Fiestas en París.

Paris parties for all preferences

We like parties, why deny it? Not only because of the dancing and the fun, but also because they enable us to get closer in another way to the place we visit and its people. That's why today we're looking for parties in Paris, are you coming…
Lisboa fiesta de San Antonio

Lisbon: The feast of Saint Anthony

Lisbon has changed a lot, very much in the last decade. It was always a cosmopolitan city, in its own way, but last year it seemed to me to be much more frequented by students and visitors from all over the world. Coincidentally, I was lucky…
Qué hacer en Ibiza eventos

What to do in Ibiza: Events guide

When we think of Ibiza, the first thing that comes to mind are its wonderful beaches with turquoise waters, steamy and white clothes, sunset parties... And speaking of parties... Do you know the best events in Ibiza? 😀 During the year,…