires until the eighties.

It was not until the early 1990s that the most generalist tourism reached the archipelago’s eastern desert island. Luckily for everyone, because this late “discovery” and good local tourist practices have made the beaches excellently preserved.

The rest is thanks to nature: more than 300 kilometers of coastline, 77 of which are beaches, two-thirds of which are white or black sand, flat and arid. The island is home to real delights for lovers of endless beaches of fine and soft sand.

And those who want to find solitary spots without having to go to Namibia, even more so.

Below we present some of the best beaches in Fuerteventura. Although, “better” is such a relative concept…

That’s why we’ve divided them into three large groups so that you can more easily find what you prefer: beaches for a dip, a walk or just sunbathing; beaches for water sports; and beaches that have something else, something that makes them special.

Qué ver en Fuerteventura playas paradisíacas

Beaches for getting lost and sunbathing.

The beaches in Fuerteventura that we could call “familiar” (because they are sheltered from the great winds and do not present great currents) are not necessarily urban or crowded beaches, far from it. Here we leave you our three favorites to spend a quiet day at the beach:

  • La Lajita Beach. If you are close to Tuineje but are looking for a quiet and rather unused environment, La Lajita is the place for you. It’s almost a kilometer long and it’s black sand, with soft waves and wind. It has some houses behind, nothing exaggerated, and even some palm trees that give a pleasant shade.

  • Jarugo Beach. Sometimes called La Mujer, it is a fairly remote beach near El Cotillo (northwest of the island). Keep an eye out, because the currents are strong and the wind is strong, so no bathing (there is no lifeguard…). But if you’re looking for calm and solitude, it’s your perfect beach.

  • Long Beach. This naturist beach is located in the vicinity of the Grandes Playas de Corralejo (north of the island). If nudism is not an obstacle you will be able to enjoy a heavenly beach: extensive, golden, with hardly any human presence and the right dose of wind and waves. A delight.

Beaches for sports.

You don’t just go to the beach to sunbathe! The wind is the fundamental element that lovers of surfing, windsurfing and the like look for; but we don’t forget those who want to take a look under the surface, diving or snorkeling. These three beaches are going to blow your mind:

  • Sotavento. They had to be. In the south of the island, the beaches of Sotavento (because there are actually several) have a characteristic sand bar that creates a “lagoon”. It is perfect to begin in board sports in an environment that we call “incomparable” with reason: very long, with virgin zones and others more civilized.

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  • Piedra Playa. Among the many beaches in Fuerteventura where you can practice water sports, those near El Cotillo are the best rated. This is among the favorites of wave riders, but also of hikers and bicycle riders. By the way, if the bike goes … EXPERIENCE THE FUDENAS CYCLING ADVENTURE!

  • Majanicho Beach. I couldn’t miss this beach at the northern end of the island listed here for a couple of reasons. In its most sheltered part, you will find perfect places to dive and snorkel, but if you’re a pro surfer you can’t miss it… Have you ever heard of El Hierro aka The Bubble?

Beaches that are more than beaches.

If you are looking for something to see on Fuerteventura but don’t want to give up a good day at the beach, don’t worry, the “two in one” is perfectly viable here. These three beaches have something special that goes beyond the obvious: natural or cultural attractions that you are going to love:

  • Cofete Beach. Without a doubt, a beach difficult to match. Extensive (11 kilometers!), clean, escorted by the high cliffs of the Jable… It is difficult to access and not suitable for bathing, but it is certainly the best on the island. Oh, and a couple of times a year a beautiful release of turtles is made…

  • Corralejo Beaches. Among the beaches of Fuerteventura could not miss those surrounding the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo, called Grandes Playas. Lovers of natural environments will appreciate places such as Playa Alzada or El Bajo Negro for its scenic beauty, as well as for its white sands and crystal clear waters.

Qué ver en Fuerteventura playas paradisíacas

  • Salina del Carmen Beach. All right, the beach itself is not the island’s great wonder, but the environment and cultural heritage will convince those looking for more than just a beach. Close to Caleta de Fuste, quiet, with the exploitation of museum salt and a restaurant more than dignified.

I hope you find the one you’re looking for among these beaches of Fuerteventura. If you want nothing to go wrong on your next trip to Fuerteventura or any other of the Canary Islands, that flights, hotels, transfers, and excursions are perfect, contact us.

And if you need more direct and personalized attention, you can always call us at 922 15 12 51 or write to us by email at ofertas@tubillete.com.

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