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Notre Dame will rise from its ashes! 

Since yesterday’s fateful afternoonhalf the world has been waiting for the latest news from Paris. 

Unfortunatelyone of the most representative icons of the citythe Cathedral of Notre Damebegan to burn after 6 p.m. (local time), mystifying the citizens and tourists who were in the area. 

In a matter of minutes, the news spread across the globe. 

With their hearts shrunken by the eventpeople from all nations watched incredulously on television or on their mobile devicesimages of fire devouring part of the building’s structure. 

deep feeling of sadness and dejection flooded the social networks immediately. 

Thousands of travelers published photos of the monument remembering their visit and expressing great sorrow for this serious event. 

From Tubillete.com we would like to express our solidarity with the French people who have witnessed how one of their most beloved symbols has been quite affected by the flames. 

We also join in the pain suffered by all those wholike usfeel like citizens of the world” and who also consider the cathedral as a sublime and unique place. 

Today’s post has a bittersweet taste, but we faithfully believe that Notre Dame will rise from its ashes with everyone’s help. 

It will return, in time, to shine the way we remember it today with nostalgia. 

Catedral de Notre Dame

THE HISTORY OF NOTRE DAME: The cathedral that will rise from its ashes.

The first stone of this cathedral, one of the oldest of Gothic style, was laid in 1163 by Pope Alexander III.

Of the Catholic faith and dedicated to the Virgin Mary (the translation of her name means “Our Lady“) is located on the small island of the Cité, surrounded by the waters of the river Seine in the city of Paris.

Being the most frequented European monument (about 13 million visitors a year), it holds the title of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This building has witnessed great moments in world history for more than 8 centuries:

The coronation of Henry VI of England in 1431, the appointment of Napoleon Bonaparte as emperor in 1804, the beatification of Joan of Arc by Pope Pius X in 1909…

The history of France is inconceivable without Notre Dame!

To understand the importance of this monument for the French.

Just remember that its bells announced, on August 24, 1944, the liberation of the people of France from Nazi oppression during the Second World War.

One of the illustrious characters who was in charge of extolling the image of the cathedral was the writer Victor Hugo.

In his famous and immortal work, “Our Lady of Paris” (1831), he narrates the story of the hunchback “Quasimodo”.

This character finds refuge from the mocking he suffered because of his appearance in the two towers of the bell tower of Notre Dame (which are 69 metres high each).

His love for the gypsy named Esmeralda, has touched millions of people for decades and his storyline has been portrayed many times both in the cinema and in the theatre.

Another characteristic and fascinating element of the construction are its famous and multiple gargoyles:

Stone representations of grotesque figures, animals or humans, which spill water through the mouth and are placed on the roofs to serve as drains.

The best known of the gargoyles, called “Stryge”, looks down on the city of Paris with its head resting on its hands.

In 1965, under the crypt of the cathedral, the medieval ruins on which its foundations are built were discovered. Later, a museum was created to preserve the integrity of this extraordinary legacy.

Catedral de Notre Dame


The latest communications from France ( 2:30 p.m. on 16 April) inform us that the fire has been completely extinguished.

Investigations have already begun to discern the origin of the fire, which, initially, does not seem to have been started.

The cathedral was under construction when the flames started.

As a consequence of this nefarious incident:

  • The armour has been destroyed and part of the vault.
  • As well as the tower in the shape of needle that was raised to a height of 93 metres, they have collapsed.

The interior is burnt… But this is not all bad news!

The so-called “Treasure of Notre Dame” (which was housed in the building) consisting among other objects of the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ and the tunic of St. Louis, is safe.

Like many of the works of art that were in this place.

Similarly, it seems that the three main rosettes and the main organ (the cathedral’s musical instrument) have not been ravaged by fire.

For the time being, the two most important bell towers have also stood.

But we have to be cautious because it is now that we will begin to carefully assess the damage suffered by the entire structure of the monument and its seriousness.

We want to express our deep and sincere gratitude to the more than 400 brave firefighters who have been working tirelessly for hours to quench the fire.

All of them have risked their lives entering a burning building to save everything they could.

Catedral de Notre Dame

Through the words of our article we want to send a positive and hopeful message!

For this reason, we have not posted photos of the disaster. Our images reflect the cathedral in all its splendour, just as we want to remember it.

We know that it will take years to get Notre Dame back to what it was, so we heartily hope that the people who are responsible for this arduous task, from the administrative and institutional, to the most technical, do not cease their efforts until this symbolic and majestic monument manages to dazzle us all like in past times …

And may it continue to amaze future generations! 

Catedral de Notre Dame










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