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La Palma is known as ” The Beautiful Island ” of the Canary Archipelago… And we can affirm that it is!

This paradise, bathed by the blue sea of the Atlantic, is home to incredible landscapes that make travelers fall in love with: the Taburiente Boiler, the Forest of Lindens, the Fuencaliente Salt Flats…

But there’s one place in particular that we love because it looks like it’s taken from a story and we want to share it with you. Our post today will be dedicated to showing you The Colorful Waterfall of La Palma.

Join us for a place that will surprise you and fascinate you equally.

 We are going for a walk in paradise!

¿What is the Colorful Waterfall?

The water of the waterfall comes from the rains and streams that when united form a river that meanders through the bed of the Taburiente Boiler, having its outlet in the Anguish Ravine, located in the municipality of Tazacorte.

Although at first glance it looks like a natural construction, the fact is that the wall where the waterfall rushes was built by the human.

It was constructed in the 1960s to contain the water from the Boiler.

The ferruginous waters (with iron) that sprout from the bottom of the earth and that contain several minerals are the cause of the most striking colors of the wall: The yellow and orange, which contrast perfectly with the green of the moss and the black of the volcanic rock to form a beautiful and unique picture.

Cascada de Colores La Palma

How to get to the Waterfall.

The two most popular trails are:

The longest route:

We will park our car in Parking de la Viña, in the Anguish Ravine.

From there it is possible to take a taxi (that costs approximately 50 euros) until the Viewpoint of the Brecitos (to approximately 1.000 meters of altitude) to descend later to the Beach of Taburiente.

This “beach” is very special, it doesn’t look like the ones on the coast. It is an area of the mountain where the water runs through huge bays similar to those found on the beaches.

Afterward, we will continue down to the area known as “El Reventón“.

If we continue walking along “El Reventón” in the direction of Two Waters along the bed of the Bitter Almond Ravine, we will find a detour that will take us to the famous waterfall.

To return to the Anguish Ravine where we have left our vehicle, we must continue our route by the path of the riverbed that we will see in front of us.

It will take us between 5 and 6 hours to complete the entire route (including some stops). The distance to cover is about 13 kilometers.

The shortest route:

Directly from the parking area of the Anguish Ravine, we only have to walk up the river to reach the waterfall. This route is shorter.

In order to return, we will go back on your own steps through the ravine. We will find some areas where, in order not to touch the water if the channel is full, it will be necessary to climb a little on the rocks.

We estimate that it takes about 4 hours to complete the round trip route. It all depends on the time we spend resting and taking pictures.

It is recommended for both long and short journeys, to have an acceptable physical form as the trails run through different up and down sections. Added to this is that the path of the ravine passes at times between the large stones of the river.

Cascada de Colores La Palma

Advice on how to make the route to The Waterfall.

  • Find out about the state of the ravine before starting the trail. For this, you can call the Visitors Center of the Taburiente Boiler National Park dialing the number 922 92 22 80 or go to the same and ask in person.

The address of the center is Carretera General de Padrón, number 47, municipality of El Paso. It is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

If it has rained a lot, the road is more difficult and tiring and can even be closed. In the same way, if there is an alert due to abundant rains, the trail will remain closed until the warning is finished and a review of the roads is carried out.

  • Be equipped for the occasion. It is absolutely necessary to wear comfortable footwear suitable for hiking.

If the weather is cloudy, put a raincoat in the backpack in case it rains and some warmth, as the area can get a little cold in the winter months.

  • There is not much shade during the walk, so prepare well by carrying enough water so you can always be hydrated, plus a cap and sunscreen.
  • Be careful when stepping on the trail, both routes may have loose rocks. Step firmly and slowly to make sure you always keep your balance – walk the path slowly and marvel at the scenery!
  • On the riverbed, if it has rained before, you will see several sections very appetizing for bathing.

Remember to bring your bathing suit and water shoes. There will be areas that, in order to cross from one side to the other, you will need to wear so as not to get your other footwear wet.

The water is usually cold, but if it’s very hot, you’ll want to cool off. Use caution when going up and down rocks to wet areas and act sensibly.

  • Many travelers bring food for a snack along the trail. It’s a “plus” of the way to stop to rest and recharge while savoring your favorite snack, but do not forget to be respectful of the environment and not leave trash in your wake.

Pick up everything and throw what you don’t need back home in a trash can.

  • Finally, don’t forget your camera! You won’t stop taking snapshots. No matter which route you choose, both are spectacular.

Cascada de Colores La Palma

Enjoy the colors of nature on your visit to La Palma!

The island is a spectacle for the senses. If you want to live a multitude of unrepeatable experiences in your holidays, contact us and we will organize a customized trip for you.

We will offer you the best prices on flights, hotels, transfers, car rental, and excursions – in just one click!

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Remember that at the end of this article, you have the possibility to send us a message with your requests or doubts. We will respond quickly!

Go to La Palma and discover everything it has to offer!

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