La geria lanzarote
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Are the gardens from another planet? Do the craters contain green lava? Is it a conceptual artist’s project? No, it is the Geria, Lanzarote, one of those chosen places where nature and man’s hand have agreed to forge a beauty.

An excursion to the Geria is a perfect experience for wine lovers, but not only for them. The environment and the peculiarities of its cultivation make this site a unique destination, which will please and impress any traveller. It is true that in Lanzarote, that is easy.

When to go? Any time is a good time to explore the area; as is always the case in Lanzarote, the weather in the Geria (temperate and constant) is our best ally throughout the year. But April-October is the most beautiful period.

REMEMBER THAT: How to get to the Geria in Lanzarote? Easy. The road LZ-30 is the axis that connects the area (and the LZ-56, which continues to the north). If you are coming from Arrecife, you can arrive by the LZ-2 (south) or by the LZ-20 (north). If you are travelling by bus, you can consult this link.

La Geria Lanzarote

La Geria es el cultivo tradicional de vid de Lanzarote. / La Geria is the traditional vine cultivation of Lanzarote.

The environment

The natural environment of the Geria of Lanzarote is the main factor that makes this Protected Natural Area so special. It is known that the subtropical climate of the island is characterized by a great dryness and the occasional presence of lime.

The soil is the key factor. Around the areas not suitable for cultivation are sandy areas, where the lapilli (known here as rofe or picón) reaches great depths, up to four and five metres, on a limestone bottom.

People have domesticated these lands to the point of cultivating vines where they could never have imagined. The vineyards of the Geria in Lanzarote are composed of wide conical holes surrounded by low walls of dry stone; in the background, the vine flourishes.

How is this possible? The picón retains the low humidity of the trade winds and compensates for evaporation, while the hole and the wall protect the plant from the strongest winds. This method of cultivation originates and has its best exponent here (it is not called “gerias” in vain).

La Geria Lanzarote

Vista aérea de La Geria en Lanzarote. / Aerial view of La Geria in Lanzarote.

The product 

All this meticulous work has one objective, of course: the wine of the Geria of Lanzarote. With its Denomination of Origin since 1993, Vino de Lanzarote ( the Geria is one of the three production areas) it covers about 1900 hectares and produces about two million bottles a year.

The volcanic Malvasía grape is the preferred and most characteristic variety of the denomination. White, small, delicate and not very productive (about 1000 kilos per hectare), it is also responsible for the peculiarities and fame of the Geria, Lanzarote.

TRAVELLER TIP : The Malvasía is an almost mythical variety, for real. It comes from Monemvasia, in Greece, and is one of the oldest Mediterranean varieties. Although Shakespeare died long before it was planted in Lanzarote, it is certain that his Falstaff would appreciate it very much.

La Geria Lanzarote

Disfruta del vino de Lanzarote en tus vacaciones en la isla. / Enjoy the wine of Lanzarote on your vacation on the island.

The wine (especially the fresh dry white, the classic sweet and the sparkling) has in general a great aromatic tipicity and floral touches. Fresh and exotic, with a distinct mineral touch, either in the nose or in the mouth, it allows us to take a closer look at an archaic, essential wine. Well, now you have to try it and talk about it.

For those who want to know all the details: the average age of the vines is between 30 and 50 years old, pruning is done by harrowing and the harvest is done manually. The cluster is dried in the sun, and the ideal fermentation takes place below 20 degrees. The best vintages, 2010 and 2012-2014. Here, more details.

La Geria Lanzarote

Saborea el vino fantástico vino de Lanzarote. / Savor the fantastic wine wine of Lanzarote

La experiencia

Although a stroll in a car or on foot between the landscapes and the vineyards is an evocative experience in itself (let’s not forget that we are at the feet of Timanfaya), you should visit one of the many wineries of the Geria in Lanzarote to get all the most out of the visit (never better said).

And there are quite a few. The Geria, Rubicón, El Grifo, Uga, Guiguan, Tierra de Volcanes, La Querencia, El Tablero, STRATVS, Vega Volcán… Well, we’d better end here, the complete list of wineries in Lanzarote (bear in mind that some are in the Masdache and Ye-Lajares areas).

In addition, you can visit a good number of the wineries in La Geria in Lanzarote, visit the plantations, have different winetastings and, of course, take a couple of souvenir bottles with you. Numerous special activities are organised: routes, pairings, talks, courses…

All of them are very recommendable. They will enable you to learn more about the great peculiarities of this wine.

And, above all, to better understand the people of Lanzarote, their culture and their history, deeply imbricated with the land in which they live, dry but sweet. 

OUR ADVICE: If you’re thinking of a quiet weekend in Lanzarote, Timanfaya National Park and the Geria are next to each other. Active and gastronomic tourism, take the opportunity to experience both!

La Geria Lanzarote

Visita los bonitos pueblos de Lanzarote. / Visit the beautiful villages of Lanzarote.

Hopefully we have managed to wake you up with the worm and the desire to come to La Geria in Lanzarote to discover a wine which is unmatched in the world; that was our objective in this article. If you have something to suggest, that’ s perfect, please provide us with more details in the comments.

As for the preparations for your trip to Lanzarote, you can contact us for help with details regarding accommodation, transportation or activities. And if what you are interested in is a customized service, do not hesitate to call us on 922 15 12 51 or send us an e-mail to

La Geria Lanzarote

Visita La Geria en Lanzarote. / Visit La Geria in Lanzarote.