5 travelers' gifts for a different Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is approaching and love is in the air. We are in love with life, with people, with nature... but, above all... We love travel a lot! 🛫🌍💕 If you're one of those who painted a red heart on the calendar around the…
Que hacer en Berlin

4 cultural plans to make in Berlin

Almost as immeasurable as the other great European capitals and somewhat less hackneyed, Berlin has a lot to offer the curious and observant traveller. Its peculiar recent history makes it infinitely attractive. What to do in Berlin in terms…
musicales en Madrid
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Musicals in Madrid: The Lion King and much more!

Apart from strolling around the Main Square, seeing the Prado Museum, going to the La Paloma street party or eating a squid sandwich, watching musicals in Madrid has become one of the most important things to do when you come to the capital…
Festival Womad Canarias

Womad Canarias: Discover musical diversity.

If there is a music festival that reflects the great cultural diversity of our planet, it is Womad. (World of Music, Arts and Dance) (I'm sure it will ring a bell because the Womad Canarias is celebrated in the Canary Islands). We like to…