Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.
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Recently we talked in our blog about the most idyllic coves of Menorca. Today it is the turn of their best and wonderful beaches .

If what you want is to bathe in a place where you can find different services at your disposal such as hotels and restaurants or a parking area, but without giving up the

transparent turquoise waters that we find in the coves, then… Menorca’s beaches are perfect for you! 😍

Summer arrives, and we want to rest in the sand and refresh ourselves on the coast. For this, we highly recommend the Balearic Archipelago.

For years, this Mediterranean paradise has dazzled millions of visitors who are fascinated by its landscapes, its gastronomy and, of course, its incredible bathing areas.

Join us on this tour of the island of Menorca and choose your favorite beach for your next holiday! 🌅

The best and most beautiful beaches of Menorca.

Algairens Beach.

Algairens is located in the north of Menorca but it is very similar to the beaches in the south of the island. Known as the name of La Vall, they are really two beaches divided by a cliff, but with easy access on foot for both: D´es Tancats Beach (the largest) and D´es Bot.

Located in a spot declared a Natural Area of Special Interest, its fine sand and calm waters make it ideal for bathing.

The place has 2 parking areas. From the first beach you can walk to the second inapproximately 15 minutes. We believe that th e walk is worthwhile because the smallest beach is, in our opinion, the most beautiful.

The area has no services, but you can get there comfortably by bus from Ciutadella.

Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.

Punta Prima beach.

This extensive beach is located in the municipality of Sant Louis , about 10 kilometers south of Mahón.

It’s a good choice if you’re looking for beauty in the scenery, tranquility, comfort and services. It won’t let you down!

Surrounded by a wide range of hotels, it is ideal for enjoying an excellent beach near where you stay without having to travel by car. Similarly, for those who come from other corners of Menorca, has a parking area.

In front of it you can see the small Isla del Aire (with its characteristic lighthouse) which is a short distance from the coast.

Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.

Galdana Cove.

Although its name seems to indicate that we have a cove in front of us, it really is a huge beach (framed by high cliffs) surrounded by apartments and hotels to stay.

Located to the south of the island, its more than 300 meters long are occupied ma inly by families, who find in this place a wonderful space for the bath of the smallest. Due to its location and orthography, it will give us the sensation of being in a great natural swimming pool.

It has all types of tourist services. You can even rent a motor boat in the area to move to several of the coves in that part of Menorca.

Kayak excursions, diving center, discotheques… All of these complements the leisure offer of Cala Galdana.

Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.

Binigaus Beach.

Binigaus is one of the best nudist beaches in Menorca (it is near Santa Tomas). It is reached by walking a path of about 15 minutes from the parking area. Not having a direct access, we will find a quiet enclave little overcrowded.

You will enjoy the typical image of the island: Pines in the same sand and striking turquoise waters in front of them.

The only downside is that it has no services, but if you want to visit a different bathing area… This is your beach! 👌

Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.

Santo Tomás beach.

Located in the municipality of Es Migjorn Gran, in the south of the island, this beach open to the sea also houses the characteristic pine forests behind the sand that we like so

much. (And a large parking area)

It has hotels, restaurants, shops and differ ent services that complement its already attractive.

Being an urban beach, it is frequented by tourists and locals, but it doesn’t end there!

If you feel like walking, at the end of Santo Tomás Beach begins San Adeodato Beach, known as Binicodrell Beach. And if you still walk a little more, you will reach the Binigaus Beach that we mentioned before.

Take a long walk by the sea and… Tell us which beach you like best! 👏

Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.

Son Bou Beach

Son Bou Beach is one of the best and largest beaches in Menorca. Its al most 2 kilometres of golden sand welcomes families who come to enjoy, in addition to its fantastic crystalline waters, the beach bars and water sports that are practiced in the area.

After that, several hotels and apartments await you in case you decide to stay in the area. You can have access to supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, bicycle and car rentals… Everything you need!

The eastern end of Son Boa is home to the ruins of an ancient Paleo-Christian basilica believed to date back to the 5th century . Outside the building is a necropolis of tombs carved out of the rock.

This long beach is a good choice if you want to sunbathe away from the crowds of coves that suffer in summer. Don’t forget the rackets to play on the sand! 🎾

Travel Tip: If you’re loo king for a beach to take your whole family with you, Son Boa is definitely one of the best children’s beaches in Menorca.

Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.

Have you already chosen your ideal beach? Get to know them all on a great trip to Menorca that is sure to be… Unforgettable!

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Discover this summer some of the most incredible beaches in Europe! 😉

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