Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote
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I must confess that until I went there for the first time to visit a friend in Lanzarote (in 2002) I had never heard of the Jameos del Agua. Once you’ve been there and learned a little about their origin and transformation, you won’t believe that not everyone knows about them.

Site of scientific interest, centre of art, culture and tourism, natural monument, area of ecological sensitivity, the descriptions and adjectives fall short of describing this balanced symbiosis between the hand of Nature (with a capital letter, of course) and that of man.

We would like to invite you to get to know this Lanzarote treasure and get to know about the cultural and entertainment options offered by the Jameos del Agua, whether you are on your own, with friends, in a couple or with children (in this case, you will also be interested in What to do in Lanzarote with children: 7 irresistible plans).

Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote

Cueva de los Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote. / Cave of the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote.

The Jameos and Manrique. 

First things first. I’m sure you have no idea what “jameos” are. It is a word of Guanche origin to describe a hole produced by the collapse of a volcanic tube. No more, no less. Well, yes, there is something more…

Twenty-one thousand years ago, the Corona volcano erupted, and lava created a six-kilometre tunnel that reached the sea. The roof of the tube sank a couple of times; this is how the Cave of the Greens and our Jameos del Agua were formed.

TRAVELLER TIP: The Jameos are the closest landslide to the coast and the lake they shelter and are named after the marine filtrations. Today, the last stretch of the tube, a kilometre and a half, is submarine; the Atlantis Tunnel).

Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote

Luz entrando en la cueva de los Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote. / Light entering the cave of the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote.

The Jameos (there are three: Chico, Grande and La Cazuela) would be nothing more (and nothing less than) a singular geological formation were it not for the hands of César Manrique, whose landscape interventions left their mark, and never better said. The Jameos are the best exponent.

In the Jameos del Agua of Lanzarote, we can clearly see this integration between nature and art, this commitment to public art and a functional enhancement of natural spaces.

It was the first of the CACT, tourist centres of Lanzarote with art and culture as fundamental elements.

YOU CAN’T MISS THIS: in the Jameos del Agua you will find a unique animal species: the blind crab or jameito (Munidopsis polymorpha). It is one centimetre long, albino and blind. Beautiful

Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote

Exterior de los Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote. / Exterior of the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote.


All you have to know before coming.

Let’s go with a few practical facts that will be good for you to know:

  • The Jameos del Agua is located in the municipality of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote, about 30 kilometres (half an hour by car) from the capital, Arrecife.
  • You can visit the Jameos del Agua on your own; the price ranges from 2€ for residents of Lanzarote to 9.50€ for the ordinary ticket (free for children under 7 years), with discounts and vouchers depending on the time of entry.
  • It can take about an hour to complete the entire tour.
  • Ah, the hours: from 10 am to 6.30 pm (closing at 5.45 pm on 18 May, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve). On Tuesdays and Saturdays (and Wednesdays from 15 July to 15 September) the timetable is extended until 1 am.
  • What’s inside? Next to the cave and the lagoon itself, you will find a magnificent auditorium, as well as a restaurant and bar, a garden area with a swimming pool, a souvenir shop and, of course, other services (parking, bathrooms and much more).
  • Here you can see more details about the Jameos del Agua restaurant.

OUR ADVICE: Access and circulation through the Jameos is not easy, between so much volcanic rock and architectural barrier. It is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. For the rest, wear comfortable shoes and leave the children’s carts at the door.

Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote

Interior de los Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote. / Interior of the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote.

Magical events in the Jameos del Agua.

One of the great attractions of the Jameos and that will make any visit a unique experience is the series of events, activities, shows and concerts that take place throughout the year.

They can be dinners with live traditional music, art exhibitions, cultural presentations … We will tell you what you can see and do in the Jameos in the coming months:

  • The Hands Documentary. An emotional medium-length film with the people who participated in the transformation of the Jameos del Agua as protagonists. From 7 July to 31 December, at 12:30 (60′). Free of charge.
  • Jameos Music Festival. The sixth edition once again attracts first swords from the plates. There are two dates available for you to dance the best funk, soul, afrohouse, raregroove and more:
  • 23 August 23rd: Marshall Jefferson, Natasha Diggs, José Márquez and ThePiriexPiriece. 9 pm – 4 am, 39€.
  • September 20th: John Morales, Melvo Baptiste, Gizelle Smith (live), Ian Friday and ONEche Djs. 9 pm – 4 am, 39€.
Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote

Auditorio en los Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote. / Auditorium at the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote.

  • Performing Arts Festival. Eszena Lanzarote takes place on the stages of the Jameos and the Greens, but we would like to introduce you to all of them (they are so close…):

    • Smashed: the British company Gandini Juggling and its humorous choreography juggling with apples. October 5 at 8:00pm and October 6 at 12:30pm. 29€.
    • Fausto vs Mefistófeles: a dramatic opera crossover on behalf of Drama Productions. October 8th and 9th at 8:00 pm. 25€. The Greens.
    • Faro: The bailaor Eduardo Guerrero reviews works and palos from an impeccable technique and a modern aesthetic. 27 and 28 December at 8:00 pm. The Greens.
    • Alice and the Invisible Cities: A multidisciplinary, poetic and very free revision of the classic, by Onírica Mecánica. 25 January at 8:00 pm and 26 January at 12:30 pm.

REMEMBER THAT: To have all the information clearly and at hand, and not only of the Jameos but of all the CACT of the island, you can download this guide for free in the form of an App.

Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote

Exterior de los Jameos del Agua en Lanzarote. / Exterior of the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote.

As you can see, the Jameos del Agua are an essential part of any visit to Lanzarote, whatever your preferences.

If you have any questions, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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