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Every year, Europe is the perfect destination for thousands of travellers from all over the world. Discover the most economical European destinations for your holidays.               

The most economical European destinations! 

Europe is a traveller’s paradise. It has it all: stunning nature, medieval cities, crystal-clear beaches, great monuments, fantastic islands to get lost on… 

A multicultural continent full of fascinating history that offers great wonders. 

We all know The Eiffel Tower in FranceThe Coliseum in Romethe canals of VeniceBig Ben in London… These countries are among the most visited every year. 

But this time around, we want to share with you some unknown places for most tourists. Emerging destinations that are becoming increasingly      popular every year thanks to their countless charms. 

But the best of all is…. They are the most economical destinations in Europe! 😀 

Would you like to visit 4 fabulous and cheap countries where you will worry more about having fun than about money? 

4 jewels where you will be thrilled and enjoy a great vacation without mass tourism, at your own pace. 

Join us to discover the best kept secrets of the old continent!  💎

Destinos europeos más económicos.

The 4 top most economical destinations in Europe. 

Before starting our journey, we have chosen 4 perfect destinations for a few days of relaxation both with family and friends, as a couple or alone, because they are very safe destinations. 

Transportation, accommodation and food are very cheap in all of them, as well as the necessary flights to get there. For the latter, you’ll find year-round offers from different airlines. 

You can visit them both on a short getaway and a long trip. Depending on the time you have, you will want to move to more or less enclaves, so to help you plan your trip, we would recommend the essential places that you shouldn’t miss for each country. 

Slovenia: You’ll be surprised! 🤗 

In the oblivion for tourism for decades, considered as the Green Treasure of Europe, it is ideal for a vacation filled with nature and adventure.Renting a car is a good option to tour the country. The ideal situation is to have 6 or 7 days to be able to visit it without rushing. 

Take a boat trip along one of the canals of its coquettish capital Ljubljana. You can visit the Castle of Predjama, a medieval castle inside a cave that has been hanging on a precipice. You won’t see anything like it! 

Destinos europeos más económicos.

Slovenia is full of underground galleries, but the most important are those in the Postoina and Škocjan Caves. Both have an incredible interior, the first one even has a section that you can cross on a small train. 

In the Triglav National Park you can do entertaining trekking between rivers, waterfalls and lakes. 

You can also go to El Valle del Río Soča. Its turquoise nwaters were the scene of the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The most daring can have the experience of rafting in a fairytale setting. 

Destinos europeos más económicos.

Finally, make sure to visit two of the most beautiful villages: Piran, located in front of the Adriatic sea and Bled, one of the most photographed villages in Europe thank to the tiny island in the middle of the lake. Above it, there is a small church open to the public. 

Poland: You’ll love it! 😊 

Poland has been able to rise from its ashes like no other, recovering all its splendour. 

It has a fascinating history, but one full of struggles in which the eagerness of its people to maintain their culture and their roots is demonstrated. The towns of Krakow and Warsaw are a good example of this. 

Their historic centres were destroyed during the Second World War but carefully reconstructed using old photographs, both earning the title of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on their own merits. 

Destinos europeos más económicos.

In Krakow we can find the largest medieval square in Europe, known as Market Square or Rynek Głowny. It houses several of the city’s most important buildings: the Lonja de los Pañosthe Basilica of Santa María and the Old Town Hall Tower. 

Wawel Castle and Cathedral is another must along with the Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz, which will surprise you with its good atmosphere and the number of cafes and food stalls where you can spend a pleasant afternoon. 

As a stellar excursion in the outskirts we would recommend: The Salt Mines of Wieliczka and the mountain village named Zakopane. 

Destinos europeos más económicos.

If you wish, you can also go to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp  still in place so that the memory of the victims of the Holocaust is not lost in oblivion. 

Warsaw has a I don’t know what….  hat we like so much. It is probably because of the shock of seeing large communist buildings such as the Palace of Culture and Science next to one of the most beautiful medieval city centres we have ever seen, the Stare Miasto. 

For a long holiday, we would also recommend you visit the villages of Gdnask, Torun, Poznan and Wroclaw. 

Take your backpack and get on the train to tour the country as cheaply and pleasantly as possible!🚂

Destinos europeos más económicos.

Romania: You’ll get trapped! 😉 

A halo of mystery surrounds Romania. That mysterious unknown that hooks you as soon as you arrive because of its unique… and intriguing atmosphere. 

You will have the chance to learn about the myth of Dracula in the mysterious Transylvania. You can visit Bran Castle, which was chosen by writer Bram Stoker to be the Count’s abode in his famous novel. 

Would you like to wear a vampire cape and take a picture of yourself in the most famous castle in the world? 🏰📷

Destinos europeos más económicos.

In this region, make sure to visit the eye-catching villages of Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov. We can assure you that as you walk through its streets, you will feel like a genuine character from an ancient novel. 

But this nation has much more to offer! 

In the Danube Delta, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, you can take a relaxing boat ride while watching thousands of birds that live in this area. 

Peles Castle, located in the village of Sinaia, is a real gem that has been turned into a museum and you won’t be disappointed to visit it. 

The sparkling Bucharest is full of majestic buildings and lively terraces where you will be delighted to sit down and recover your strength. 

Last but not least, the Transfagarasan Road, which crosses the Carpathian Mountains between lakes and picturesque houses. This is one of the most spectacular routes in Europe. 

Destinos europeos más económicos.

Latvia: You will fall in love! 😍 

Imagine a vibrant capital where its buildings are authentic architectural gems. The Art Nouveau style beautifies its facades. You will see flowers, animals and gods sculpted in detail as you look upwards! 

Northeast of Europe and surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Riga is a quiet and very beautiful city, so much so that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Here the tram is the main transport option. With it you will be able to move quickly in order to get, for example, to The Town Hall Square and admire its most emblematic construction: The house of the Blackheads. 

Destinos europeos más económicos.

In the Bastejkalna Park you will find the 42-metre high Freedom Monument, a symbol of Latvian independence. 

You can enjoy strolling through the Central Market, the largest food market in Europe. The curious thing about this venue is not its size… It is built with old zeppelin hangars used by the Germans during the First World War! 

Don’t miss the lavish interior of the National Opera House, Riga Cathedral and the Houses of the 3 Brothers. 

If you go in the summer, go to the beach at Jūrmala. Located 45 minutes from Riga in a small village full of wooden houses, you can swim in an idyllic coastline of golden sand and calm waters. 

What better plan to end your vacation! 👏 

We would like to end our tour of these four wonderful destinations by wishing we had inspired and helped you choose your next trip. 

Remember, getting to know Europe is not as expensive as you thought. In some countries, saving on your holidays will be easier than ever and thanks to this you will be able to give yourself more treats. 

Contact us and we will advise you on finding the best deals on flights, hotels and excursions in the enclave of your choice. 

In addition, we will accompany you through each of the stages of the trip so that you can spend all your time enjoying your experience to the      maximum. 

Because remember: Travelling is the only thing you buy and it makes you richer! 

Destinos europeos más económicos.


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