musicales en Madrid
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Apart from strolling around the Main Square, seeing the Prado Museum, going to the La Paloma street party or eating a squid sandwich, watching musicals in Madrid has become one of the most important things to do when you come to the capital of Spain. It is part of the great cultural offer of Madrid.

With the Lion King as its flagship, musicals are today one of the great attractions of the cultural and artistic panorama of the city. With the Gran Vía as its epicentre, the offer of the different productions is very varied in terms of themes, styles and prices.

In this article and we tell you the basics about The Lion King and we will present a few musical shows in Madrid that you can attend if you stop by.

musicales en Madrid

Prepárate para cualquier cosa. Be ready for anything.

The Lion King, the king of musicals

When we talk about musicals in Madrid, the musical of the Lion King immediately comes to mind. Not only because of the masks and puppets involved in the show which are so characteristic, with which we all identify it, but also because of its impressive figures in terms of audience (it exceeded 4 million in 2018), sessions, seasons…

I don’t think it’s necessary to explain the plot of The Lion King at this point in time. Who else, who hasn’t seen the 1994 Disney movie. However, The Lion King – The musical has been able to evolve on its own, broadening and deepening the basic story of Simba and the other family.

Premiered on Broadway in 1997, it has spread to numerous countries and cities. It reached in Madrid in 2011, at the emblematic Lope de Vega theatre, from where it has not yet exited; the quality and spectacularity of the production has made it an almost perennial success, thanks to the solid work of the directors, adaptations and the many actors who have worked for the company.

On the official website you can find all the details about the musical The Lion King, tickets, practical information and other very interesting details.

musicales en Madrid

Una escena clásica. / A classic scene.

Madrid, European reference in musical shows

I wouldn’t know why, but in Spain the musicals have been powerful. In the last ten years they have gone from being a very minority show to one of the most demanded by the general public and capable of competing with heavyweights such as theatre or variety shows.

The capital of Spain is clearly the focus from which all this radiates. There are so many musicals in Madrid and of such high quality that it is difficult for the fans to choose. And, within Madrid, Gran Vía, this old artery in the centre, with a long curriculum as far as shows are concerned, has been given the right nickname of “Madrid’s Broadway”.

musicales en Madrid

Gran Vía de noche. / Gran Vía at night.

In Gran Vía there are several theatres that have specialised, in other words, in this type of shows. The Lope de Vega is something like the flagship of this movement and has welcomed musicals of great calibre and success: Beauty and the Beast, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mamma Mia!….

Other spaces to enjoy a musical are, inside and outside Gran Via, the Coliseum Theatre, Rialto Theatre, EDP Theatre, Lara Theatre, New Alcalá Theatre, New Apollo Theatre, Goya Theatre, Canal Theatres, AZarte, Delicias Space, IFEMA and many others that would make the list endless.

Next season’s musicals

Do you want to see a musical in Madrid? Your first task is to choose it. There are so many so many, and very varied. The most conscientious thing is to take a look at the agenda of the official Madrid tourism website. To make it easier for you, there’s a selection of musicals in Madrid 2019 (and 2020), so you can get an idea and combine it with your next visit to the capital.

musicales en Madrid

Una actriz en bambalinas. / An actress in backstage.

  • Billy Elliot. The great rival of our friend Simba, today. One of the star attractions of the New Alcalá Theatre. A boy who loves ballet in the highest mining part of England in the dark era of Thatcherism.
  • Anastasia. The Coliseum Theatre offers one of the musicals in Madrid with the greatest projection (and if not, at the same time): the story of the last Russian princess. An excellent production for all audiences.
  • The Primitals. A different musical, surreal, extraterrestrial, a capella, hilarious. You’re going to love it, for sure. Yllana’s presence is always a guarantee. You can see it at the Alfil Theatre.
  • Requiem pour L. Another show outside the norm: a deep reflection on euthanasia, in the Canal Theatres, addressed in a moving and positive way; for those who are looking for something more.
  • The Wizard of Oz. One of the most successful musicals in Madrid for children, a show that maintains the essence of the classic enriched with projections, magic and much more. In the Maravillas Theatre, another indispensable space.

OUR ADVICE: You’ve seen that musicals are very popular… So, if you don’t want to stand outside the door with your mouth open, we would recommend that you buy your ticket in advance, especially if you’re visiting and can’t afford to come back another day.

musicales en Madrid

Disfruta de un musical en familia. / Enjoy a musical with your family.

You already have a good repertoire to choose from in Madrid!

If you have already seen one and want to give us your opinion, or suggest any other option, do so through the comments. We are all ears!

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musicales en Madrid

¡Asómate al musical! / Take a peek into musical!