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A Coruña is a city with a reputation for many things. It has a reputation for being beautiful (that is easy to prove), for being entertaining and nightlife and for being a bit posh. Even of not being Galician. It also has a reputation for having a good cultural scene; are you interested in learning more about leisure in A Coruña?

Among the many things to do in A Coruña (look at these 7 things to see and do in A Coruña at least once), there are three cultural and leisure spaces where the agenda of A Coruña is shown in all its splendour and diversity and which also constitute urban, historical or architectural references of the Crystal City.

Today we are talking about the Colón Theatre, the Opera House and the Coliseum, and we will give you some clues about the most important events in the Galician city in the near future. Leisure in A Coruña at its best. Enjoy it.

OUR ADVICE: If you are looking for some leisure time without a date in the calendar, go for a walk at the Paseo Marítimo, drink some wines at Barrera street, see what is happening at Palexco and end up having a party in the Orzán area.

ocio en a coruña

Vista de A Coruña. / A Coruña views.

Leisure a Coliseum

The Coliseum of A Coruña is a multipurpose space with an avant-garde appearance, inaugurated in 1991, involving the participation of several engineers and architects, with Salvador Pérez Arroyo as the leader. Its maximum capacity is over 8500 spectators.

It has a circular floor plan, with a central space of 1900 square metres and a maximum height of over 32 metres on the roof arch. It is used for sectorial fairs, as a skating rink, for sporting events, various shows and, of course, for holding large concerts.

So, if you are looking for concerts in A Coruña you will most likely end up here; Marea, Amaral, Raphael, Estopa, Lenny Kravitz (no less!) and many others will pass through here during the remainder of 2019 and in 2020. It is also the home of the REC Fest, the rock festival of A Coruña par excellence.

But that’s not all. You can also come and enjoy the best cross at the XII Freestyle-Supercross Ciudad de A Coruña or the incredible show Revolution On Ice; attend the bulls at the María Pita Fair and… well, you also have the O Túnel hall, associated to the Coliseum, where emerging musicians and more alternative genres find their space.

ocio en a coruña

En el medio de un concierto. / In the middle of a concert.

Leisure at the Colón Theatre

If you go through the Marina and find a large building with a classical appearance, there is no doubt about it: you are in front of the Colón Theatre. Designed by Jacobo Rodríguez-Losada Trulock in 1945 and inaugurated three years later, it has been an unmissable reference point in the city for the scenic, musical and theatrical arts ever since.

Remodeled in 2002, the light and sound installations were renovated, and rehearsal areas, dressing rooms, storage areas and a larger stall were included, maintaining the original Italian style. Today, more than ever, it is a first-class venue for cultural leisure shows in A Coruña.

ocio en a coruña

¿Te gusta la música clásica? / Do you like classical music?

At the Colón you will find a wide range of concerts, theatre, dance, recitals, some operas and a great programme for children. To mention just a few, we can mention Don Juan Tenorio (directed by Javier F. Mariño), the monologue Aiguantulivinamérica 2 by Goyo Jiménez, the concerts by Coque Malla, Nelson Quinteiro and León Benavente… Or shows such as the children’s opera O loro by Carlos V.

To finish off, some events are free: the performances of the Galician Chamber Orchestra or the Municipal Band of A Coruña, the Cantabile Choir or the Polyphonic Choir El Eco, among others. And a lot more surprises to keep in mind if you come here in 2020.

ocio en a coruña

Teatro, ópera y mucho más. / Theater, opera and much more.

Leisure at the Opera House

The Opera House is a former conference centre located in the Glorieta de America in the city of Herculean. The creation of Palexco conditioned its reform and reconditioning to convert it into a space dedicated to music and dancing. Its external appearance is a mixture of classicism and modernity that leaves no one indifferent.

The Palace has a capacity of 1800 people, and houses different spaces. The main auditorium is the epicentre of all activities, but it also has exhibition and lecture halls, among others, apart from the so-called “chamber hall”, for more intimate concerts. It is also the headquarters of the Galician Symphony Orchestra.

ocio en a coruña

Todo preparado para el concierto. / Everything ready for the concert.

At the Opera, leisure in A Coruña is embodied in music and takes the form of different genres: classical music concerts by the aforementioned OSG, children’s performances and shows by leading pop artists (The Secrets!). But also soundtracks played in the FSO Tour or the famous show A Celebration of John Williams.

You can also enjoy dance performances by leading companies (the Russian National Ballet, the National Dance Company), successful musicals (Flashdance, Los Futbolísimos) and internationally prestigious tours (the Strauss Orchestra New Year’s Concert or the Russian Army Choir). Without a doubt, a must see.

ocio en a coruña

Los famosos balcones coruñeres. Famous Coruña’s balconies.

A schedule to enjoy in 2020

Of course you can walk around, have a seafood meal or go shopping, but there is another leisure activity in A Coruña that you can also enjoy during your stay in the city. If you think we have forgotten something important, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

You can always contact us for more information or to ask any questions you may have about this or any other matter. And if you would prefer us to help you organise a customised trip, do not hesitate to call us at 922 15 12 51 or send us an email to ofertas@tubillete.com