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How to take advantage of your stopovers with the Stopover!

We live in an age where technology helps us perform our tasks faster. Computers, mobiles, email, whatsapp … We have many tools that with a click of a button, we can take advantage of the Stopover in the best possible way.

Stopover how to make the most of your stopovers to make life easier.

We are the generation of here and now. In a matter of seconds we can have all the information we need. We have many things to do and time is money for us.

So… Why do we still spend hours and hours of inactivity at airports when we make stopovers between flights?

 Stopover, aprovechar escalas

Hours that are also endless circling from one side to the other: we eat something, we walk around the airport, we sit down, we go to the bathroom, we eat again…. Nothing is more boring!

How would you like it if we told you that we have the solution to stop these endless delays?

We’ll show you in just 4 sections how to make the most of your holidays.

During a Stopover you will be able to visit two or more countries in the same trip saving money and putting an end to the waiting hours! 💪 

Buckle up, we’re taking off! 💺💺

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

What is a stopover and how to make the most of it?

A stopover is a flight stopover of more than 24 hours on international flights and more than 4 hours on domestic flights.

Many airlines have flights from one nation to another making one or several breaks in different countries. These stopovers can be only a few hours (these are flights we normally take) or a day or even more (this is the case with Stopovers).For example:

The airline Qatar Airways flies from Madrid to Thailand making a stop at the Doha airport, capital of Qatar.

It has two types of stops: some that go from 2 to 8 hours approximately and others that exceed 24 hours. This last type is a stopover.

And why does it benefit us to take a flight that has a stopover? For four important reasons:

  • It´s usually cheaper than flights with fewer hours of stopover. It will always be cheaper for you to buy tickets for several countries in the same reservation and ticket than to make independent reservations.
  • It enables us to visit another city for a day or more in a territory different from that of our final destination. In this way we will discover more places in the same trip.
  • We will end the long waits we have to endure before the next boarding of another aircraft.
  • The stopovers are usually in the middle of two long flights, if you make a stop between them, you can rest for a day or several and avoid the stress that involves two long flights in a row. You can cope much better with jet lag.


Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

In one go we would be saving money and getting to know several enclaves in a single holiday. What more could we ask for? 🤗

How and when to book the best stopover? Tips to keep in mind.

  • First of all, you must have flexibility regarding the dates of your holidays, as the airlines offer this type of travelling on certain dates. Luckily, the calendar is growing and we can find this option in many months of the year.
  • Choose a destination where, to get to the final airport, you would use a flight that has to stop on the way in another city in another country. According to your preferences there are many different options, such as, for example:

-Madrid (Spain)-Amsterdam(Holland)-Delhi(India).

-Barcelona (Spain)-Istanbul (Turkey)-Bangok (Thailand).

-Madrid (Spain)- Reykjavik (Iceland)-New York (United States)

Imagine getting to know the beautiful mills of Amsterdam and the impressive Taj Mahal in India in the same trip! Are you joining the trip?👍

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

  • Choose an airline that offers stopover for the selected route. Several airlines offer free hotel nights or excursion packages for stopover days. On their websites they often explain the conditions and benefits of stopping in the cities they offer.
  • Search and book your ticket in a flight search engine, so you will quickly get the best offers. Check before booking the price regulations or “fare rules” to be sure it allows stopover and have clear conditions that must be met.
  • Find out if a visa is required for both the final destination and the country of the stopover. Many countries do not require payment of visa for short stays, free visas are given for hours and even days. Check, if the country you have chosen allows it.

For example: 

Passengers from 80 different countries can spend a short stay in Doha (Qatar) without a visa and several cities in China, including Beijing, can also be visited without this procedure for up to six days.

You will be able to double the stamp collection in your passport on each trip from now on! 😀

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Airlines that offer stopover. 

More and more airlines are adding to the attractiveness of offering more for less! More cities, free hotels, excursions… for less cost.

For years, competition has led to this practice being widespread all over the world. Day by day, the list of companies that offer stopover is growing to our benefit.

Curiously, the pioneering airline was Icelandair, which in 1950 began to offer travellers of its transatlantic flights the possibility of having a stopover of several days in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

This greatly benefited both the company and tourism in the region.🏅

Subsequently, companies such as KLM or American Airlines begin to copy this successful business model, soon becoming a common proposition in global air traffic.

Below, we will name the main airlines with the cities where stopovers are carried out:

  • Air France: Paris.
  • Alitalia: Rome.
  • British Airways: London.
  • KLM: Amsterdam.
  • Icelandair: Reykjavik.
  • Turkish Airlines: Istanbul.

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

  • Ethihad Airways: Abu Dhabi.
  • Emirates: Dubai.
  • Qatar Airways: Doha.
  • Singapore Airlines: Singapore.
  • Thai Airways: Bangkok.
  • Air China: Peking.
  • Air New Zealand: Auckand or Christchurch
  • American Airlines: Miami or New York.
  • Air Canada: Toronto.

The best cities where to make a stopover: 3 incredible destinations.

