Recetas canarias
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I don’t know if the same thing will happen to you, but La Gomera whets my appetite. To tell you the truth, the routes through Garajonay, the walks through San Sebastian or the dips in the natural swimming pool of Hermigua make me feel hungry like a wolf (do you know these 5 magic paths to enjoy La Gomera?). The trip feels different with a full stomach… 

This is why I would like to share a few Canarian recipes with you in this post, which in La Gomera become genuine delicacies. The other reason would be to reveal the peculiarities of the island’s cuisine, which contains them, like all those of the archipelago. Because there is a common tradition in each island that expresses itself with rich (never better said) nuances. 

Where to eat in La Gomera should not be a problem, especially if we are talking about traditional dishes. You won’t find any Michelin stars on the island; you won’t need to, because there are a lot of guachincches who know how to prepare a good tradictional Canarian dish perfectly. Products such as fruit, vegetables and fish are not lacking. 

Goat cheese 

We could not start in any other way than with one of the main pieces of La Gomera’s gastronomy: cheese. The basic ingredient is always raw 

goat’s milk, although sometimes it is mixed with sheep. It is fresh, semi-cured or “hard” (cured). 

It is a cheese salted by immersion in brine and sometimes smoked (with heather, jara and tabaiba, according to tradition), very firm and dry compressed, rich in aromas of milk and nuts. Ajajeró is the gomera capital of cheese. 


Almogrote is made from this excellent cheese, which stands out among the Canarian recipes of the Columbian island for its strong personality 

and its spicy flavour. It is a cream made with cheese, oil, tomato, garlic, dry pepper, paprika and chilli pepper. 

It accompanies the omnipresent wrinkled potatoes or to spread on bread and is a great starter for any meal. A perfect example of how good food can be a delicacy.  

Recetas canarias

Watercress stew

Basically it is a vegetable stew (pinto beans, potato, green bean, pumpkin) from a sofrito of onion, pepper and tomato, to which a corn cob is added after one hour of cooking. At the last minute, a large quantity of chopped watercress is added, along with a mixture of cumin, coriander, garlic and paprika. 

You have to come to La Gomera to taste it. It is a modest and simple recipe, but very tasty. You   can add a spoonful of gofio to thicken it. 

Gofio gomero

Speaking of gofio… Did you know that gofio gomero is one of the best valued of all the Canary Islands? It is due to the quality of the raw material or respect for the traditional procedure. A good way to savour it is in a stew or serving it with an old one in the oven. 

We don’t think it’s necessary to explain it, but it’s a toasted flour consisting of several cereals; basically wheat, corn (millet) and barley, but it can include others, and in different proportions. And it is used for almost everything: apart from as a garnisher, it is used to thicken broths, enrich breakfasts, make biscuits… 

Wines Denomination from La Gomera Origin

And what do we accompany all this with? Well, with a wine from the island, of course. The geographical and climatic peculiarities of the island have contributed to a so-called historical viticulture in wich the  the variety of foreign grape stands out for its unique nature. 

The wines from La Gomera are traditionally mild, balanced, fresh and fruity whites, very easy to combine with very different dishes; today a few quality reds are also produced. 

Recetas canarias

Milk roasted with palm honey

No menu is complete without dessert. Among the Canarian desserts, this exclusive preparation in La Gomera stands out, very similar to a flan but which is curdled in the oven instead of in a bain-marie. 

It is always accompanied by palm honey, a typical elaboration of the island which is made from guarapo, that is to say, the sap of the Canary Island palm tree, which is cooked until it becomes smaller and darker. A delicacy with an enormous gastronomic significance. 

Recetas canarias

Vilana cake and curd cakes

The gomera pastry has deserved fame in all the islands and beyond. These Canarian recipes of cookies, rosquetes and tortas are abundant and delicious; it is difficult to decide on one, so we would like to present two to you. 

The vilana cake (so called because of the container in which it is made) is a hearty sponge cake with potatoes, flour, lard, almonds, raisins, eggs and of course sugar (it is flavoured with cinnamon and lemon). See how it is prepared in this link. 

The curd cakes (not to be confused with their Colombian counterpart), which I personally love, have the local fresh goat cheese as their main 

ingredient and palm honey as their indispensable companion. Here’s the recipe. 

Mistela and gomerón

And to digest this delicious typical Canarian food that we have chosen, how about a liqueur? As we didn’t decide, we will present you with two of those that any local recognizes as theirs: the mistela and the gomerón. 

Mistela is made from white wine and includes spices, orange peel and caramelized sugar in a maceration process. The gomerón, on the other hand, is a mixture of vine brandy with the delicious palm honey. Two wonderful ways of spicing up the after dinner. 

We hope that this small guide will help you to enjoy the most typical Canarian recipes of La Gomera. We at Tubillete will be delighted to help you prepare your next trip to La Gomera, just contact us.

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