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The best hotels for families in Tenerife!

Family vacations are an excellent time to connect with your kids and spend quality time with them.

During the year we are very busy with work, school, home…

and there are usually few moments of recreation and fun in the company of the people we love the most.

That is why, if we have some free days, and we want to spend them all together, a good option are the family hotels.

These establishments are booming and offer, increasingly, a choice of tourism category with wonderful and innovative facilities designed for the family to fully enjoy their stay.

In these complexes, children will have a great time thanks to the various activities they can do in:

The mini clubs, the entertainment specially designed for them during the day in the different areas of the hotel, the swimming pools with slide, the rooms and playgrounds …

You won’t have time for boredom! ?

Hoteles familia Tenerife

The adults can participate with the children in their games, but they can, if they wish, have a moment of rest in the Spas and swimming pools while the specialized instructors of the hotel stay in charge of the children.

We’ll have time to be with our family and for a little rest! You can’t ask for more! ??

If you want to book a few days in a hotel designed for children, it is best to do so in a place where good weather accompanies outdoor activities.

If we take this into account, the Canary Islands is your destination.

In the archipelago, the climate is ideal all year round to enjoy the swimming pool, the beaches and the countless charms offered by the seven fortunate islands.

On this occasion, we want to name you what we consider to be the 5 best hotels for families in Tenerife.

Hotels that we have selected for their interesting offer of animation both for children and adults, their cozy rooms, their extra services such as spa, gyms, multisport tracks … and its tasty cuisine.

(With all-inclusive option in several of them)

Everything matters when what we want is to spend some unforgettable hours with our family.

Tell your children, grandparents, uncles… We’re all going on vacation together! ?

Hoteles familia Tenerife

The best hotels for families in Tenerife.

BE LIVE FAMILY COSTA LAS GIGANTES (Port of Santiago) ****4 stars.

Located very close to the Playa de la Arena and 10 minutes from the impressive cliffs of the Giants, this hotel is ideal for the enjoyment of adults and children.

Spa, gym, tennis court, minigolf, heated children’s pool with toboggan, disco, playground and recreation areas, games room with bowling, multisport court, miniclub, zip line …

¡Are just some spaces offered by this great site!

In addition, it pays special attention to children’s menus offering a multitude of tasty and healthy dishes and snacks.

As a plus, there are rooms specially decorated and designed for children called Better Together.

In them we will be able to find a Play Station, a surprise gift for the little ones and suitable food for them in the minibar.

Hoteles familia Tenerife

BE LIVE EXPERIENCE PLAYA LA ARENA (Port of Santiago) ****4 stars.

Of the same chain as the Be live Family Costa los Gigantes and located very close to it, this hotel stands out for the beautiful gardens that adorn it and its succulent buffet.

We’ll have a great time with the daily thematic animation they provide both day and night for all ages.

With a heated children’s pool with toboggan, activities such as water polo, ping pong, archery, petanque or billiards, attractive games and competitions, entertaining evening shows, gymnasium, minigolf and multisport track, it is the perfect choice for your holidays.

It also has the Better Together rooms mentioned above. The kids will love them.

If you feel like it, you can leave the hotel and walk along the nearby and lively avenue of the town overlooking the sea where you will find different shops and cafes.

Hoteles familia Tenerife

GF ISABEL (Costa Adeje) ****4 stars.

600 meters from Playa Fañabé, we find a maximum comfort establishment coquettishly designed as a beautiful Canarian style village.

The range of accommodation includes apartments, villas and bungalows that are surrounded by beautiful gardens.

For the little ones, there is a miniclub, a playground, a heated pool with toboggan and daily entertainment. For adults, night animation and beauty center.

It will be a pleasure to relax while strolling through this exclusive hotel where they have pampered the aesthetics of their buildings in detail so that we feel at home.

Hoteles familia Tenerife

GF VICTORIA (Costa Adeje) ***** 5 stars.

This hotel has been specially designed for the well-being of families.

An incredible water park with colorful slides and jets of water for children and a surprise wave pool for older children are some great attractions we offer.

Animation and activities are differentiated by age in the MiniClub, Kids Club or Baby club (for babies from 10 months). The most adventurous will have access to the Rocodrome, the Tyrolean rope and the hanging bridges.

This chain of hotels has a space in its restaurants where children will learn to eat in a healthy and fun way.

Adults can rest in the Spa and do activities such as pilates and yoga while the children of the house are entertained.

But the most striking thing is an innovative pool suspended in the heights made entirely of glass, both the sides and bottom, where when you bathe you will have the feeling of floating in the air.

A unique experience! ?

Hoteles familia Tenerife

FANTASIA BAY PRINCE TENERIFE. (San Miguel de Abona.) ***** 5 stars.

Finally, we recommend a newly opened hotel. This November the new Fantasia Bahía Príncipe Tenerife has been opened to the public with an original concept of fun associated with the magic and culture of Tenerife.

You will discover the history of “Papimber and the Garden of the Hesperides” in this thematic complex that attracts for its careful decoration. The enormous castle of the nymphs in the swimming pool area draws significant attention.

Its range of daytime activities for all ages (Kids Club for children, and Teens Club for teenagers) and its first-rate night shows place it at the top of the lists of the best hotels for families in Tenerife.

It also has a Spa, gymnasium, multisport court and heated swimming pools.

The youngest members of the house will have the time of their lives and the adults the opportunity to experience the magic of feeling like children again for a few days.

Hoteles familia Tenerife

We end our post by inviting you to spend some fantastic days on the island of Tenerife.

If you are also one of those who like to have new experiences when you travel, you can make great excursions such as, for example:

The Teide National Park (World Heritage), and the winners as the best zoo and water park in the world in 2018 according to the travel portal TripAdvisor: The Parrot Park and Siam Park.

Contact us, and we will help you find the best deals on flights to Tenerife. In addition, you can complement your stay with our best selection of hotels and excursions for the dates you want.

We will inform you in detail about what each hotel has to offer so that your stay is as complete as possible.

Don’t think twice about it and organise a holiday with your family. Have the children share great moments with you that they’ll always remember and thank you for! ?

Hoteles familia Tenerife


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