To help you decide which city you want to discover, we would recommend 3 fantastic destinations where you can spend some incredible days discovering the wonders they have to offer.


Full of long canals that cross its centre, Amsterdam is the perfect stop to enjoy its beautiful streets full of interesting inclined houses and get to know the picturesque villages nearby, where you can enjoy the most famous cheeses in the world.

Whether you are just passing through or if your stay will be a little longer, you will make the most of your time as it offers you a multitude of tourist attractions very close to each other.


Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

Essential activities and visits 
  • Take a boat trip along the canals, you will see the city in a different way. We would recommend the company Rederij Plas. In their web page they have different excursions as much by day as by night.
  • Walk the streets with the popular “official” vehicle used by most people, the bicycle . You will have no problem parking your bike and thus be able to enter the coquettish cafeterias scattered throughout downtown.
  • Discover Anne Frank’s House, its emotional history will leave you indifferent. You can book your visit at Anne Frank House.
  • Visit the Rijksmuseum, full of important works of art.
  • If you have more than one day, book a trip to the villages of Volendam, Edam, Marken.

Do any of these names ring a bell? That’s right. The villages give their names to the well-known cheeses and are also the original place where they were made. You will have the opportunity to taste them in a really beautiful environment.

In one day you will be able to visit them in an organized tour as well as in a regular bus. The latter, with the purchase of a cheap ticket, lets you get off at the stops you want and spend as much time as you want in each place.

EBS buses depart daily from the Central Station. You can make reservations at Localbus.

Oh and don’t miss the sunset mills at Zaanse Schans, it’s really a fairy tale!

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

If you have time you can also go to: 

  •  The Flower Market.
  •  The Heineken Experience factory.
  •  Leidseplein Square.
  •  The houses of Begijnhof.


Imagine getting to know such a fascinating city as Istanbul for free!

East and west come together in the same enclave giving rise to unique experiences. The traveller can relax with an exquisite Turkish bath or feel at home in the country of a thousand and one nights in the old spice bazaar.

Indispensable activities and visits.

  • Surprise yourself with the interiors of the Blue Mosque and Santa Sofía. Situated opposite each other, they constitute the two great icons of the city thanks to their external aesthetic beauty.
  • Meet one of the world’s most famous harems at the Topkapi Palace. In addition, you will enjoy beautiful courtyards, gardens and a great treasure. You will be dazzled when you see the Cucharero Diamond, the third largest diamond in the world.
  • Savour a Turkish treat at the Spice Market. A perfect place to get lost among Arab sweets, nuts and the smell of freshly brewed tea.

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

  • If you like shopping, don’t miss the Gran Bazar, one of the largest inland markets in existence. Its colourful and decorated stalls are perfect for finding your ideal souvenir.
  • We will end the day admiring an unforgettable sunset at the top of the Galata Tower. In the modern district of the city we can find this tower where we can see the old part of the city, full of domes that shine in unison in the late afternoon.

If you have time leftyou can also go to: 

  • Dolmabahçe Palace
  • The Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Take a boat trip along the Bosphorus River
  • Take the historical tram to Taksim Square in the modern area.

¡Es sin duda una ciudad que te dejará huella!🐾

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.


Do you want to spend a few days of adventure before visiting the American continent?

Iceland offers you pristine nature. From imposing waterfalls to warm thermal baths at 38 degrees outdoors.

A great travel experience at any time of the year: In summer, with the midnight sun, you will have endless afternoons and in winter, the northern lights colour the sky with a fantastic light show.

From the capital of the country we can make excursions from a few hours to a whole day.

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

Indispensable activities and visits.
  • Fall in love with the cute puffins you can see on a boat trip from Reykjavik’s Old Harbour. We would recommend the company Special tours.
  • Make the country’s star tour: “The Golden Circle”. In the same tour you can experience the expectation of seeing the jet of a Geyser, feel the strength of the great Gullfoss waterfall and walk in the middle of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates in Thingvellir National Park.
  • Another famous one-day tour is a visit to Lake Jökulsárlón, the imposing Seljalandsfoss and Skódafoss waterfalls and the volcanic Reynisfjara beach in the village of Vík.

Full of eye-catching drifting icebergs, on the lake we can take a walk through the cold waters in an amphibious vehicle, half a truck, half a boat.

We will even be able to observe playful seals on the ice blocks!

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

  • Feel the contrast of temperature between the cold outside and the heat of the hot springs in Laguna Azul or Blue Lagoon. While taking a purifying bath, you can wrap your body in silica sand in this resort, considered one of the best in the world.

If you have time you can also go to: 

  • The Harpa Building.
  • The Hallgrímskirkja church.
  • The Solfar Sun Voyager monument
  • The Höfði house.

Now that we have put the traveler’s bug in your body knowing that you can visit several destinations for the price of one… Contact us and we will find the best stopovers for you to make the trip of your life!

As travel specialists, we will provide you with advice to get the best flights, hotels and excursions on your holiday dates.

Pack your “suitcase” and get ready to see the world! 😎

Stopover, aprovechar escalas.

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