Que´comer en Menorca Caldereta

Where to eat in the best Lobster Stew in Menorca

There are colours for all preferences, of course, but almost nobody will disagree with us if we say that Menorca is one of the treasures of the Mediterranean. Well preserved, with a rich history and heritage, not to mention those coves that…
Sant Joan Menorca

The magical night of Sant Joan in Menorca

Haven't you heard of the festivities of Sant Joan in Menorca? It is one of those patron saint festivities where roots, spectacularity and fun go hand in hand to generate unique moments, those not to be missed. Combining tradition and…
Qué ver en Menorca las mejores playas.

The best beaches in Menorca

Recently we talked in our blog about the most idyllic coves of Menorca. Today it is the turn of their best and wonderful beaches . If what you want is to bathe in a place where you can find different services at your disposal such as hotels…