Playas de Mallorca
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It is not the only thing that Mallorca has, of course, but its beaches are one of those charms that will never disappear. The Mallorcan coastline is full of treasures. Do you think it’s too late to discover them? That’s why you still don’t know the best beaches in Mallorca… 

Because on this island, fortunately, not everything is crowded with tourists, promenades crowded with tourists and shops of ensaimadas crowded with tourists. It is already known that, as a good gregarious animal, the human being tends to pile up by nature, and tends to ignore what is around the corner. 

So, take advantage and come and discover in this article some of the best beaches in Mallorca, the least frequented, the most beautiful and sheltered. You’re not going to believe you’re seeing a place with such a tourist tradition. The kind you’ll always want to come back to or the kind you’ll never want to leave… 

The best beaches of Mallorca: (Somewhat less known and overcrowded). 

  1. Cala S’Almonia (Really spectacular) 
  2. Cala des Màrmols (This cove borders on perfection) 
  3. Es Carnatge (Very peculiar and suitable for dogs) 
  4. Cala Mitjana (The jewel of the north of the island) 
  5. Torrent de Pareis (Access by a beautiful path) 

Playas de Mallorca

S’Almonia Cove 

We begin our tour of Mallorca’s beaches with one of those that may not be as lonely as we would like, but… Wake up, my friend, this is the 21st century! In any case, it is a truly spectacular place and totally alien to traditional tourist circuits, where nature and human presence come together in total harmony. 

Cala S’Almonia is close to Santanyí, where there are a good handful of quiet and beautiful coves. This is a little south of Cala Llombards, and access is easy even by car; in fact, take the opportunity to see the neighbouring Caló des Moro, another of the island’s jewels. 

OUR TIP: Parking next to the cove is complicated, the best option is to do it near Caló des Moro and walk a few hundred meters. 

Playas de Mallorca

Cala des Màrmols (Marble Cove) 

Not far away (the south-east corner of the island is home to wonderful coves, as we have already told you) is this cove that borders on perfection. White sand, crystalline waters, views of the Cabrera and cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation surrounding the whole… Without a doubt, one of the best beaches on Mallorca. 

The nearest town is Ses Salines. You must take the Faro road and from there travel the coast northwards for five kilometres; another option is to use the private road of the Rafal des Porcs estate, but you need prior authorisation (and care not to get lost). It’s complicated, all right, but we assure you it’s worth it. 

Playas de Mallorca

It’s Carnatge 

Near Palma de Mallorca, lost beaches? Anybody would say it’s impossible. However, here we have a quite peculiar case, converted into an Area of Special Interest for its geological and natural wealth. Added to that it is an accessible area for dogs, to its varied cultural heritage and the marvellous views of the bay… 

Es Carnatge is easy to reach: cornered between Can Pastilla, the airport and Es Coll d’en Rabassa, two good references would be the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu or Cala Gamba. One of the best beaches in Mallorca for those who do not want to leave the capital. 

Playas de Mallorca

Cala Mitjana 

The northern part of the island also has its beach jewels. This beach, also called S’Aduaia, stands out among the coves and beaches of Mallorca because it is quite open, access is easy and yet not overflowing with bathers. Oh, and it’s also one of the island’s favorite spots for surfers. 

The nearest village is Cala Mesquida, but although the route is very short, if you do not want to go on foot you will have to do so from Artà, about 12 kilometres away. Don’t worry about the parking, in this case, it’s not a problem. The nearby coves (TortaEstretaMatzoc, and others that we let you discover on your own) are also very worthwhile. 

REMEMBER THAT: The waves on the north coast of Mallorca are moderately strong, so keep that in mind before you get into the water. 

Playas de Mallorca

Torrent de Pareis 

We ended up with one of the best beaches in Mallorca without a doubt. It’s not like you’re going to find it deserted, but only the journey is worth it. This is the mouth of a torrent that forms a spectacular canyon that starts at the foot of Puig Major. Really imposing. 

In fact, one of the two ways to get there is the one that canyoning fans will prefer. For the rest of the mortals, the emotions are reduced to a 14-kilometre journey along the island’s most winding road to Sa Calobra, and then walk a few hundred metres along a spectacular path. 

The beauties of the island of Mallorca seem inexhaustible, and that we continue to find hidden corners like these are the best proof. 

But don’t forget to explore the island indepth, since in the largest of the Balearic Islands there are many more surprises waiting for the most awake travellers. 

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Playas de Mallorca


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