Que´ ver en el Hierro curiosidades
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When travelling we are always looking for curious places to discover. In an era where social networks such as Instagram and Facebook are full of photographs of spectacular landscapes, there’ s not much room for astonishment.

When we arrive at a destination that we have seen so many times on the Internet, it looks like we have already been there.

But there are places that, although we have watched them one thousand times virtually, when we know them in person… they fascinate us! 😍

In today’s post, we are going to show you 3 peculiar places to see in El Hierro that we are sure will surprise you.

El Hierro is a unique island that captivates everyone who visits it. Get ready to know some of their most striking singularities. Are you ready? Here we go! 🛫

Que´ ver en el Hierro curiosidades

Curiosities to see in El Hierro.

Its seabed.

As summer arrives, we are going to start our underwater listing. El Hierro is known worldwide for being an excellent area for diving.

Its crystal-clear waters with a pleasant temperature (between 18 and 25 degrees) make it possible to observe the seabed practically all year round.

Underwater, the ground is covered by caves and rocks originating from the island’s volcanic geology. This space is inhabited by species such as moray eels, roosters, amberjacks, turtles, trumpet fish and balloon…..

The Marine Reserve of El Mar de las Calmas is located in the place known as Punta de la Restinga. This place is ideal for underwater observation. El Hierro was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2000 and its conservation programmes are also carried out on the coast.

Traveller Tip: Contact the companies in the area that undertake the activity before carrying it out: The Diving Center of La Restinga and El Tamboril. These companies make dives for all levels and can inform you about everything you need to know to practice diving in the zone.

Que´ ver en el Hierro curiosidades

The Forest of El Sabinar.

This is one of the most iconic and curious images to see in El Hierro.

The trunk of the Sabina (juniper) tree twists quite markedly until it almost reaches the ground by the scourge of the trade winds that run through the area, thus taking a unique shape.

They can reach a height of 8 metres and are located in a Protected Natural Area. Some scientists believe that these are the oldest trees in Spain and it is because they are… Millenarians!

To observe them you can move to the area of La Dehesa where these curious junipers are waiting to amaze you.

In addition, in the area grow wax myrtles, heathers, spurges, cardons …

You’ll think you’re in an enchanted forest! 😃

Que´ ver en el Hierro curiosidades

The Iron Giant Lizard.

Can you imagine a lizard up to 80 centimeters long? 🦎

Well, that’s what Los Lagartos of El Hierro (Gallotia Simonyi) can measure. This endemic species is in danger of extinction. Many years ago they populated practically the whole island.

Currently, the El Hierro Giant Lizard Recovery Centre is working to conserve the species by carrying out programmes for captive breeding.

In its facilities you can learn more about these curious animals that seem to have been taken from the Jurassic period.

Take advantage of your visit to the Recovery Centre and get to know the Guínea Ecomuseum in the area.

This museum houses several aboriginal Canarian settlements that will teach us the historical evolution of El Hierro.

Around 20 stone houses and a volcanic cave show rooms and belongings of the ancient inhabitants of the island.

Que´ ver en el Hierro curiosidades

El Hierro is a quiet island where you will be able to enjoy to the maximum all the wonders that it offers to the traveller.

Get ready to know, in addition to the 3 curiosities that we have mentioned before, an endless number of incredible and fantastic places.

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There are still places in the world that may surprise you! 👌

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