Roma en el cine
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It´s time to discover Rome in the cinema!

Because it will be a cliché, but the seventh art is capable of reflecting the character, peculiarities and characteristics of a place, its history and the daily life of the people who inhabit it like no other. Although it is fiction, it brings us closer to reality.

With a bit of luck, this post will inspire you to discover another of the many Romes that exist, a Rome of cinema. Do you have your popcorn ready? Ready, camera, action!

Roma en el cine

Visita la Roma “de película”. / Visit the “movie” Rome.

The largest stage in the world 

There are so many films shot and set in Rome that it’s not surprising that there are so many guided tours just to tour the sites and locations of so many mythical films. They are a great option for film lovers.

Let’s see, let’s see… The list is long… From Roman blockbusters and peplum cinema to the most current documentary films, through some of the most emblematic romantic comedies and action films in history, there is definitely a lot of Rome in the cinema (or Romes, depending on how you look at it).

But if you have to choose and want a handful of exclusive films to watch before or during your time in Rome, these are the ones that, in our opinion, you can’t miss:

  • Rome, Open city (Roberto Rossellini, 1945). That post-war, heated, neo-realistic Rome you won’t recognise on your visit, but it’s the obligatory starting point.
  • Roman Holiday (William Wyler, 1953). Perhaps the romantic comedy par excellence or the American vision of the city. The sequence on Vespa, a complete symbol.
  • La dolce vita (Federico Fellini, 1960). Apart from marking a before and after in cinema, it is a film with the Via Veneto as its scenic and narrative axis.
  • Eat, Pray, Love (Ryan Murphy, 2010). It won’t go down in history cinematographically speaking, but you can see what Rome is.
  • Caesar must die (Paolo Taviani, 2012). Okay, it’s not like you’ re going to see a lot of Rome here, but a lot of real Romans.
  • The Great Beauty (Paolo Sorrentino, 2014). The Roman film. Timeless, decadent, lucid, excessive… Like the city itself, essentially and aesthetically speaking.
Roma en el cine

Fontana de Trevi en Roma. / Trevi Fountain in Rome.


Rome, an Open City… for Festivals

If you are a fan of pro and not just of references, surely the best way to discover Rome in the cinema is to make your visit coincide with one of the great cinematographic festivals that take place in the Eternal City.

We’ll give you a couple of hints about the two most relevant ones:

  • Festa del Cinema di Roma. This (also known as Rome Film Fest) would be the Rome Film Festival in capital letters. The 2019 edition, the fourteenth, will take place from October 17-27. Bill Murray, Olivier Assayas, Kore-Eda Hirokazu and Bertrand Tavernier will be the stars of this year’s event. The Music Park is the epicentre.
  • Spanish Film Festival. Although it would be better to say “in Spanish”, because the exhibition brings together works of any origin in the language of Cervantes (although Iberian clearly predominates). With numerous bases throughout La Bota, the Spanish film festival in Rome will return to Cinema Farnese in May 2020.

DO NOT MISS THIS: Organized by the Rome Film Foundation, CityFest is a year-round concatenation of film cultural activities in different locations.

Roma en el cine

Descubre los lugares más filmados en Roma. / Discover the most filmed places in Rome.

Cinecittà World, a cinema theme park

If you have had enough with touring the city following in the footsteps of Marcelo Mastroianni, Gregory Peck and Anna Magnani, or if you are looking for a less brainy approach to Roman cinema and more leisure (but not less intense) … We also have something for you.

This is Cinecittà World, a theme park with attractions (no less than 40), shows (six different, one every hour), shops, restaurants … all spread over seven thematic areas related to the world of cinema. It also hosts exhibitions, concerts and other special events.

An example. You can start gently with the Cinecittá Show, on the main avenue, then go to the Salterello del Sognolabio and the Aqua Rodeo del Far West. How about eating pasta in Rome and then buying souvenirs in the Adventure Land shops? Don’t miss Scivolone (Regno del Ghiaccio) or Fly X (Spaceland)!

Prices and opening hours, you might ask. The calendar is one of those crazy Italians; from the 11th to… better check it out here. The adult ticket costs 24€ and the discounted one (less than 10 years old or 1 metre tall) 19€. Of course there are other interesting offers (families, afternoon schedule …), and be attentive, because some are only online.

Whether you are looking for cinematic references or if you prefer to have a great time in a water park or an ice rink, this is the place for you. Above all, if you are going with children, they will enjoy it to the fullest. Another way, much more casual and playful, to discover Rome in the cinema and its vicinity.

TRAVELLER TIP: Be careful not to confuse with Cinecittà, the Italian Hollywood, the film studios in Rome par excellence, one of the most prestigious in the world (80 years, 3000 films, 51 of them Oscar winners). It’s also cool, but it’s not the same.

Roma en el cine

Roma es un auténtico plató de película. / Rome is a real movie set.

As you can see, whether it’s walking through the most evocative streets, attending the city’s specialised festivals or having a good time in the theme park, it’s a good idea to meet Rome in the cinema; a great excuse to dive into the city all the way to the bottom.

Have we forgotten a fundamental film? Something to suggest about festivals? Have you already heard of Cinecittà World? Don’t hesitate to leave any comments here below.

If you have any questions regarding your trip to Rome, contact us and we will try to resolve them with you. And if you would like us to take care of planning a trip that suits you, please call us on 922 15 12 51 or send us an email to

Roma en el cine

Catedral de San Pablo en Roma. / St. Paul’s Cathedral in Rome.